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Surviving the Liquid Diet

Once you get your surgery date comes (cue the fanfare) the LIVER SHRINKAGE DIET. Its designed to get your body ready for surgery and make RECOVERY FASTER. So the better job that a patient does on this diet, the easier the surgery is for the surgeon to perform and the easier the recovery is for the patient.

Thanks to a history of fad diets, including the lemonade cleanse, I've done liquid diets and fasts before. But if you've never given up food for a week, the sound of the Liver Shrinkage Diet can be intimidating. That is the time to rely on the experts. I talked to Libby and Lynne from the Surgical Weight Management program at Catawba Valley Medical Center to find out what they tell patients who are worried about failing

  1. Consume allowed clear and full liquid items every 2 hours. Do not go more than 3 hours between eating and drinking. Liquids do not stay in your stomach long so you may be hungry more often.
  2. Vary the flavor and color of the liquid items. Serve them in a nice glass or bowl and sit down at the table to eat.
  3. Avoid cooking food and food odors that trigger hunger. This may be a time when you consider eating in a separate area from where your family is if the food odors become hard to resist.
  4. Find 1 or more high protein beverages that you enjoy the taste of. Sugar-free Jell-O powder can be added to the protein drink for flavor variety.

Believe me when I say that it gets easier after this.My best friend during this phase was a box is Edy's Outshine, no sugar added popsicles. They were a great treat! Ifound them at my local Walmart!

Wishing you all the best. If you've made it to the Liver Shrink, you are on your way!!!!!

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