Sherri's Ignorance Makes Me Angry
Posted 9/9/2013 12:19:00 PM

It started off okay.  I had the morning off from the Charlotte Today TV show so I decided to check out the competition, The View.  Chris Powell, the star of "Extreme Weight Loss" was sitting with the ladies.  They were supposed to be debunking weight loss myths, but the biggest myth… no make that a flat out LIE… was actually introduced by Sherri Shepherd.  What she said was so freaking IGNORANT, the network edited it out of this clip that was later posted online.

I was cheering when he talked about using weight loss surgery as a health tool.  I was right with Chris when he told viewers that after the surgery you need to work on the mental aspects of staying healthy.  That's when Sherri opened up her uninformed mouth to warn people that if you have gastric bypass or lap band surgery and regain your weight "it'll come back in weird places."   Joy Behar tried to gently correct her by saying, "I think you're referring to liposuction."  Sherri insisted she was right because, "it doesn't go back to where you lost it from, the fat will go where you didn't have it before."  Joy's expression was priceless.  If there'd been a cartoon bubble showing us her thoughts it would probably have said something like, "that pixie wig is cutting off blood flow to Sherri's tiny brain!"

I was morbidly obese at 232 lbs.  I've lost weight ALL OVER MY BODY… even my feet are smaller.  The only body parts not visibly affected are my eyeballs and teeth.  If I gain weight will I look like a horse?!?!  Sherri's not the only person spreading the dumbness.   Misinformation about weight loss surgery is still frighteningly being passed around from one ignorant person to the next. 

If you know Sherri or anybody at The View…  would you please send her a copy of my blog?  Better yet, have Sherri call LIbby Shaver from Catawba Valley Medical Center's Surgical Weight Loss Program so that she can she can get a clue!!  I'll make it easy for you, Sherri.  You can reach Libby's direct line at 828.326.2082. 

Hey, maybe I should give her a break… she's still trying to figure out if the world is flat!

Posted By: Ramona Holloway  

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