Project Ramona: The Big 5-Oh
Posted 5/23/2012 2:22:00 PM
Lookout mall here I come.  I promised myself a fancy new outfit when I hit 50 pounds.  Last week I rocked between 174 and 175.  171 put me at 50 pounds lost and I hit it this morning!!!  No, I wasn't supposed to weigh myself every single day.  Both Libby and Lynn at Catawba Valley Medical Center have repeatedly warned me against constant scale checking.  How can you blame me? This is the first time in my life where I expect good news from the scale.  You can't fault me for WANTING to  check instead of being afraid of the weigh in. 
Remember, I'm the girl who has tried all the big weight loss plans... the ones where you weigh in with a counselor.  I'd refuse to eat or drink anything before a weigh-in.  I'd do everything I could empty my bowels and bladder before the weigh-in.  I'd wear my lightest clothing and strip down to practically nothing hoping the scale might show a loss of an ounce.  When I didn't lose or gained a pound my shame was magnified by the counseling session that followed.  Sometimes I knew that if I was playing Diet Jeopardy and I told Alex Trebek that I'd take "weight loss for 500" I could beat my counselor by thousands of dollars.  One counselor told me that she was hired because she gave such great customer service to the director of the weight loss center at a local coffee shop.  She'd learned the program and became the top supplement seller in just one month!  Now it was her job to comb through my food diary and tell me that I should have only eaten half of my turkey sandwich.  Really!?!?! 
I don't need to get naked to weigh in and now I'm getting advice and encouragment from medical professionals.  This is the edge that will help me stay diabetes free. Now if I can only follow their advice and stop stepping on the scale every morning... I'd feel even better!!!!
I'll take a picture in the 50 pound present I buy for myself.  You'll see it on my next blog entry!!!!!
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