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Project Ramona: Diabetes Scare

Had a lot of fun and got to hang with some cool people at the St. Patrick's Day parade in Charlotte.  My mom and I love parades and its rare for us to miss one.  Right about the time this one was ending my mom, Wheezy, said in a faint voice, "I think I'm going to pass out."  I was thankful for the warning because often diabetics can't give you a heads up.  If you aren't quite sure what I'm talking about check out Julia Roberts in the juice scene of the movie "Steel Magnolias."  It can be pretty scary for the diabetic and everyone around them. Her eyes rolled and she began to drool as I pinned her to a light pole to keep her from falling to the ground.  I yelled for help and a woman named Angela pulled her folding chair over and helped me get Wheezy into it.  A nurse named May and her husband rushed over to offer assistance too.  Mom keeps puffy mints in her purse for situations like this and after a few minutes she was responsive again.  She begged me not to leave her, but I knew she'd never make it to the car.  So Angela and May stayed with mom to comfort her while I sprinted to a parking garage about a block and a half away.  A Charlotte police officer moved a barricade so we only had to help Wheezy walk about 20 feet to get to the car.  She was still a little shakey and a lot embarrassed by the time we made it home.   Thanks to the kindness of those strangers (and the candy in mom's purse) everything turned out okay.  Moral of the story? DIABETES SUCKS!   

Ever since I had gastric bypass surgery my mom has been eating healthier.  She has lost about 25 pounds and is taking fewer meds, but she still has full blown type 2 diabetes.  Tomorrow we could eat the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner and she'd still have full blown type 2 diabetes. She pricks her finger every morning to test her blood glucose levels and takes meds twice a day. Have I told you how much that sucks!?!?!  Its a balancing act with her digestion.  If I gave you details she'd kill me.  We've been to the eye doctor about a half dozen times in the past 12 months. We can blame that on the diabetes too.  SUCKS. SUCKS. SUCKS!!!

So you can imagine how blessed I feel to know my type 2 diabetes is in remission.  I haven't had to take diabetes  meds since the day of my surgery at CVMC.  The last time I went to my general practitioner for blood work, the lab assistant who called with my results warned me that I should watch what I eat because my A1C showed that I'm "pre-diabetic."  If only she knew I'd been there and done that.  Watching my mom battle the disease lets me know I don't want to go back.  

I talked to a woman who had gastric bypass surgery about 11 years ago.  She said back then they, "cut you open, did the surgery and sent you on your way."  It's nothing like that now... at least its not at Catawba Valley Medical Center.  A few tiny incisions and all the counselling and support you need for as long as you need it.  Some people think weight loss surgery is scary.  If you ask me or anyone who witnessed what happened to my mom last Saturday, type 2 diabetes is a heckuva lot scarier.

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