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Project Ramona: You are SCARING ME!!!!

Going WHERE?!?!  For WHAT?!?!  I just really needed to hear her repeat it.  Mind you it wasn't the first time I'd heard it, I just can't believe it.  Weight loss surgery is becoming more common, but all surgical weight loss programs are not the same.  I'd brag all day every single day about the program at Catawba Valley Medical Center, even if I wasn't endorsing it.  My experience with CVMC has been and continues to be wonderful.  And I'd worry all day every single day about any friend, relative or even a stranger who told me they decided to go out of the state or out of the country because they found some doctor on the internet who'll perform their surgery for the price of a few pair of designer shoes.  Las Vegas?  Tiajuana, Mexico? Really!?!?!  This goes beyond a simple, "you get what you pay for!" lecture.  We're not talking about the difference between buying a rusty 1975 Ford Pinto from a dude on Craiglist or a brand new high end luxury car.  This is SURGERY!!!  This is SURGERY that REQUIRES follow-up.

Within the past two weeks I've heard from about four different people who've managed to locate "doctors" advertising cheap procedures.  Tiajuana?!?!  Tequila, yes! Lap band, NO!  Las Vegas?!  Celine Dion tickets, YES!  Gastric bypass, NO!  Just the thought of it scares the stew out of me and it should scare you too.  Take it from a bargain shopper who has purchased more than a few irregular pairs of jeans and many clearance rack dresses missing a belt or a button...  there should be nothing irregular about your surgery, nothing missing from the process... ESPECIALLY FOLLOW-UP.

I've talked to people who had surgery last month and people who had gastric bypass 7 years ago.  What happens before and after your weight loss surgery is just as important as what happens in the operating room when it comes to long term success.  Please get the facts.  Get good info on insurance coverage, psychological and nutrition counselling and support groups.  Catawba Valley Medical Center has FREE seminars where you can ask all the questions you want and get all the knowledge you need ( They won't try to talk  you into having surgery.  In fact, you have to convince THEM you are a good candidate for the surgery.  That's the way it should be if, like me, you are truly looking for a lifelong solution for your weight problem.

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