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Tiny Tummies in Love

Because I've been so public with my weight loss struggles, I've been fortunate enough to meet people who open up to me about their history of obesity.  Last weekend 107.9 The Link took a group of listeners to Hilton Head.  We had a blast and I came face to face with a woman who had weight loss surgery several years ago.  She looks great and told me that she feels great.  When she started her health journey she was married.  She'd hoped to get pregnant once she lost weight.  Instead, she realized she was in a crappy marriage and opted for divorce instead.  

If you have weight loss surgery you'll find that relationships are just as... or perhaps, far more challenging than food choices.  Lynne and Libby from Catawba Valley Medical Center's surgical weight loss program can guide you through the proteins vs. carbs conversations.  They can introduce you to support groups and answer questions about insurance coverage.  They can't tell you who to keep as a friend or if you should give your boyfriend the boot.  The writing may be on the wall, but making the healthiest moves may not be easy.

 Let's face it, when we don't love ourselves we don't make the best decisions when it comes to accepting love from others.    Sometimes, the people we love the most aren't supportive of our healthy re-birth.  Its wonderful to have a partner or friends who accept you at 232 pounds, but its even more important for them to support your efforts to lose weight.  Fear and jealousy are monsters you might have to face.  If the partnership was healthy and loving before the weight loss surgery, it can be even better AFTER your procedure.  HOWEVER, friends or lovers who try to spoil you with cakes, fried treats and spare ribs may not have your best interest at heart.  If they criticize your healthier eating habits its a problem.  If your efforts to make positive changes leave your relationship in a constant state of stress then its a problem.  If you are more attracted to what the relationship COULD BE than WHAT IT IS then its a problem.  Beware:  weight loss surgery can expose some serious cracks in your love foundation that you ignored before.

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