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A powerhouse in the Carolina’s Queen City for 13 years, The Matt & Ramona Show has been nominated for radio’s prestigious Marconi Award multiple times, as well as being voted “Best Radio Show” by Charlotte Magazine in 2013 and 2015. Comfortable in front of the camera as well, Matt and Ramona spent four years as co-hosts on Fox News Edge. Ramona also co-hosted Charlotte Today on NBC for 2 years and currently, Matt co-hosts The Edge on WCCB.

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The Great Fajita Heist

Monday, October 16th
We're amazed at how someone was able to steal $1 million worth of fajitas, plus we tell you exactly what things men need to stop doing in public!

MattMan And His Big Hands

Friday, October 13th
Would you rather have giant hands or giant feet? Matt's convinced his big hands could change the world....we've also got the things people no longer care about...

Weird Things We All Do When We're Alone

Thursday, October 12th
Matt's convinced that everyone likes to hang out naked when they're alone...Matt also drops an Odd Facts Corner and we've got a list of obnoxious things all...

No Birthday Card For You

Wednesday, October 11th
What is it with Matt and Bandy's hatred of birthday cards? And why didn't Ramona get Doc a card for his birthday? We also talk about whether or not sex on the...

Nose Hair Of Steel

Tuesday, October 10th
Not only are we obsessed with this new trend of "nose hair extensions," we give you ways to make people trust you and workplace rules you can tell your boss...

Be With Someone Who...

Monday, October 9th
In this episode of Off Air we got the things you need to consider when choosing a partner, plus a Matt's Odd Facts Corner all about giving the finger!