Project Ramona: Negative Feedback
Posted 7/26/2012 2:43:00 PM
When I hit the 50 pound mark after my gastric bypass surgery at Catawba Valley Medical Center I promised myself a new outfit. I settled on a bright blue dress that makes me look like I've got curves! Shopping for the dress was fun. Heck, shopping is just plain more fun these days. I bought a size 6 skirt a week ago. I know it was generously sized because I'm wearing mostly 8s. I've received lots of compliments and encouragement, but the feedback hasn't been 100% positive.
From a woman in Cornelius...
"I've been hearing your advertising about having the gastro-bypass surgery and that now your Diabetes is gone. Gastro-bypass surgery is very serious surgery and I don't feel like it is the answer to curing Diabetes. I am happy for you to have lost over 50 pds and you say your Diabetes is gone because of loosing the weight. Well, everyone is not so lucky. I for one have had Diabetes for 6 years now. I am not a large person, at one time I was a size 2 and I still had Diabetes. I work out three times a week and eat right every day and I STILL have Diabetes. It really dissapoints me to hear you advertise that this surgery is all you have to do to get rid of it. Unfortunately that is not the case for the majority of people and I think you are doing your fans a huge disservice by saying these things.
I mean, I really wish there was something I could do to be cured of my Diabetes.
My response...
I have to say it really hurts for someone to say they are disappointed. My mom is still struggling with this disease. Because of mom's age combined with her other illnesses she simply isn't a candidate for the surgery. I have other relatives large and small who still have to take meds. I thank God every single day that my diabetes is in remission and I don't have to take those meds anymore. Even when I was working out and doing my best to eat right I still needed meds. For me, the sugery was a better option than the meds. I'd do it again in a heartbeat and currently have two cousins planning on having the surgery soon.
Researchers are trying to pinpoint the reason why this surgery has been so successful in resolving diabetes (they aren't using the word cure and neither do I) before patients even lose a pound.
Many doctors and patients are pressuring insurance companies to cover the surgery for diabetics who aren't morbidly obese. In order for that to happen someone has to talk about it. The story about what this surgery can do for people with Type II diabetes has to spread. If this can help diabetics I think it would be criminal NOT to tell others so they can ask questions and lobby for more research. Its my hope that one day we can all stop pricking ourselves constantly to check our sugar, we can stop taking meds with harsh side effects and we can stop spending loads of money on prescriptions and testing supplies.
From a man in Charlotte...
As a diabetic I do wish you wouldn't say, "I lost 57 pounds" repeatedly on those ads and such.  Yes, you DO maintain an active lifestyle, dieting and keeping the weight off. Yes, you are a role model to those thinking about the procedure. And, yes, it's great your diabetes has disappeared.
But please remember, it was the surgery and medical procedure that erased the weight and was mostly responsible for the diabetes waning. Like so many, I have lost a significant amount out of weight and still have to battle, like you, to maintain health related to this ugly disease... maybe you can change the wording you use from "lost" to something more accurate and less offending to us that are doing this naturally.
My response...
I'm not sure of what you expect me to say. I'm thrilled for anyone making positive health changes and it doesn't matter what words you use to tell me. If you are fighting diabetes and winning then GOOD FOR YOU!  BTW, the surgery didn't take the weight off, it made it easier for ME to take the weight off.
From a woman on Facebook...
I just want to tell you that you dont need the big hair anymore! you should try the straight look with a little body...the big hair is too big for your size now.
My response...

I'm from Jersey. I'd feel naked without big hair!! I mentioned your comment to my stylist this morning and she agreed... But that didn't change my mind. BIG HAIR 4EVAH!

Posted By: Ramona Holloway  

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  1. MelissaH_19 posted on 07/27/2012 03:04 PM
    As a Registered Dietitian, Licensed Nutritionist, and Certified Diabetes Educator with over 20 years of experience working with adults and children with diabetes, I don't think surgery is the answer for most people. Recent research is finding that the diabetes is coming back in people who have had the surgery, and if you talk to dietititans who work with bariatric patients, many also find the weight coming back. I have seen people have complications of infection, vitamin deficiencies, and more post op. Many people also continue with disordered eating, being able to eat only small amounts, but choosing junk food and using the food to treat emotions. Bariatric surgery is a big money maker for hospitals and surgeons.
    I am happy that Ramona is doing so well, and weight is a personal issue, as is how people choose to or not to deal with their weight issues. Go Ramona!
    Melissa Herrmann Dierks RD, LDN, CDE
    Eat Smart Nutrition Co.
  2. KimR_2 posted on 08/17/2012 10:31 AM
    Ramona, You and Weezie both look gorgeous in the picture, but actually, you looked gorgeous before your surgery, as well. I agree with you 100% about the surgery not taking off the weight, but rather it is making it EASIER for you to take it off. My sister had gastric bypass surgery about a year and a half ago at 45 years old after struggling with her weight her whole life. She was always adamantly againt the surgery in the past because she felt like it was "cheating", and that she should be able to lose it on her own. She worked out REGULARLY her whole life. Very active and athletic (way more so than her mearly "chubby" sister, me!) but still, kept gaining weight until she reached 250+ lbs (besides being into fitness, she is a physical therapist, mind you). No, she did not have Diabetes, thank goodness, but she did have a host of other medical issues such as joint pain, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, etc... Since her surgery, she has lost over 100 lbs, and looks and feels great. She will be the first on to tell you that the surgery was the CATALYST to her weight loss, not the "cure". It has allowed her to to better control her eating, which for her, was the main issue. She will be the first to tell you that the surgery is a not a quick fix or cure for ANYTHING, and you have to work on it EVERY DAY to maintain the weight loss. I have known several people that have had this expensive (my sister paid $30,000 OUT OF POCKET for the surgery), and risky surgery, (she took YEARS to research it and contemplate whether it was a right option for her) that have had the surgery and lost some or all of their weight and then gain it back, and maybe gain even more weight than when they had the surgery, because the surgery is NOT the quick fix. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix!!! Ramona, I think you have been fair to your listerning audience by letting them you that need to research and talk to people before making this very personal choice, and if YOU have had success in getting your Diabetes in remission (not CURED, which you clearly state), than I say, good for you. You are merely sharing YOUR story and by blogging about your ongoing issues/challenges/successes, I think that as time goes on, people will be able to understand that it IS a new lifestyle for you, both with successes and challenges! I have chosen another route to lose my extra 60lbs, and attend Weight Watchers. 30lbs down and 30 more to go! To each his /her own! Ramona, congratulations of your weight loss, improved health, and new outlook on your healthier life. Oh, and I'm originally from Long Island, NY, so I hear ya with the big hair thang!

    Very respectfully submitted,

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