Project Ramona: Inspiration Jar
Posted 8/29/2012 11:12:00 AM

The most touching and creative birthday gift I received this year came from the awesome chicks in my Bible study group.  It's a jar filled with blessings!!! Each woman, Lisa, Nan, Jenn and Annabelle selected a Bible verse they want me to remember and put it on a slip of paper in the jar.  They recounted times when I had a spiritual breakthrough or made a positive impact on someone else's life.  I'm supposed to add e-mails and quotes that help me remember how much God loves me and remind me that RIGHT NOW I'm doing the work He put me on this planet to do.


As a result of sharing my healing journey through this blog I've received some amazing messages.  Some have made me smile.  Some have had me sobbing over my keyboard.  I wish I'd saved them because I'd love to put them in my jar.  I haven't taken for granted the words of encouragement from Libby Shaver, the coordinator of the surgical weight loss program at Catawba Valley Medical Center.  I'm grateful for the people who've shared their struggles with childhood sexual abuse, their hopes for better health and the hurt that comes along with being a big girl in a world that worships skinny girls.  Every "you go girl" and every "thank you for letting me know that someone else understands my pain" would be in my jar.


Just wanted to let you know I appreciate every blog reader.  There is the guy at church considering surgical weight loss.... the daughter on Facebook who has a better understanding of her mother's weight issues... the sorority sister who knows it's time to change her life...the woman at the jazz festival who learned about gastric bypass surgery helping many diabetics put their disease in remission... the mom who called me to talk about how to help her daughter who was sexually abused by a neighbor....


THANK YOU ALL for the difference you've made in my life.  I'd hoped and prayed that sharing my journey would help someone else who is struggling with morbid obesity, type 2 diabetes, emotional eating... the messages in my jar let me know that my prayers are being answered.

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