Project Ramona: The Science of Taking a Pic
Posted 9/18/2012 11:32:00 AM

Getting my picture taken has always been a scientific process .  I get technical!  You don't just SMILE when you're a big girl.  Angle the body away from the camera . Wear v-neck for publicity shots. NEVER allow anyone to photograph you with the camera pointing up.  Don't  EVER give the camera your full face.  Crane your neck to make the double chin go away. Suck in the stomach. Stand behind a skinny chick. I could go on for paragraphs   Sometimes I forget I don't have to do all that now that I've lost 60 pounds. 


Since I had gastric bypass at Catawba Valley Medical Center, I don't have to think so much when somebody pulls out a camera.  Untagging myself in Facebook pics is no longer my second job.  I used to untag myself in any picture that made me look too big or showed me eating.  I assumed people would see me stuffing my face and comment "now we know why you are so damn BIG!" 


There were so many things to be self conscious about:


talking about the fatty foods I like


crowding the passenger next to me on the plane


the elevator at church doing that little dip when I'd get on


being asked to model in charity fashion shows when I was sure NOTHING cute would fit AND people wowed by  the size of my thighs on the runway


living in fear of getting a stain on my shirt. 

( skinny chick with a stain just had a little mishap.  In my mind, a big girl with a stain gets judged as a gravy guzzler)


The truth is, no one is more aware of their size than someone who is super-sized.  Facebook pics were just the biggest reminder

Posted By: Ramona Holloway  

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