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Project Ramona: Where's My Bleepin' Coat?

I'm a Yankee.  When I moved to the South I laughed at the mild winters.  40-degrees? That ain't OHIO COLD! I was born in the Buckeye State, raised in New Jersey and went to college in the mountains of Pennsylvania.  I learned to drive in the snow!  When I worked as a news director, I'd trudge through the winter storm to get to the radio station just so I could inform YOU not to go outside because the weather was too bad!

I've been living south of the Mason Dixon line since 2000 and haven't worn anything heavier than a leather jacket since relocating.  But when I lost 73 pounds I lost my insulation.  Libby from the Surgical Weight Management Program at Catawba Valley Medical Center warned me this would happen.  I showed up for my pre-surgery appointment last January wearing a blazer with a tank top underneath. 

Libby:  "Is that all you're wearing?  Aren't you cold?!?"

Me:  "Nah, I'm fine.  Coats are too much of a hassle.  I'm from Ohio. Carolina cold doesn't bother me"

Libby: "That'll change once you  get close to your goal weight"

Me: "I doubt it.  I just run from the car to the house and from the car to the station.  I'm not outside long enough to need a coat"

Libby was right!!!  I need a coat now!  The problem is I've become so accustomed to NOT wearing one that I keep forgetting it.  I've had to buy 3 coats since winter started.  My old coat didn't fit.  I lost my 1st new coat within a week of buying it.  My second one hung around for 2 weeks (at least I got it cheap from a consignment shop).  I live at the lost and found!  And every single day I ask my co-workers the same question, "is anybody else cold?"  The answer is always NO!

Don't get me wrong. I'll take chilly over type 2 diabetes any day. A new body just takes some getting used to. 

BTW…. if you see me leaving somewhere without my coat, please remind me to get it.

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