Is Chocolate Really in Danger of Going Extinct?

My name is Kelly and I am a chocoholic. I love chocolate and couldn't imagine life without it. But we may need to start imaging life without it because one candy company is predicting that it could be gone as soon as 2050! Mars , the parent company behind candy brands like M&M's , Snickers ,...
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Apparently You Can Snort Chocolate Now

Just in case you were thinking: "Eating chocolate is so boringggg. I wish there was another way to put it in my body" - you're in luck! Because now you _informq.push(['embed'>); Yep, a company based in Orlando is doing just that. It's always Florida for stories like this, right?...
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RECIPE: Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

This recipe features the elegant combination of juicy fresh strawberries with rich, luxurious dark chocolate. Why Try? They're easier to make than you think--the recipe has only three ingredients. PREPARATION: Clean and dry strawberries, leaving stems and leaves intact. In a double boiler, over low...
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