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Project Ramona: Secret Surgery

After revealing to the press that he secretly underwent a gastric band surgery to lose weight, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said his weight loss issues are "nobody else's business" - and that he doesn't want to be a "role model" on the issue.  Click here to watch his interview.

The New Jersey governor checked in for the weight-loss procedure under an assumed name and he was out later that day. He only told his chief of staff. He informed the rest of his staff, along with the New York Post about three months later.  

Why would he keep the surgery a secret?  At one point Christie had said the weight issue was "fair game," but the jokes can be cruel.

The perpetually unfunny Jay Leno joked that the lap band "snapped and killed five bystanders."  Leno went on to say, "the pundits speculate he got the lap band surgery because they felt his weight could be a potential issue on the national stage.  Yes, the national stage would actually collapse."  Why on earth would Christie want to keep it a secret when his lap band could inspire Leno to create crappy material like that?

I know at least a half dozen people who have refused to talk publicly about their weight loss surgery or just lie about it.  While I think it would be helpful for obese people if everyone were honest, there is still judgment that comes with surgical intervention for weight loss.  If you don't want to deal with what other people might say, you don't have to.  This is definitely something you do for yourself.  Your health comes first, period.  You shouldn't have to justify your choice to get help.  Christie said he's been trying to get his weight under control for 20 years.  It would be great if people applauded him for recognizing his weakness and taking action.   People will laugh at your self-deprecating jokes about your weight, but don't expect all of the people who laughed to pat you on the back when they find out a surgeon helped you slim down.  Forgive them, they have no idea what you've been through.  

If you do opt for weight loss surgery, like I did, it is important that you have some type of support system.  Catawba Valley Medical Center offers support groups. That's important because there has to be a safe place for you to talk about the changes you are experiencing as you go through this process.  You don't have to allow everyone to examine every detail of your journey, but you should have someone to share in your health re-boot.   I need you to know that whether you lose weight the old-fashioned way, have gastric bypass, lap band or gastric sleeve there should be no "shame in your game."  Shame will keep you unhealthy inside and out. 

Enough for now.  In my next entry, I'll tell you more about the differences between Christie's lap band and my gastric bypass.

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