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Project Ramona: Unnecessary Tears

Anyone who knows me knows that I get choked up easily.  Hallmark cards, the Folgers commercial where Peter comes home for Christmas.... I'm a sucker for all things sentimental.  So, when it was time for me to go back for my one year appointment with the Dr. Cox and Libby and Lynn from Catawba Valley Medical Center's Surgical Weight Management Program I felt I needed to practice saying, "THANK YOU" without falling apart. 

As I drove to Hickory, I WAS A MESS!  I went over what I'd say to each of them. Overcome with gratitude I just couldn't keep it together. Tears fell every time I thought about what they've helped me to do over the past 12 months.  I am the first person in my family to reverse the Type 2 diabetes curse.   On top of it all, CVMC allowed me to tell my story... from the painful events of my childhood that made me fear getting thin to the poop problems I experienced after surgery.  No matter where I'd had my procedure I'd planned to blog about it, but with their support, my story was able to reach, educate and inspire more people than I could have imagined.   By the time I got to Dr. Cox's office I knew that the chances of delivering my gratitude speech without tears were slim.  Right before he exited the exam room, I got started:

Me: Dr. Cox, I just want to, NEED TO say THANK YOU.  I know its not normal to allow a patient to ENDORSE a surgery the way that I did.  So many things could've gone wrong.  It was a huge risk for you, (giant, makeup-destroying, shirt-staining tears start fo fall)  and I just feel so blessed that you decided to take a chance on..... ME  (sniff-sniff). 

Dr. Cox: ummm..... um, WASN'T a huge risk.  If it WAS I never would've signed on.  We simply expected that your outcome would be about the same as my other patients.

Me: OH (wiping tears and feeling stupid) Well, in that case.  See ya next year!

Sure ANY surgery has risk, but he was right.  I was only in the hospital overnight. Within 24 hours my blood sugar was normal WITHOUT meds.  All in a days work for Dr. Cox, but for me? A second chance at a healthy life!  Check out the pics from my Tiny Tummy-versary!

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