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Project Ramona: Preachy Pet Peeve

(pictured at right: My mother and 3 of her sisters. All of them have type 2 diabetes)

It has always gotten on my nerves when people change their lives and get preachy.  You know who I'm talking about... the perpetually single chick who finally finds a husband and now wants to enlighten you about relationships... the dude who got promoted yesterday and now feels the need to tell you how to do your dang job...   I don't want to be THAT person.  Several years ago a friend of a friend lost a bunch of weight.  I made the mistake of telling her how good she looked and then she spent the next 1/2 hour telling me how I could be like her.  I came very close to delivering a classic "Matt and Ramona Show" signature THROAT PUNCH.

If you compliment the way I LOOK since losing 73.9 pounds, I will tell you how good I FEEL.  If you ASK me how I did it, I'll tell you I had gastric bypass surgery in January of 2012 at Catawba Valley Medical Center.   I'll share my diabetes-in-remission testimony and then I'll leave it there.  If you ASK me about what I eat and how much I eat I'll tell you.  If you ask questions about my journey, I'll suggest a seminar.  I simply refuse to be the person offering unsolicited weight loss advice or the person behind you in the buffet line advising you on portion size and food selection.  

I will admit that sometimes its hard to hold back on food advice.  I've had excellent training from Lynn, the dietician for CVMC's surgical weight management program.  When I find out some post-op folks went elsewhere for their surgery, it makes me anxious.  When I learn what they HAVEN'T been told about protein consumption and sugar content I get concerned.  If you have struggled with morbid obesity to the point that you are considering weight loss surgery, you aren't looking for a band-aid.  You are hoping for a permanent resolution.  The permanent resolution is made possible with the help of a team who can help you navigate our high-in-fat, sugar-loaded world long after your surgical incisions have healed.  

The problem for me right now is finding a balance between trying to help people I care about and becoming that annoying preachy person.  Once you've found a way out of the darkness, it's important to find a way to lead other people to the light.  I spent last week at my family reunion and I watched a few diabetic and pre-diabetic relatives eat some things that should NEVER cross their lips.  I had to remind myself that before my surgery, saying NO to those things felt practically impossible.  My type-2 diabetes isn't in remission because I woke up one day and said NO to sugar.  I'm healthier because I sought out help.

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