Where's The Remote?

Monday, April 17th

Matt tries to bedazzle us with an odd fact about remotes, but it obviously backfires! We also talk about the scariest bug bite ever and how to get any guy.


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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening on there would then Ramona. Special treat in this podcast I had some bags and. I'm John Jones got John check check check job. A touchdown this tells the now. Every news being a little innocent act act okay. Obviously I got so many great ones I just don't even know where to begin. Let's start within this class. We love this one. Last year there was a study. Revealed that there's a nearly 50%. Chance they are lost remote control is stuck between your sofa cushions law. It's 50% fit and are you find out if it permanently. On the Internet boom but here is if you don't find that interesting and I'd blown. 4% of lost remotes are found in the refrigerator of the freezer okay gotta admit that's slowly it. I don't mind in the fridge. And did. And you get all you gotta find bill gets out of the angels proposing and the next thing you know you have about their road elected appeal how bout happen often but it happened. A time and 2%. And about doors are in the car okay so that's. That one's. But see what else we got that'll knock your socks off. Coca-Cola spell it that knocked my socks on. The remote and attention that you are now against it and got ahead which not a 5050. How about underneath accounts or what is your parents are subject to. Got a bit lost in a pain in the. Well it's only 5050 out of fifty and I we did another six. It could be six or so 44% of the town of sorts and it didn't write mad at the epithet Coca Cola's got up fanatically in Mandarin can mean. Bite the wax tadpole. Okay yeah it is on the Internet. Four hour. If you are is the only number that has the same amount of letters as its actual value and why it's. They've done purposely. Divide just didn't show talked about but they are also trying to knocked off. They've done perfectly every bit skewed combo can be solved and seventeen turns. Out. Okay this what is good did this knowledge you can definitely use this week and I'm guessing a single strand of spaghetti. It's called a speed get Tahoe. And as Baghdad though and those I don't know but don't let the orders of the ghetto. I order I would like. I don't know if that's exactly seventeens to get those into a couple of ads yes there's absolutely. No reason to use that port that no amount just to show off against the videos so that makes me that was planning to. My manager take up to have what you're over thinking I know this the big weekend. Because Christmas Thanksgiving and Easter are the three days of the year when Americans watched the least amount of pornography. It's. The least amount. But the big weekend you have Sunday I'd resurrection Sunday. Correction says him. I hear that. A. You know a black and I heard you say that would you say I think reds their wrecked hollow of her day all right no I didn't actually. Dishes scare you because a couple of years ago we were going to Easter brunch with. My mom written mystic mountain and I said to him having resurrection though they don't. Correction so. I have to as they're you. Yeah those same humor and an eight year old guy yes. Yes I love I think inappropriate. There is carrier resurrection we can say clearly not. I did you know I know you like to talk about them so I just a suit as it relates to eastern. I just in general it's. In the 1930s. Mickey there's a Mickey Mouse comic where many cheater I'm Mickey would another mouse then Mickey then try to kill himself by jumping off a bridge. And it is the. External expert isn't aren't as hot as it was dark times we are seeing the whole thing I've seen the you have seen the actual comic strip it try to better. That's down wall mortem her and many were there is no one dinner making time begin there if he didn't handle it. I don't like I think it. Yeah I was sick that. That was mad and really they fired probably haven't the very values and hard on the finder you can Google it enough to find the I'm the image over the have a ride at Disney that it's committed suicide. And they just call them Mortimer and. Good Morning America. Idle and do this when this is fun Alicia and there aren't they found that walking up the escalator as you know instead of I never ride. I was walking with McCain makes ride but I would never just stand there walk. Walking up the F I mean just stand there are not walk the walking up the escalator to 26 seconds standings forty seconds. So there you go cut. Big yeah I'm but but if there's multiple people. That's you're standing in line to reject it really slow down. Sometimes I stand sometimes I walk but what totally annoys me is when they're our standards in the walking lane. If you see it and you stay to the right. And when there it in just a couples. Like you have to ride together on the same staff. No one of you has to be in front or behind because you have to leave an area for the walker right LL and and and and most people if you're able shouldn't ride. To move. Needed to move no that's what is stairs are moving Powell is a unit that you should if I'm those elevators here's our little hard to navigate mean. Especially on the way down escalators and especially when you had getting off on getting off and on May be. Once or on their keeper movement people anyway color like I said sometimes they're hard to navigate especially in meals. And it's only just when you're going down. The escalation of what I. Seven of that and the result no so they don't let it go back to. And a little of that you're in at its let's go to Wales a few seconds and every now more. Have you heard the link he's getting you ready to become a lean green com. And machine the thousand dollar cash clean up sports. Just listen for the national keywords it takes to win at 9 AM 11 AM 1 PM and 3 PM message and data rates apply. I grabbed your broom and get ready. The thousand dollar cash clean. Which Bradley Jewelers and 1079. Delaying. Which you know Matt Ramona. Also many in dot. OK remote at top secret tactics that's what they say. Of women who can get Andy yeah they will lights. They were born beautiful though or they have enough money he or plastic surgery to make it looks you operates stop vents. Where he talked about eye contact to get him make the man mailed to bite eyeball item level we gloss over the hot roll. And yet your girlfriends on more ball on board. You go to bar with a friend it deeply involved in a conversation men think you're busy. It's AT down there and close off the road there's no room from and manner. Superstar women of each other's back while they look forward to meeting meant so eerie little group of women or whatever you can look a little closed off. Somehow you know I I guess they're saying make like a half moon there's as the opening their legacy rely on around our area like. Legacy counts Sam app and everybody face in the imaginary ball yeah or Aaron at least. Both you kind of look around. Thank you think did he does not believe in engaged in each other all the time pretend like not they're together right we're both searching for something yes right now acting to protect your together. And and and guys and you can. I've it was a group of like four or sound again I think he discovered say and sweaty guys single. I just go over to. Everybody but he has one. Some like that many area that the conversation has begun. And it's just a cakewalk did you just pick one out. Like she is Adam air right now I mean it is and you know what when you might want to settle. Not getting it I don't know. The conversation but I tell you have a good time and let him but it's only guy out at a and that is for women to get any guide they want right. But I can't stand the guy who does that comes. Your be your work. Everybody and then he starts talking to one girl. And she got that blows them off and then he talks about it when I got to talk to and she blows it off and then he talks to the sugar coat I'm sorry. You have one shot but he wouldn't you hire group I'll give you two shots. By I don't did not go for one particular. He shot out like now. I get negative number out OK Ali yeah yeah that no no now or you might cats and I'm okay united and it's not. You do well you talked to the whole group toggle once we don't single anybody out you talk a little group wander away for a little bit if you need to it but you're not trying you don't merely wondering why you're under the. You want the car. What's the purpose in laundry away just a little break Italy yeah. Renfro. All right Andy yeah I think you are like you doing just wherever your stint at the polling and. Can well is this man lurking. Again he started the conversation. If you don't zero in anybody's as defined conversation can zero in on anybody out of the gate. And then need Albania release would mean that we now lithium Nate and baby why are wrong I don't know about wandering off. That the outcome. You went on and off I'm assuming you're with other people's so you like. That's about it I'm broad. And I don't I'm bro. You think I get off. In my real bra bra and I don't believe veils bros in my I got Brothers today and they I don't. I thought it I got back up there. Evidently not I talked about some amount that could. I'm sure don't see your mom and so I hear you have a drink yeah. I didn't do Iron Man highlighted the talked. And I airliner again I think yeah. Here you know against anybody else I was in a relative anybody living elevated on May great fun party government agent Nelson got somebody does door and anybody anybody. A and yeah did her thing here is really not good now I'm not surprised that it Beckham markets topples. As like you know anybody have a sick relative. The all the dying relative that you never know work sometimes right so Gary I also keep your body open look around the room and guys will approach. How does a woman keep her by video didn't. I'd like a man. And I would and it's the same thing as. I am suppose it was some frames it is sitting we've made this circle because we don't want to block the guys out yeah and it all sit there like. Some dude on the couch watching sports without legs open and are out there. Why are the low end just opening line you like one why did you want that back and not legs. Opened just that is the area in front of you with a thought they talked year. It's an easy deal like here there's the high top. And values and my guess you know and and I guess you're gonna drop us. Talking of that which your butchers and I facing her on the not phase our lives easier girlfriend dinner him my girlfriend and easily have a conversation. But I'm not wasting away from him when my Emmys my legs or at least facing away. That's how I'm even get his legs. Yeah like Bruyette and also says you know. Go to the area bar the restaurant deserts yesterday if I did read opinion. Other day that it has a debt that data driven approach them. That's gets a lot of women again you know use that strategy in guys use that strategy which the strategy. You're that you're go to the restroom whenever you guys have a chance to talk to you guys he's a strategy sometimes of you know might have an eye and you are you with all of a woman to little extra. That's scary and Clinton arsenal right now our better now or some. You know and following it I knew I don't know you follow that yourself think like that have you just wandered off so she doesn't know where you bark. I can't see you bite you see her going into the bathroom. And you just need to be on their parents speak. You see us. She does seem that you're following her to the restaurant GO. Bradley owns they read honor. The other front Nabil mind whatever whatnot you're kind of positions even when she's done he comes out and you are happened like a love that that get the idea yet on. And and. Right outside the members of the death benefit the. Has it created a. It smelled so fresh right and I don't want to stand. And and I didn't envision myself to be a blaze that ceiling you got out you value on down through smoothly smooth and bandit. You can AMP goatee but I'm gonna and other you write an article are you made it. I know your legs across you have to be an advantage but we're I'm gonna say hearing and I tell you can't you guys are on it and not chat up a woman who's in line for the rest. I it's worked for me before. Harangody now. No I think as you tell what they're not crazy mood related lines I don't crazy lose. And they do not like you're crazy you lose to you like crazy on the bag argument that happened. Should. I like him best path. I used the bowels and just so free and open a conversation he can go anywhere yeah. I also are how did you go by your girl for a drink in the bar now there's an open LA that's a lot better. And guys like to see women laughing and and all that stuff to do something you like. And contrary to popular leave guys don't buy you mysterious just as you're not doing yourself stay away from. Don't be like is this smoky eyed B face the. Dear friends but we are talking about. Today though we're talking about my sick relative is this lack talent around they'll laugh and laugh at the people be examined a dime a man but he has about a statement. I. Tolerate modified desk of seats more laughs and more fun it's fair with the network load up. Kate's friends I make sure you break podcast and or com. Okay. People are hindering just like the pen. Because it giving too many warnings reasons. They worry too much about the term loser cleanliness and hygiene. Which. You know. Those are concerned. And kids and their clothes are washing bulls stopped reading and suffering bad dangers and threats that are statistically minimal. There are. The odds of a stranger jumping out grabbing your kid. Miniscule very very very slept. And it kids are old enough they can they watch out for cars dispersant recommend to let him roam the neighborhood. OK without too. But again if you. This person and say that but I. Well one of the things they say you constantly hear what kids console it'll be careful be careful be careful don't did it become afraid to try new things. But I also. Think that there's nothing you separate your kid out about germs sect. Warlords can get it there is that he's never gonna grab a monkey barks a repeat species on it is never gonna. Go into the woods because it might be a poisonous snake. Now here's the deal because I was raised Niger little by have Helms somewhat of a germ upload them. But that doesn't necessarily mean I don't try some things. I just had my hands sanitized her. Available at all confident hit just as perfectly normal for a child bloody hands sanitized throughout his I'm a lot of kids. Who very responsibly use their hands advertiser and I want to encourage him to keep it up Miami and they say it. Work really finding out more and more and it's soaked waters eat up hours when you can't get to moderate. Like you're on the playground hello liked it as one book club Billy pick his nose and you're supposed to be on the playground use a Monday Bartlett are really did. Yeah I was at Stanford beat data you are the king who's pulling out. Clorox wipes before he climbs and a monkey bars of the slot even Billy the nose pickers laugh and say yes I had. And I'm landing right back and somehow we all survived all these years without. You know hands sanitized they're. It went on the playground arguments don't even make sense you know why. Because when the eagle or dying and age of forty million years ago talking eighteen hundreds and like. Fifty years ago are living longer. And better for a reason not because it back. Because kids. We're not leaving the monkey bars where they climbed across some. Yeah I agree we didn't meet the premise of the argument is desperate going back to the eighteen hundreds the past week I learned a lot about hygiene and journey you obvious saying I would rather have you yet. Some sort of sickness. And be indicated at least point out the Clorox wipes and hand I certainly not like stomach virus. Italian media is very convenient I would rather have diarrhea. And be the kid who is washing out the slide the lord's eyes if you think that the entire media employee death. It didn't earn you some friends yeah and then trio we like diarrhea the play gradually tear down Obama. That. You keep the big event. And a bit and he can tell you otherwise how about it like that. Diary does a child on the play and acquitted but he couldn't. Do. It. I'll differently Q&A. The Iraq but like I could you give give me this don't don't go out of the yard to a twelve year old don't leave our yard don't leave my sight. I'm okay yeah that's invested in a like Algeria. Another way app parents hindered his play time Gordon but I. But I must say going back to that though I will say in this day and age would you do you allow your child out of your yard. Your nine year old to ride his or her bike in the street. Other people are judging you harshly. Yet again watching certain age I mean I like Agassi Agassi and is 1112. And she wonders a neighborhood but there's a ton at that age now I'd let. He breezed about seven wander they're probably. Except that all the cops on him but I would literally want it that much sense but it didn't. You know letter hit 77 I put them out. But she's allowed to go out in the front your art and ride her bike radicals that would be without me constantly but. I mean. And less amount on that front porch hammered. I don't watch substitute. List. I've but I out oddity but I don't do that keep an eye on all times Lou good but. You just lazy parent and trying to say. There's a more despite this up you're listening to all there would mess and Ramona. All right of course always an up I guess with the media and doc and passive aggressive way to tell your boyfriend your angry without actually saying I'm angry yet. C'mon people we know. Do you mean you say whatever. Even not more different in real world that it's. Some times passive aggressively saying. That you're never act. It sometimes it's like yeah I guess it is not always sounds like I. And I begin ticked off but I really don't care feel like it's something that we need to. You didn't do it we don't need to fight about it just like a little let it go ticked off at. Let the let it be me that whatever I'm not let ago when I'm there because of what we what we. I think the issue what amber a little while. I know I want to just put that I figured out it was good that I now not solving the issue dug back communication. I don't that your whatever anybody say let's talk like god. Whatever and I will commit and that's a problem no because you mind what he wants to let me say I'm going. To do something that's let's say. Go on now with the boys and whatever. Then I can't go out with a whatever because I feel you don't really mean that we talked it out why are you may do whatever means. I don't necessarily white about with the boys tonight. But the reason why I don't want you love with the boys and I valid enough first a fight over so are probably did you choose a that I didn't see it out on spiritual. They're aggressive that I won't go. Another one they say is I'll never make you happy. Movie. That doesn't really mean that. And he's doing I walked in out whatever makes you that it's not a little gap. You don't worry about it let's just drop it forget it does mean your really actually yanked it on the you're not angry. Mean you're still I don't. But I might still be ticked off but that once again we're talking about a situation works I'm letting you off the argument but I still feel guilty about what an ideal. We are responsible for you come bangs this idea and get back on I am willing to let it go I sit here not been probably a leg drop it now but now you don't want to drop it a little bit there yeah it'll come into getting that profit doesn't mean drop. Drop it forever. It means profit emanates you don't bring it up at a later time you have blind side me the thing I think a backpack. Let's see. I don't care. Al lot of times that really being sick care and I'm salute when I say I don't care I really mean. I really don't care most. And anything that was hit it isn't that. Must be nice. I'm not theories not necessarily boyfriend girlfriend is just people Jan I mean it's just relationships and be nice that's a lot of things on that now you're that I think that's worked into some annaly and earlier today that's been nice. Thanks in which really means you're. I. Go ahead mr. preferential treatment wish it was me pull a gap yet it says basically. You do the math and I don't hear that one of soda and AM. Below in in addition to get ahead tonight. On. It's up to you. I don't think that's bad. Some damage and they'll really mean it's up to any threw a lot of times it doesn't mean that and a. Obviously if I don't see it 100 receive your way there is nothing I can say to make you feel better. I think it lets you can't drop it again yeah OK yeah whatever they can't I can't do any of those innings yet again. Like you because you know could defeat he bit Eddie when these elections dropping you say yea let's drop but I was. I overreacted I'm at that didn't work. At a a bar or at least they love to drop but for now will get back to this later but even then. The you and Allen talked about it right now gas facetime will ruin your way or the highway meet whatever it is OK I know. Now yeah I'm a terrible husband from wanting to give an overworked right now out and talk about it like you know I. I understand it sometimes that's the way to the voters he says that the negativity. If she'd said something like. We Estrada for now I need to think about this. And that's not passive aggressive manager explaining your are angry and you actually mean you know advance for now but it might talk a better. That you're okay and I'm glad that he apple explanation would not just let's has dropped to the top explanation. These prices drop it. That's telling me you're still mad or what everybody needs you specifically say your hat that's what you need gift that I need ninety yet here while on. I guess I'll I'll while ago now that I'm the dual wow. Anytime you draw out what are and if it's a sign of something. More pike. And seeing things how low you can't say on the radio. You're listening to off there with Matt Ramona. Saw or write these two. British woman. Par fives. Budget on site or six years old coach is this ER whatever it is used to take. And here's antibiotics as just a few insect bites. It gets back the following day good and really hurting now I guess is not in order your ordinary bug bite. So the medics look real close they can either wiggling it. Inside the woman so wars and now they soon discovered several. Larvae of a species called the Tom moved fly. Had burrowed their way underneath her skin. Squeezing the woman solar revealed a number of the creepy crawlers. Are usually found in Africa. But you imagine. You that you would love to be on duty that day. When you get this pops and no Solarz and increased. I got a head game where the good day and then vacation for the woman and it bed day at work for the medical provider after just a few days a larvae start to hatch beneath the skin. And once they're born. The larvae need aired to breed so they know all their way out of the host. Which they say caused significant pain and irritation the surrounding tissue. That medics initially attempted to move the monsters from the woman's body by squeezing your skin. Until the maggots would pop out. But it didn't work at call a doctor. Kennedy's surgery. Was successful she's fully recovered if she hadn't gone as doctor. Maggots and left that are body would groan of forced their way out of her skin dropped to the floor and hatches flies. What does that tell you my dad teach everybody that magical. Birthday and at the. It is cool if your starring in a horror fan. Eight putting you become healthy now. Cool if you are human being if and you find out that there are flying is growing big meat or skin I think it yeah well on yeah. And I. Wind they have is end. You come out the other side perfectly healthy and fine it's a great story. You have to admit that. Added to be words that no. Oh that's. It's on vacation or blogs and here. Vacation. I got and I area from Jamaica there that into Baghdad but it was beaten any bugs knowing out of money which opened so don't let your high and I. Diarrhea and low interest rather have them okay yeah you take the I read it now I don't know I don't wanna be like big idiot who got pain that's there has had a. I think I'd rather have the larvae in my arm. Now right now the scary thought I've been on a plane the possibility of proven yourself all that we're all ya president likely to colleagues and your skin. Ben and all you know. That's not all that probably some beer I mean they're going to your nerves and I could well I do ever I would be your apartment got hurt but. And Hertz have. Diarrhea do. I got a little shot just going on right now and I'm not really feel and content what not to say that I do wish you agree be crawled into the see you guys beside that creepy Crowley's yet as opposed to. The heat need. Touch us as we like to call that area. Not winning if I. That's that a group decision and it did you see the pictures that easy fix is bandy it because I just lie when I said I didn't think you wanna see him an unknown. But David it's it's pretty much stopped opening up emails from Ian. He'll now. You know about it but it is a good fix the holes I understand are ridiculous. And the size of the maggots. It's it's pretty big man throw anyway the weird thing is about this web site. They not only tell you the medical story and show her body parts but then they show a little video is about people fighting maggots in their food. Biggest added again OK I must be a mag elaborate as you weren't grossed out enough. Yeah thanks for listening to all fairways that remote and checking out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.