Project Ramona: Marionette Mona
Posted 11/6/2012 9:25:00 AM

I've been in Charlotte for almost 12 years and this is the first time people are seeing a healthy Ramona.  I realized that lots of folks don't understand how UNhealthy I was when I got this message from a Fox News Edge viewer last week.  She wrote:

  • Ramona I would just like to say that I think its great that you have lost all the weight you have, but I am sitting here watching you on The Edge and you are starting to look sickly. Please start eating again.

My response:

Thanks for your concern, but my doctors say I'm doing great. I weigh 152 pounds... not hardly anorexic and thankfully no longer considered diabetic.

I'm well aware that my chubby cheeks have been hiding some signs of age on my 40+ year old face.  Vanity prompted me to question LIbby Shaver, the surgical weight loss coordinator at CVMC, and several post-op gastric bypass patients about sagging skin and droopy boobs.  I HATE the marionette lines around my mouth (  and the stupid exercises they recommend don't work AT ALL.  I've been buying B cup bras but my breasts have told me, in their new Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh ( voice, that we need to donate the B's to some charity.  I'm sure there's a group somewhere collecting bras so that women around the world will sag no more.

But I won't trade the lines on my face or the tiny baggies hanging from my chest for diabetes.  Remission rocks!!!!  I know I wasn't emotionally ready to make the life changes years ago, but I'm glad Catawba Valley Medical Center was there when I was ready back in January.  When I ranted about the viewer's "sickly" comment I got so much love from my Facebook friends!  It made me wish that every person who, for whatever reason, gets told that they "look sick" gets support from somewhere.   I know in  my heart that woman didn't mean to be cruel.  When it comes to diabetes, most people have no idea what "sickly" looks like.  It isn't until you lose your sight, your limbs or your life that most people start taking  your illness seriously.

I spent last Saturday morning at the diabetes walk. There were about 1000 people participating!  I met Andre who lost his mom to diabetes complications.  I talked to Julie who has lost over 100 pounds.  Stacey Simms and her son walked for the kids fighting Type 1 diabetes. Gastric bypass is not a cure for diabetes, but it has been an effective tool to help me get my sugar under control. The day after my surgery, I left the hospital with no need for my meds. More research is needed so that one day we can replace the word "remission" with the word "cure." Until that happens, let's make an effort to the support people fighting diabetes with words of encouragement.

Posted By: Ramona Holloway  

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  1. JanelleG posted on 11/07/2012 04:22 PM
    You look absolutely fabulous from the inside out. One thing I have learned that you, and only you, know what's best for you when it comes to your weight. OK. Maybe your doctor too. lol
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  2. Margo posted on 11/08/2012 06:19 PM
    What I don't understand with your situation Ramona, is how much of a hypocrite you seem to be.

    You talk about your weight loss surgery, and in the past have spoken about your tummy tuck as well, and yet on Matt and Ramona (and your Facebook page), you make derogatory posts regarding models (Victoria Secret models), and other models who may or may not have had body enhancement surgeries or those who are extremely skinny. You have the nerve to act as if anyone thin who is beautiful, must be so due to body enhancement or some sort of eating disorder, and yet you yourself have an obvious list of body issues. Are you the only one allowed to "go under the knife" for body improvements? Maybe the Victoria Secret models have control over their eating habits. Have you ever thought about that? You obviously never have had control of your eating before your weight loss surgery, but that doesn't mean that everyone else has your problem.

    You make it seem as if your weight loss was only for your diabetes situation, and yet you have talked about your body for years on the radio, having never spoken much about diabetes. Now it seems in order to avoid being called vain over your own weight loss surgery, you focus on diabetes, as if it is the main reason that prompted you to undergo surgery for weight loss. Stop lying to yourself. Go ahead and lie to everyone else, but look in the mirror. You are still out of control. You needed a surgery to get your life in control.

    You didn't care enough about your body previously to just stop shoving food into your mouth to control your diabetes. Obviously that was all you needed to do, since gastric bypass surgery limits calories you can consume and causes weight loss over time. You could have achieved that yourself without surgery if you had any sort of commitment to care or concern for your diabetic condition. You are a terrible role model for those suffering from diabetes. Stop preaching about diabetes. You are ridiculous.

    You have some nerve slamming anyone (models or otherwise), who have had body enhancements of any sort. You have had a tummy tuck, you have had weight loss surgery by gastric bypass, and who knows what else you would do. Stop slamming models who are going under the knife. You are no different than they are, whether or not you have diabetes.
  3. Lynn Delserone posted on 11/13/2012 07:11 PM
    Health is a gift that is often taken for granted. I greatly admire anyone who makes changes in an effort to improve their eating habits and lifestyle because it is not easy! Way to go Ramona! You look fabulous!
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  6. zuzucez posted on 09/09/2015 09:22 PM
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