Project Ramona: You Are Cordially Invited
Posted 2/12/2013 3:39:00 PM

I'm going back to where it all began for a party on Feb. 16th and you are invited.  Catawba Valley Medical Center is throwing a bash to help me celebrate 1 year of diabetes-free living.  Come on out.  It starts at 3pm in the AHEC auditorium.  Ask me anything.  I'll talk about my journey.  My mom will offer her perspective.  Even my surgeon, Dr. Cox and Libby Shaver from the surgical weight management program will be on hand to answer questions.  It's free and open to the public...and I promise it'll be fun.  

I was a little hesitant when I found out about this event at first.  I told my friend Karen that I was worried people might be sick of hearing my story.  Then she repeated back to me something I've been saying since I first announced that I planned to have gastric bypass surgery.... the folks who don't want to hear it, don't NEED to hear it.  She said, that now more than ever is the time to tell the WHOLE STORY.  For the past year, people have watched my size shrink.  They've heard me talk about my progress.... now what?  Karen said, "Now is your big test.  People will be watching you to see if you'll keep losing and get scary skinny, if you'll stay healthy or if you'll just start blowing back up."  Well, I've never been successful at keeping the weight off, but I've never had gastric bypass surgery before.  I've never had the support of a program like the one at CVMC and I've never been so determined to keep diabetes out of my life.

Get all the details on the party at  See ya there!

Posted By: Ramona Holloway  

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