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Project Ramona: Flab Confession

Darn you Michelle Obama!  Ever since you came on the scene sleeveless its been tough to find a dress with sleeves.  I've never been a fan of my arms and even though I've lost close to 74 pounds since having gastric bypass surgery, that hasn't changed.  I have changed the way I shop, though.  My tops and dresses are carefully selected to cover the wrinkly part of my upper arm.  I've become an expert at flab camouflage.  How good am I?  Check out this message from a listener we'll call Sarah:

"I have struggled with my weight all my life, had considered surgical options at various points of my adult life, but finally got really serious about it several months ago.

I just scheduled my gastric bypass surgery (at) CVMC.

I would like to ask a question - you look amazing, so how did you manage to lose your weight without adding that loose, flabby skin?

Any special exercises you did to keep the flab under control?  You certainly don't have any - like I said, you look AMAZING!"

I'll admit I talked to a cosmetic surgeon about my excess skin, but frankly its just not a priority.  The studios where I work are always so cold that I have no desire to go sleeveless.   Besides, I'm just so darn thrilled to be free of diabetes meds that my arm flab could hang to my waist and I wouldn't complain.

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