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Project Ramona: Are those LEATHER PANTS!?!?!

No they aren't leather, they are actually "pleather."  They're a size 6!  I found them on the clearance rack for just $10.  Despite the great deal, I carried them around the store for about 20 minutes before working up the nerve to try them on.  Why?  This is a fabric I NEVER would've dared to try before my gastric bypass weight loss.  Ever heard the sound of vinyl shoes rubbing together? When you are as self-contious as I am, and your thighs are VERY FRIENDLY with each other, you avoid fabrics that  annouce your arrival when you walk.  Corduroy pants?  NO!  A wind suit?  Heck NO!  Chafing is no joke by itself.  When chafing has a SOUND EFFECT?!?!?!  Not cute or funny.

Thanks to my surgical intervention at Catawba Valley Medical Center I've tried a few other things too.  I now have a bangle to wear around my wrist.  I've always worn cuffs, because solid bracelets were always too small.  I bought some knee high boots that DO NOT have a stretchy leg and felt so proud wearing them all winter.  This spring I hope to buy some rain boots.   I almost scored a free pair of rain boots at a clothing swap a few years ago.  My friend encouraged me to try them because they were my size.  I felt so embarrassed when  I couldn't pull them up. 

Don't be surprised if you see me in horizontal stripes this season.  They were always on my big girl NO-NO list because I'd read they make you look even bigger.  and Next winter, who knows, I might even try LAYERING!!!!!

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