Project Ramona: Top 10 Fav Comments
Posted 7/18/2012 9:13:00 AM
I was hanging out at Knights Stadium for Skyshow on the 4th of July and a woman who watches me on  Fox News Edge asked me what I was doing to get so slim.  It hit me that I've always been the one begging someone else for their weight loss secret (hoping for some miracle pill).   Her question inspired my list of the Top 10 Favorite Things I've heard since my weight loss surgery at Catawba Valley Medical Center in January.
1.   Matt (radio partner of 12+ years):  have you seen your picture in the hallway at Fox? that big head lady doesn't even look like you!
Ever since my gastric bypass surgery  Matt has been insisting that my head is getting smaller.  Actually, my head isn't getting smaller, my FACE is getting smaller.
2.   Reacie (my mom's baby sister): lookin' good baby girl!
The last time I lost a lot of weight my extended family was ready to stage a potato salad and fried chicken intervention.  Historically we're a family of big girls.  I thought they'd disapprove of the smaller me, but we're finally coming to grips with the diabetes plague.  My family is thrilled that I've been able to kiss my diabetes meds goodbye.  I have two cousins going through nutritional counseling and getting the medical tests and paperwork they need to schedule dates for their own surgical weight loss procedures.
3.   Sarah (church member): you've inspired me to confront the sexual abuse I suffered when I was a child.  I know it keeps me from losing weight
Hearing someone say I've "inspired" them makes me feel like I'm doing what God wants me to do.
4.   Angela (works in the building at WBTV): I thought you were one of the interns!  You look so young!
5.   Lynn (CVMC Surgical Weight Loss dietician):  You've lost a greater percentage of your body weight than we were expecting at this stage
Wow!  I've always been the girl at the weigh-in who has to turn over her food diary and answer 40 questions about why I didn't lose weight.
6.   Tim (cousin):  You're starting to look like Gabrielle Union!

You guessed it, he's a politician, but I loved the comment anyway.  People used to tell me I looked like Mother Love and while she isn't an ugly woman, she probably wasn't asked to star in any of the "Bring it On" cheerleader movies.

7.   Andra (Facebook friend):  you look really healthy and happy!
No one has EVER told me I look healthy... EVER!!!!!
8.   Morgan (co-worker at Fox Charlotte): I just keep getting bigger and you keep getting smaller
She was 8 months pregnant when she said it, but this TV anchor is so freakin' stunning I'll take any positive comparison I can get.  When she tells her Facebook friends that she's filling in for me on Fox News Edge they literally thank the Lord her beautiful face will be on the screen for an additional 25 minutes.
9.   Chelse (my nephew's girlfriend):  Miss Mona, your butt is smaller than mine!
I've always hated my pancake flat bottom, but something about hearing a 20-year old in short shorts say your butt is smaller than their's is very satisfying
10.  Lady at Skyshow:  What are you doing to lose so much weight?!?!

Somebody wants MY diet secret!?!  I'll scream it from the rooftops!  I had gastric bypass surgery.  My diabetes is outta here!  I'm two pounds shy of losing 60 pounds and I feel like a new woman!

Posted By: Ramona Holloway  

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