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Her Money is a brand new podcast that's Smart Talk about Money for Women hosted by award-winning broadcaster Sheri Lynch and Certified Financial Planner Kris Carroll! But this isn't your typical boring financial show. Her Money explores the money issues that women face (or don't face) on a daily basis. How much do I need to save? Is it bad to have debt? Should I pay off those student loans before buying a house? How can I effectively share the responsibility of managing money in my household? What are the basics of investing and how do I get started? We'll cover all of this and more in an entertaining and fun format!


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Taxes Are Scary (S2E8)

Wednesday, March 15th
Kris and Sheri are tackling taxes. Just the word even gives us goosebumps! If it's your first check or you're a seasoned filer you won't want to miss these...

How To Save & Pay For College (S2E7)

Tuesday, March 7th
Kris and Sheri talk about saving for college and how to avoid eating cat food for the next four years. You love your children and you want to give them the...

Teaching Teens About Money (S2E6)

Tuesday, February 28th
Don't delay the dreaded money conversation with your teen. Kris and Sheri have tips for how to teach your teen to handle their finances well.