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Project Ramona: The Honeymoon is Over

For the first time since my surgery in January of 2012 I've been feeling hungry.  Ever since my gastric bypass I've been eating because I know I should, not because I necessarily feel the urge.

At first the feeling was a little scary.  Did it mean my bypass had somehow come undone?  Have I been eating too much and now my stomach has stretched and wants more food?  When hunger returned I started getting on the scale every morning... just to make sure I wasn't gaining weight.   Was the hunger real or just a symptom of stress? Is it a sign that my type 2 diabetes is making a comeback?  Did I need to talk to a counselor, a dietician, a doctor or all three?

I've never been a fan of newsletters.  In fact, I'm usually the person who makes fun of the newsletter, but thanks to "Weigh to Go" I've had a change of heart.

"Weigh to Go" brings inspiration and information to my mailbox.  It reminds me to stay in touch with my surgical weight loss team at Catawba Valley Medical Center and the latest edition arrived right on time. When I opened it and saw the title the article titled "What to Eat When the 'Honeymoon' is Over"  it was like a God send.  It talked about how things can be different after you hit the one year mark.  I had no idea that after the Tummy-versary comes the challenge of STAYING on track as hunger returns and food volumes increase. 

The secret to lifelong success?  Actually it isn't a secret.  My newsletter spells it out. So now thanks to my newsletter, I know that runny and crunchy foods will fool me into eating more than I should.  Now I understand how I can handle so much popcorn.  The bottom line, I need to stay connected with the program and CVMC makes that a pretty easy thing to do with support groups, seminars and one incredibly helpful newsletter.

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