Project Ramona: What Did They Do?
Posted 9/5/2012 11:24:00 AM

What’s the number one question I get from people struggling with diabetes? “What did they do?!?” The latest inquiry came from a man in Charlotte. He wrote:


  • I have heard your spots recently about the procedure you had done and it has gotten rid of your diabetes. I was diagnosed with type II about 7 years ago. Well, at first i was keeping things under control and keeping track of things. Now, on the same meds, they added that adjustable insulin shot that I have to give myself when i go to bed. And now even with that insulin shot my numbers have been over 200. I wake up in the morning and take a reading (fasting) and still over 200. I am SOOOfrustrated. I know if I lose the weight that i could come off of these meds and also the high blood pressure med. It is just so difficult to get going and walk or go to the fitness center. I look at what I eat and try to eat well, but still i am not having success.

    Just asking for your thoughts. I dont know about having a surgery. What exactly did they do?


I had what is officially called “Roux-en-Y gastric bypass” in January of this year. I was in the hospital overnight. I’ve got four tiny incisions on my abdomen to show for it. One is in my bellybutton so you can’t see it. Dr. Cox thought it would be the best option for me because he knew I’d been praying that I could get my diabetes to go into remission. I was told that since the gastric bypass generally results in greater weight loss than other surgical methods, its also more effective to help people with osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and type 2 diabetes. That totally makes sense to me now because since the surgery I don’t snore anymore and I feel like I’ve got new knees. They’re thanking me for losing 60 pounds!


My tiny new stomach simply can’t take in a lot of food. So, I’ve lost nearly 70% of my excess body weight and that’s pretty standard from what I’ve read.


Before the surgery, I was where you are right now. My doctor was piling on the meds and my sugar was still out of control. I finally gave up and stopped taking my prescriptions. I stopped even trying to eat right. I figured, “why bother, nothing is working anyway!” My vision started getting crazy. Then came the big wake-up call. One of my best friends told me that her 52 year old brother-in-law had just died… from diabetes complications. 52?! I went from “considering” the surgery to “begging” for the surgery!


Libby Shaver, the coordinator of the surgical weight loss program at Catawba Valley Medical Center is someone I’d tell you to call even if I wasn’t working with that hospital. She is a certified bariatric nurse who knows the ins and outs of each procedure and helps people navigate the insurance aspect too. Libby is VERY HONEST about what surgery CAN and CAN’T do for you! She won’t try to sell you a procedure. Her number is 828.326.2082. After you talk she’ll probably suggest you attend the next seminar. GO TO THE SEMINAR! You’ll learn so much. There is a lot of misinformation floating around. You need to get the facts and to get your specific questions answered by a PROFESSIONAL. Lots of family members, friends and acquaintances told me things about weight loss surgery that simply aren’t true. If I’d listened to them I wouldn’t be where I am now… feeling better, looking better and looking forward to a healthier future.


I understand you are frustrated, but PLEASEkeep trying to tame your diabetes! I didn’t realize how crappy it was making me feel until I got rid of it. My aunt had eye surgery on Tuesday in an effort to save her sight from the effects of her out of control sugar. She hasn’t been able to work because she simply can’t see well enough to read. Do not give up!!!!


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