Project Ramona: $1 Skirt
Posted 9/12/2012 2:49:00 PM

What size do you wear?  If you ask my aunties they'll say "fit `ems."  We'll wear any size that fits.  Some folks get turned off by the number sewn into the collar, but I'll try on anything on the clearance rack that looks like it'll work.  Heck, it's probably ON the clearance rack because the sizing is off.   My fit `ems usually come with large sizes.  Most folks who wear an 18 will avoid a dress or shirt with a 3X label, but not me.  My new size has opened up a whole new world of fit `ems.  The $6.99 dress I wore today from Ross Dress for Less was a size 4 (I'm really an 8).  The $1 striped skirt I found on the clearance rack at a JCP store in Philly is an extra-small.  I've become the chick picking from the 4-12 section of the rack instead of the 14-24 section.
Since my gastric bypass surgery at Catawba Valley Medical Center, I've had to adjust my bargain hunting a bit.  Some stores wind up with lots of XL and plus size clearance items while others have more Small and XS sizes to offer.  Here's a tip, shoppers.  Looking for bargains in smaller sizes?  I find the best deals in Gastonia and North Charlotte.  Need XL or higher? South Charlotte has more to offer.   SHOP ON!!!!!

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  1. Renee H posted on 02/04/2013 11:20 AM
    hi ramona, i just wonted to write a note to tell you i have enjoyed watching your remarkable trasfur into your healthier life...i wish i could enbark on that jearny. but my insurance wont pay for it.but i am so glad to see you out of your cacoon, and emurge as the beautiful butterfly that you are...keep up the good so proud of you..and tell that crazy ass side kick of yours matt i said hey,,,thanks to both of you for making me laugh..

    keep smiling,
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