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Project Ramona: The Swimsuit Edition

I'm so, so sorry. I owe that apology to every normal-sized woman who has complained to me about swimsuit shopping. How can a size 6 have body issues!?!?! I thought you were just fishing for compliments when you griped about your rounded tummy or thick thighs. I just knew that if I was your size I'd have nothing to complain about. I'd secretly roll my eyes, wondering if you could possibly be more insenstive. If a thin woman couldn't find a flattering swimsuit, how do you think a 200lb girl feels? I assumed that once I lost weight, I'd have no trouble finding a suit that I'd feel comfortable wearing to the neighborhood pool. Then reality set in and I realized that I was learning a life lesson.  

I've had cover-ups practically glued to my body since college. I've gotten into the pool wearing my cover-up. My biggest fear when The Matt and Ramona Show would take listener trips to the beach was that some camera junkie would take pictures of me in my swimsuit and I'd be humiliated. I'm most comfortable hanging with the crowd of men and women who wear t-shirts over their swim gear in the ocean. I lived in fear of hearing the comments people might make about the girl who should NEVER be seen in public in a swimsuit.

Well, thanks to Gastric Bypass Surgery early last year at Catawba Valley Medical Center my body looks very different this summer. So why did it still take about a month of shopping to find a suit?!?! I must've tried on 2 dozen in 10 different stores. I settled on a black one piece (no bikini for me, EVER).  I even plan to pack it when the radio station takes a group of listeners to Hilton Head in August. If there are no cameras around I might even wear it.   

My body is a lot healthier, but the proportions haven't changed and that's why I owe an apology to the skinny girls. The smaller Ramona feels just slightly more comfortable but still sees glaring body flaws. The lesson I learned? Its not about what you see in the mirror, its about the way you feel. I feel younger. I feel more hopeful about aging. I feel thankful.

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