Our Bad Hair

Even we are not immune to bad hair. These pictures are the things nightmares are made of or at the very least some LOL's.
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Vote Now for March Badness: Bad Hair Edition

March Badness is back and this year it is all about the hair. The final round of voting is now! Who is going home with the big prize and title of the baddest hair in Charlotte? A big thanks to our friends at Cool Renewal Coolsculpting Spa who are always ready to help you look your best
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What's Up With That Anchor's Hair?

Have you ever wondered why your favorite TV anchor hasn’t changed the style and/or color of her hair in four years, while you’ve done some experimenting with your look? I've had a few TV gigs in my day, both in the newsroom and on the entertainment side of the business. One thing is for sure, News...
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