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10 Commandments of Eating After Weight Loss Surgery

1. Thou shalt not judge thy neighbors plate like thine own.  What your friends, your partner or your kids eat might not work for your new tummy

2. Thou shalt avoid Mono-eating.  Once you've been given the green light to re-introduce most foods use the Bari Bites cookbook or another resource to avoid the habit of eating the same food all the time.  Lynn Delserone, the dietician at Catawba Valley Medical Center says variety in the diet is a good thing.
She says it ensures a healthy mix of nutrients and keeps us from getting bored with healthy foods.

3.  Thou shalt plan ahead.  I keep protein bars in my purse and trail mix at my desk.  When I get hungry I always have healthy options on hand so that I don't have to rely on the vending machine at work.

4. Thou shalt  pay attention to thy feelings.  Emotional eating is a real danger.  When your tiny tummy feels full, yet you still have an urge to raid the fridge or find comfort in the pantry... take a moment to acknowledge your anxiety, boredom or fear.

5. Thou shalt forgive thine self.  You will make mistakes.  I remember the time not long after surgery when I ordered a small serving of pinto beans.  I felt full with just two sporkfuls left.  I ate those last two sporkfuls and they came back up a few minutes later.  You will probably test your tiny tummy and it WILL lay down the law.
Don't dwell on your mistakes.

6.  Thou shalt make peace with doggy bags.  One restaurant meal will be two or three meals for you.  To-Go boxes will be your friend.

7.  Thou shalt do research on fast food.  Dietician Lynn says fast food is not the enemy.  Bad fast food choices are the enemy. I took heat from a Matt and Ramona Show listener for endorsing Bojangles, but after my surgery I took the time to investigate the calories, sugar and protein in my fav fast foods.  A chipotle chicken snack wrap (grilled) at McDonalds is 280 calories, 4 sugars and 36 grams of protein. A bean burrito from Taco Bell is just 198 calories,
3 sugars and 15 grams of protein.  The roasted chicken bites at Bojangles have 280 calories, 4 grams of sugar and 36 grams of protein.  Mind you I can't finish any of those in a single sitting and I don't bother to try.  Just remember, an informed eater is a healthier eater.

8.  Thou shalt drink before eating.  Order your beverage and drink as much as you can when it first arrives.  Chat up your meal mates while waiting for the food. Eating and drinking at the same time is a big no-no.

9.  Thou shalt use tiny plates. Your smaller portions look silly on giant dinner plates.  Make use of small bowls and saucers.

10. Thou shalt remember to take vitamins.  They are essential post-surgery nutrition.  I keep them in my purse, desk at work, in my car and in my overnight bag. I have historically been horrible at remembering to take meds or supplements, but keeping them handy helps.  When I think about taking my vitamins, I just do it.

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