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Could You Be Hurting Your Partner's Career?

You could be impacting your spouse or partner's career and not even realize it. In 2018, people are working longer hours and have to bring work home or handle work issues on their off hours. This can be a huge pain in the butt for the other person in the relationship especially if it's constantly...
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4 Ways Social Media Is Ruining Happy Relationships

Most people are on some form of social media. And there are others that are on any and all forms of social media. The creation of social media has impacted the way we interact with one another. And because interaction and communication have changed it's also had a pretty big impact on romantic...
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Facebook Messenger Rolls Out For Young Kids

You could soon be getting messaged at work by your 7-year-old on Facebook Messenger thanks to a new rollout announced by the social media giant. But doesn't Facebook prohibit kids from under the age of 13 from having an account? Technically yes, but that doesn't mean plenty of kids under that age...
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