Project Ramona: How I Got Twisted
Posted 9/26/2012 2:59:00 PM

I don't crave bread like I did before my gastric bypass surgery, but there is one doughy delight I just had to have.   Last Thursday morning I woke up with the Panthers, and more specifically hunky Cam Newton, on my mind.  After beating the Saints on Sunday, I was feeling good about our chances against the Giants.  I wore my black and blue to work and planned to treat myself to my favorite sporting event treat that night... a soft pretzel.  I thought about how I'd slather it with mustard and enjoy it while watching the NFL's hottest quarterback lead the team to victory.


I should've kept my behind home!  I got to the game early and bought my pretzel just before kickoff.  I couldn't even wait to get to my seat before taking the first bite.  After about 4 bites I was done.  The tiny tummy was full and I was ready to cheer for my Panthers.  By the end of the third quarter two things were clear.  Carolina was going to lose and that pretzel was gonna cause problems.


I started feeling a little queasy so I headed home early.  There was an annoying Giants fan in front of me and an annoying know-it-all Panthers fan behind me and they were making me feel worse.  I went straight to bed in a football funk.  The next morning it was off to Coffee & Conversation at the Southern Women's Show.  The tummy didn't feel great, but I knew I could tough it out.  I even had a bit a coffee and some fruit for breakfast.


A few hours later it hit.  Nausea that made my eyes bulge and a tightness in mid section that made me feel like I could explode.  I called Lynn and Libby at Catawba Valley Medical Center. 


Libby:  "Hello this is Libby"

Me:  Help! (gag, gag) It all started with 1/3rd of a soft pretzel at the Panthers game!  My tiny tummy is in trouble. 

Libby:  I think the doughy pretzel caused a bit of a blockage.  Warm liquids and some Prilosec should do the trick.  If you don't feel better within 24 hours of the pretzel we'll get you in this weekend. 

Me: (gag, gag)  I'll try it.  I'm headed to CVS right now!


Right on schedule.  I was back to normal around 6pm.  Early this morning, before I had a chance to update Libby, CVMC's surgical weight management dietician, Lynn, called ME!  Now THAT's some good aftercare.  I know Lynn and Libby are there for me.  I've had just two other issues since my surgery.  There was some serious constipation and a run-in with some broccoli slaw, but I never thought I'd get twisted by an innocent soft pretzel.  In each case I had absolutely no doubt my CVMC team would be there to get me through it.  I don't have to make a ton of calls to beg for assistance.  I don't get the run-around from people who don't want to hear from me now that the surgery is done.  I GET CARE!   


Lynn told me that sometimes there are  foods that just don't behave in a patient's smaller "pouch."  Its different for different people.  So for the sake of my tiny tummy (and just in case my solft pretzel consumption somehow brings on shameful Carolina losses) I swear on my new size 8 Panthers blue skinny jeans that I will never buy a soft pretzel at Bank of America Stadium again!

Posted By: Ramona Holloway  

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