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A powerhouse in the Carolina’s Queen City for 13 years, The Matt & Ramona Show has been nominated for radio’s prestigious Marconi Award multiple times, as well as being voted “Best Radio Show” by Charlotte Magazine in 2013 and 2015. Comfortable in front of the camera as well, Matt and Ramona spent four years as co-hosts on Fox News Edge. Ramona also co-hosted Charlotte Today on NBC for 2 years and currently, Matt co-hosts The Edge on WCCB.

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Wheezy Holloway: Dog Poo Patrol

Friday, March 24th
Ramona's mom has taken it upon herself to make sure people clean up their dog's poop when walking through the neighborhood...Matt also talks about why cooking...

Can Matt Handle A Knife Fight?

Thursday, March 23rd
Matt thinks he'd be able to easily manhandle an can you tell if your coworkers hate you? We've also got the passive aggressive phrases you...

Don't Touch Ramona's TP!

Wednesday, March 22nd
There's a reason why Ramona's the queen of toilet paper...we also discuss the latest episode of The Walking Dead, what to do if you find your partner's adult...

Where You Shared Your First Kiss

Monday, March 20th
It's only appropriate that Matt and his wife Amy's first kiss was somewhere creepy...we've also got the different types of parents you'll find at kid's parties...