Woo With Food!

Wednesday, April 19th

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, right? We also talk about how to deal with an annoying husband and more!!


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 only god come. George listening to all fit with the remote. Juries should podcasts other people pleased more subscribers after their bosses that it DR Burnett it's hard to keep them but there's that. And it's okay what you do stuff. We've learned over the years that food is the way to get a man that's exactly what it's our eighth through his stomach. It isn't just about cooking for him it's about using food to get what you. For example. You guys have been a little disagreement. And you know he might be a little angry. Denial around and it. We can settle this. And they get something eat a week he keep going back and forth the eat first. You don't wanna eat right or you're gonna settle things as you fight when you're tired and hungry so yes so you can use food. We're leverage. Try to give big guy to say our right. Average let's settle this now and I'm not gonna settle it now. And I. Go back of another and not get flagged how many. Not option lets you first know not be as I've picked fruit. Well you can't exclude that is right after wheel side. No tears and I. Are you wearing him down at himself hungry agrees anything. Basically your hotel like this theory why don't we just hate. Yeah I can't just say listen we're Andrei were all little tired let's go eat some than revisit. What we need to settle this now I'm gonna get something down now and I baby says. I think we need to settle this now demagogue is something neat you have to admit you're like okay what are we gotta do to get to food. Now that I'm. I'm going out to the freezer outside instantly pocket but we'll see our guys step up Obama out of my top pocket and you can just keep on talking about that how about that lady. Takes like two minutes to cook on. OK suppose he's already is video game already is TV show it to you need to get his attention. Sometimes calling his name is that a do should they should remember him as as near you as a ridiculous what is he here. He hears the sound of the smack Bangkok. I'm he in these opening up or read. Is that a yeah if you gradually and Oreo bag and he hears it and that gets his attention or same thing goes with ridiculous. If you wanna get his attention and use his no homes. So I put his nose. Used our pop and that popcorn. I doubt you know start cooking. You'll get his attention I keep the TV allows I wouldn't hear the noises. And I might you know but suppose my decision to do Oreo with dead smack. She always does your favorites Marlene did your attention in what he's supposed to pick somebody gets your attention eggs from a back. You want to L'Oreal and by the way have a minute to talk to you about. I don't skip the arias at all site that the you don't know what's happening to get over which you had no idea when that's on the talk about that my guy I'm cool. Hillary is an island eat anyway never went on I guarantee you I'm not sure this is not gonna work I think it will work as long as the guy has not heard despite guessed right in the middle class in the middle of watching something you go to the guy has heard his podcast at speaking to begin with this next. Maybe I can get the woman with a snacks. I would even say that now. Now friends now. Used to can have something like this with her husband because she was trying to get him to stop snatching. And so she could be like three rooms away and she could hear the snack bag rattling you know well I. Really didn't eat. Could be easily reversed. By Marty and I and I'll but I wanted to just get their attention by saying hey it's not. C'mon guy how many times have caused the children's artwork somebody says walks into the studio assert Saucony. And you go WW me yeah wound as academy pass. Well as together they usually just say some like at plaza show about it you know who doesn't have to announce. And here. Is carried out browser why. Because when he walks into this studio with food and human being and he will stop would you do well as our city near such a great team. That's what's island eat. Because you guys are held to look into the food right media's got vigilant about the well what I. As it gets up not magic about got the job. It's beanie we sit big he has not been in bikinis for a long time on so I'm sorry and. Long time you read that gets you just are out of it just never played well. I'm so I don't play the game out because you know I am not as to any you guys hear this. Food strategy can work if you make of the you know how it applies to others the two way agent like smell my finger something. Now all that's been in whatever food making. I guess what you know. Indeed how one now is a leg up pizza. If any want to do you insist smell my finger yeah. That would attest to your attention let me get you Monday steamboat that is not nasty you are asking that's fun for all ages. A look at battle it is. Not a and I mean it's fun it's time to time my name is many areas of the night and I know my big it would children laid out vornado. More like justice it. He's a sweet call. The thousand dollar cash clean up. Of the Shia 1000 dollars poor times. National keyword it takes to win every week they had 9 AM 11 AM 1 PM and 3 PM. A messaging data rates apply. A Grammy Jewelers. Sprucing up your wallets on 1079 the link. Ohio my friends Matt Mara hand doc is here to food and little weird news and stuff like that little tidbits and hang around for awhile you have never plunged eight toilet. You know. I tried one time in and I got it down a gain on camera in it so if you had one you would not call for help you would call somebody. Is inspector for you would you not even try it. You have now there's two there you have a plunger. Real one and my mom is EU. Designated plunger right now she'll do it yet they would get it done it this way a woman near Houston. Out the hard way not to stick her hand where it didn't belong when wearing a wrist watch she have a plunger per clogged toilet so she used her hand. Disgusting that you break double load and no yeah. A little OK at that point don't you like to find out why your any errors so thing. Even a resort. The last resort at night or resort you know you resort to crazy Anderson adjustment did you. Now I don't they go I would I would try a lot of other things now I knew it was. Something down their specific like average loans for Tiffany can. Like kids to lawyers sought ideally I'd call for example. No I delegate kid's toy or something like that. Something that was dropped down there I go out and everybody else and being. Salt and still I'm I'm I'm. You can secure stomach. That something down there you dropped a ball down there dropped. It barely super valuable now and how valuable talking. Diamonds and gold a plunger is not gonna work sometimes rolling. RB years happened yet reached out to get it. I don't want to come Barbie Kris Anderson mood and renew moments and she's not a plunger she touched it takes it was a man handle and or watch got stuck. She's in a new neighborhood. Firefighters had to remove the toilet and Gracie from the home and then destroy the porcelain throne are free are all while her new neighbors watched. They dragged into the front yard so they get smashed with a hammer. She's embarrassed but she was also a sunny but she still shared the video with the TV station and that's what everybody not a good move welcome to your neighborhood. I think that's gonna that's funny and again it's. Note the lady who decided to un plunge or tore the weather and and then got our hands up. Result no one's eating anything she brings to the neighborhood I'm and I and given I I for lying ads yet. This series history I knew why. We're not eating what he brings the neighborhood potluck you a snake fan. You scared of snakes I'm not a fan but they don't weird me out like rodents now and I appreciate what they do to rodents but I have a healthy respect them. But you're going through your flower bed there's one there you're not stamped Peyton am operating. Well I heard a result the story did today North Carolina and then on the green way in Charlotte. There was a giant snake ball I don't know tenor twenty or something. Rule. Balled up. And call sign is something you solid you do not like that it's a sorry drew a lie because that's not normal football end. Call me crazy it's normal as I am. When you are animals do bizarre things they're trying to tell us something that other not to tell us they are the. It's a sign that something you are meeting to strings things like. Thanks admitted forever but this of the beginning of parents they donated in a giant tennis balls yeah saint orgy ball. Words he meant. Sign and I kinda not think in frogs are growing an extra leg and that's all about renewing. Seattle is out for a walk she says she sees snakes all the time she's out there and agreed way. She saw the clusters snakes and said you know she scared. Action scissors terrified but she had to take a picture as I would believe it. Would you live pictures get the hell out of I'd take a picture from far away now the experts say brown water snakes in northern waters next nothing poisonous. Don't panic everybody. About them being poisonous what are they doing there Seve sacks. Ball has abandoned their yeah now there's a contract out not imagine. And I'm not me either but but on the thing that was amazing to me is some TV stations led with that. That led to that as their top story and then it beautifully three minutes they'd let for the because I had a picture of what is about all of snakes. Bit. Other things going on there are a lot of people look at abolish snakes like me and say okay. What's the sign all of steroids what should we did I just couldn't believe it when I sought is that the top story the top story. Would you Wallace thanks to you never orders he can't make coach LA in the before outfits yes. Yes I've probably whatever actually. Guerrilla tip for you keep your yard and flower beds taking care of they don't like to be out the snakes opened much and exposed so it would piles for the whip in the house. Yard mode to carry your weeds and out. And that. Keep some of the food sources away like rats mice and don't have that. Says. Don't do that. The mark podcast a second call yeah that little. All right brands always filtering out the website do not giving your podcast from there there's other things to check out what is eminently dot com. Video of the woman Aurilia hit by trains freeways to save your dad released a state green those kind of things all at Dallas and Natalie dot com all right. We're helping you out in ways that wives can radically except between husband. A cash and they say keep in mind. It could just be that your husband annoyances. Have less to do with him and more to do with you there you go there you go that's what I like to think what I'm annoying it is definitely on the other person. I don't think that's what they're saying but I'm gonna go as you know he's just being who he is current. Acts and got accepted or he is because he that you are you bars though I have said there are reform lately when he went from. I'm a crazy parent that's not the noise that right now. Yeah you know I got a problem times Amy needs just breeds and stop. Yes or she reacts we all you penis. Warriors by Alf the way why don't trip. I think we all need to. React that. Greed and small breed and stop before you event but with that and look weird when you're doing something and the other person's dark. I think there's trouble coming you know. Bet you need to stop pushing whatever you're doing now out of husbands and children would just learned that when a cease. Now I truth that's if they would learn that model. Old that is nothing but trouble or danger zone. Yes they should be a lot better that's that's bad news mammy start breed and stuff that effect in our industry you're also supposed to count to ten. And not out lap like out loud to the guy now discounted and one T yourself which is like any comment about. His brains or is working Lee toward the dishes in the sink just count to ten where is not always what I mean that's as always when you're upset aren't supposed to do that. I get a friend at such an Abbas of such a whatever Elvis I love this time dedicated to you walk in the house in this is from personal experience wind. I was married and my husband had quit like the third or fourth job. It like two years yet and I walk in the house after getting home from work. End. Ice the golf clubs. Land recently being used. And there's no dinner remain easy is that its economic out watching TV yes and editing all day ago outlook for jump engulf Italy off death. I'm Doug and I did not count so thought. On every issue that. I believe my first words were put off but you but that then use that Canada's ten the next part you know I said the computers. Looking up divorcee Terry hit TV the count to ten thing I'm not sure how much networks. Is that ten seconds isn't enough homage can be. It's not without being bad times good times Illinois should I just want timeout do you yeah. They probably. But I don't think image changed you should always do that take a breath. And our second second and here's an example they use and this is an example. That I did not come about wet what you urged angle wrote about your husband's tendency to ramble. And say inappropriate things that you two are out socializing. Can be annoying to every one. It's personal before you whisper to him can you stop talking now. Second thing that's just not talking now. I don't I should never said that today. He's like kicked me. I literally remove a glass of wine or two were Beers you from your hand that's true but I metadata big reason I don't why this is bothering you does this. Behavior reminds you of your data your old boyfriend so you know you're commodities that therapy not me it's a problem I let you get a word in edgewise you worried about. What others still being cats at one so you want to micromanage his behavior. So that your image doesn't get hurt so I can say that. Now on I give I am bothered summer knowing I can say you know want to read an article this argue. This is really your issue either think about. Why I'm still married to you (%expletive) bugging you. Because reminders about why there's an enemy you get nine yeah. Let's say this is to me it's on the person who's annoyed that's lamb a status. I don't think any question you ask yourself is what the heck is causing me to be so disturbed a cat or upset by the guy am married sometimes just can't which finger. Intestinal and this is got let go out there right if if you can't punish Amy to come up with a mantra I don't I learned a mantra. Yeah earlier and Wear them. Mean. I'm not gonna divorce him some just going to love it that's the mantra Beckett and meant that's an example of the match yeah. That it was W and I accept the idea just like. The. These are tornado. He's at the guys. Elementary Ed I think that's important if you got a guy who that it could throw at it imagine should be. He has wonderful qualities he's just being a tornado right now how they go OK and then it'll stop sign. Now that's too much. A little podcast no it's off there was met Ramona how right rain suits. Shares my dad that would be nice. Boston would like that a lot of people subscribe to get. You know we actually do appreciate everything you do all right I think you should never apologized for inner relationship. Making plans with your squad. As are certain times have you made squad plants. 88. Don't really odd have a lot of dialogue on your life goal is to get a score odd. And guys get a squad right. Guys have us now know they called the bullies might bully is so here's. Can't you big yeah I know guys say on the whole story a guy can't call a squad. To know we cannot. Now he cannot I have heard aren't taking this today it it'd Jerry. On this one a guy cannot call his house buddies. Whatever is a squat. To one and thing. Down there are. I'm not accepting it as a squat about the suicide watch. Me the medics. Their soup Syria I don't know what they are over here as I think I saw just don't like I would not call my guys I am ally squad and Tony Snow. But there's still your boys yeah parent approved by any of those things or just going out but whatever. You know you should it never apologize I disagree with our times I have to out. You made plans like a promise to go. When my wife somewhere in the house and made plans with my. Boys five squad. I apologize for dumping her right. Apologize. I got a quick is just have to apologize. For dropped down in her honor white blood you should first of all you should cancel on her to make plans to somebody else that's on sank. At that time yet get out you know he's not apologize to get to the dentist certainly. And a tag and that if you do that I'm not accepting your Pollack of one of its core I know I think you'd be. I would accept our apologies he's like another source to get dinner Friday but it had to commit I'm gonna see Ed Shearer tomorrow night whatever. I told so it's like ago my that's cool it. Yes that's debt on you. You and I have are very different in that way when you commit to someone you do not cancel just because a better offer comes. Yeah well we don't put that behind me the all right governor has to be great can't I just a year is a grind house. Now unless you got a better offer getting to be Ronaldo the offer. Unless it just like this are so let's say I've planned for us to have an Al fresco picnic in the park though I am anything's better. You found us amazing tickets to see. You wanna cancel on my Al fresco picnic for rent. A cheer and if you're taking me which you it's good now now now have now all of a sudden I'm sit in the park by myself crying. Because I would tell I didn't do so Mel's. No thanks now I would tell you got it wrong in that I know he's trying to do now and if I would expect. Amy if she had tickets still are we don't want concert that rarely comes around or something I wouldn't expect her to hold fruit for beating go to dinner whether. And we got to take got to go what's once and and you know I mean honestly. You know because I know you I would expect it from you. A better deal can't be just a different people a night out with a ticket to something that trumps everything. No dozen guest at the truck friend shipped. As it drops out truck commitment that trumps everything it trust your word because now your word is out. He's very taught it in a variety of words can't be trusted OK because outline the next time. What is it redraw the line is that movie taking its music concert Digg is is it a sleigh don't. Will she wants. Alan are my feelings AB get in yes she thinks that lets it I. I think there should in our relationship. Amy I there's always that understood topic yeah. That something may change OK there's always understood that it might be too tired to do whatever it is. Or you know it's our he's got an invitation to go so and so where it's understood okay is understood it. And it should never apologize. As a woman for having close guy friends. By and let you online by ex husband could not handle what you've had sex that. Everett well he didn't like Hughes no doubt what got that Biden is if you fight it. On. Spending time we your families should never apologized that are loyal to him you know even though. It can be overdone. I yeah I I get it. Because I had. At times are very over varying extended family. Who will. Invade your space. In theory disrespectful ways. And at those times I know I need to apologize to say. I'm sorry that my cousin stole all of your CDs okay I'm sorry that I invited. Dim over and they didn't leave for five days and ate everything that we at. But that is just apologizing for your family not spending time with Japan. But that's another minute come to visit there's been time but I can see how it it's a situation where. All of a sudden out of nowhere. The guy or gal start ignoring his. Like immediate family is kids in his life. Goes constantly to is what you see that doesn't run out of nowhere that does live that I don't wanna go to having done poorly. Stab it's like yeah. We the together with dead every Saturday angle fish Sheen aura muddying. Every Sunday we had dinner I think I know families like it changes though I think you'd you'd. I'm sorry no it's been a lot of time when my. Rather my and whatever I have met home for two weeks. That's to be a problem and I don't for two weeks but yeah you do got to straighten that stuff out for yep get in the. I think sometimes people suck it up early on because gaps in and then they get into it may realize. Has been every single week you with your fan right. Oh I've seen in my family. Just an and then people get hurt and had two people just dropped off the pace of the earth as ours in the reunion to get togethers do guys even seniors. Is it because they are spouses don't wanna hang family. This bounces there on the other thing we don't know. Just one day just they stop showed up one earned. Whatever happened Stevie kept us exactly know whenever no not even their immediate siblings I don't know what I could hit it. To stop shown. This is mr. and edit the mystery to him to do on more black gas that. Seeing things go low you can't say on the radio you're listening to off there with memorable and a variety comes science says this is the perfect case again. Married this is science people and you've got married for the first time matched. It's 22 or something like that I was 31. Neither it was so that we didn't have the perfect number apparently. I know I did I'd now I didn't hear great to get out waited too long. We would then maybe you're picked some bigger schmuck actually when I was in high school and my plan out my life. You did yes I did the merits and stuff yeah. I in high school I decided that I would get married at 25. And have children at 27 and 29. You had a plan I think most women do that. I think guys I don't know most women do it but I know. Some lions who have the plane down Q. What sex they want the kids to be. And mean by high school they have named to their children I think like even my daughter Rory rain raven in Katrina. After that it before that Eric and yeah thank god Mike's daughter even as that now. She's eleven whatever she sometimes do Bible there barreling name ABBA blah blah. But it never crossed my mind ever. Whenever you marriage and why can't gauge for the longest time I know now mayor urged every to cross my mind till I was dumb and I was as intent and you were down the first time. Second time was Smart. And got married someone actually loved. So but it. Any view the they'd be the best time and they say is 26. This is based on some algorithm. Where they say even if you're looking at let's say job applicants. At the 37% mark. You can just choose a candidate Dan you don't need to go any further to be somebody in there just is that he is everything starts to get. You know blurry and whatever. You got enough information to get good choice at 37%. OK in the rule works for picking out a partner. If you look at it adults between eighteen years old and forty years old. The 37 from our. 26. You talk a big of who I was eating 26. Married that was big guy he called mic rig. Pick Fred Fred yeah McDonald's manager then I don't know what he is now absolutely could be king of the world. But being the kind of I don't know but 26 but don't worry say it's just. You know we'll match could go out differently in your life and also artist news if you like binge watching Netflix. Science says it's. Appreciate. It got to be from. The think tank of the lazy as scientists in our world so needless OK why Stevie. Binge and they Hague study you funded by all day long. You you might promise you might feel that take on guilt. Well you that primarily diverted being ashamed. It's not because after. I do some binge watching. I do feel guilty because I think about the time that I sat there and Addai and and they were people who are expecting a follow. They thing our attitudes toward deep or toward TV had yet to catch up with the peak of TV. As your shows are increasing B complex in recent years it's stimulating it's it's kinda like a reading now. Now all of us now need attention on page insert techies and cannot compare if there was the best show. Ever these metals and ideals there. Watch this guy needed which are reading this idea that we just aren't aren't adopted the new technology if you think it's the same. Then that read a book. And then watch the movie based on the same note don't do that but yeah ruin it. Once sent me because the book is so much better any take you now many different places yet imagines all the prospective might be better but they're saying. The cognitive. Things you use when you read into aren't on my apprehension that agents retention by. Narrative threads. I'm on my books away I'm burning them all. I'm burning and all I'm telling you right now either didn't. All our colleagues funded this study and it can help your stress. Banish it you were they that the deal I get totally the TV shows and you know a little guilty if you watched a lot of TV I I do sometimes but. It is my meditation my yoga. And it is limited is a guy that works on your wife Amy let me know see Amy this is my yoga. Said the other night she's like I just realized. They use. All your your your racing thoughts and it disappear. Where she on the other hand. Racing thoughts pick up it's going to sometimes like rewind that what happened that. And. And that's what I. Sit there and. Yeah thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today in 1079 no link dot com.