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Project Ramona: Answers To Questions Too Controversial To Print

Ever since going public about my weight loss surgery I've received all kinds of questions from curious people.  Some of those questions come in the form of emails and others are whispered to me at events and stores when I'm out and about.   The whispered questions are generally embarrassing, controversial and/or a little naughty.  Since my blog appears on the Catawba Valley Medical Center and 107.9 The Link websites, I don't think I can print the questions and get approval to post this entry.  So, I'll  just give you the answers and let you figure out the questions for yourself

1.  40 C to 34 B

2.  Nobody but me is seeing them anyway. Why bother?

3.  Tensed my butt muscles for that picture, but don't put it past me to rock Booty Pops

4.  Yes, but it hasn't translated into a good relationship

5.   No, losing weight doesn't mean I've lost my modesty

6.   Mine didn't but yours might if you've got good benefits

7.   Because it has rooms designated for weight loss surgery patients.  I was afraid of picking up sick people germs

8.  You'll have to ask him/her.  If he/she chooses not to talk about their  weight loss surgery, its none of my business

9.  I wouldn't call it jealousy, I'd call it insecurity.

10.  It'll seem bigger because there is less fat between the two of you

If you can't figure out the questions, you can email me or send me a private message on Facebook and I'll clear it up for you.  :o)

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