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Project Ramona: 3 Generations of Prayer

I spent the weekend working on my closet.  I wound up getting rid of lots of summer clothes that I'd put away for the winter.  Last year when I packed up the sundresses and linen pants I held onto some size 12s and 10s.  Even though I was in 8s at the time Iwas too afraid to give them up.  My life has been one long yoyo diet.  It was hard to believe that I would lose more weight  AND keep it off.  Thanks to gastric bypass surgery and the aftercare at Catawba Valley Medical Center I am maintaining a healthy weight AND managing healthy food choices.  I'm still a little bit amazed.  As I stuffed bags to consign and donate I thought about this message I received last week from a woman I'll call Jane

"I am so tired of hearing about your surgery. It is a medical procedure that should not be a quick fix.
I am sure you know that but it is irresponsible to advertise it like it is."

I hope I haven't led ANYONE to think weight loss surgery is a "quick fix!"  I am mindful of every single thing I eat and drink every single day.  I'm mindful of why and when I eat and the emotional issues that challenge my efforts to stay healthy.   I cherish everything I've learned about post-surgery nutrition and I'm still in touch with the folks at CVMC because I'm afraid I'll blow it and I don't want to go back to the way I felt before.  It might sound cliché, but this is a health journey, not a a drive-thru remedy.   This is the message I e-mailed back to her:

Hi Jane,

I'd like to pretend that I don't find your message extremely hurtful, but I do….

Perhaps if I had cancer and it went into remission it'd be different…. but I just had plain old Type 2 diabetes.  It’s the disease that killed my grandmother.  Its the disease that leaves my mother with serious nerve pain, is robbing one aunt of her vision and has destroyed my godmother's kidneys (she is currently in a nursing home and on dialysis)

There is no way any radio station would allow a host on an entertainment show to talk about childhood sexual abuse, diabetes and emotional eating  during drive time.  Because CVMC has supported me, I've been able to do it and I've heard from dozens of people who say they've been inspired to get healther. 

I tried ALL of the quick fixes and I've made it clear that this is NOT one of them.  It is a process and if this process can save a life… or restore quality of life then EVERYBODY should be talking about it. 

I'm the first diabetic in my family to successfully reverse this disease and this is the resolution I prayed for. This is the resolution my mother prayed for. This is the resolution that my grandmother prayed for.  It has taken 3 generations for this prayer to be answered.   Now with the help of the surgical weight loss team at CVMC I'm getting the follow-up I need to maintain this blessing.



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