#ThatAwkwardMomentWhen Ramona Tried To Flirt

Friday, March 17th

Ramona's as bad at flirting as she is at making puns...Matt also gives us a behind-the-scenes scoop on what really happens on What Not To Wear.


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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more help when most of the nine the link dot com it's your listening up on their -- that Ramona. Yeah yeah. You can call couldn Carlson my joke is on them like my. Now that that was different. Your weird there's different Ben hello and then. It's all in the inflection my friend Ali am I haven't met him but instead it says so thank. Hello. She said who is this inaccurate singular threat. It yeah. Don't we just. And they had the questioning who won the oh Batman MIT or reason really. Right so I promoter claims not flirt but she did flirt. And do our. On to. Tell my tell you. Day I'm an act when it comes of flirting you tell me on the. Ari did you do for your dotted well before I have jolly little puns and things like now I have not yet. And it went horribly wrong today. It was bad guy from church. Who called me a couple of days ago and asked me questions. And I forgot to get back to him to sit. You know what this is a question. It could've had insert a long time ago I think he might be calling. Because he likes of course he would be a great debt as a good bed when though guys I decided. Cattle call him back with the intention of flirt so it's a minute to get night. Nerve. There at all word now you know my. Back up plan is always a time. Right and also the guy called and always get my puns and and they are not as amused by my mashal words as Siam earnings outward you guys sit. I'd like we got a busted up so that you know what I'm going to. Bust. Bestseller you have to do much he had already called view so you don't but I I play a dirty look also now you're already flirted. There's talk I don't like I've got its pressure on me to be just talk funny and flirtatious. So I go with chop the last. So caught him and he answered the phone and. A leg. You play the lake and yeah. If you don't know who is yes call does mind our business. So. Cellphone got Belmont was not a question about and I don't equipment when an agenda could be all like here. End. EU and know end Lou. You have absolutely no money line to. Open a blow like surprise you call yeah. Now that there was an idea call it was a it was not a beauty beauty about. The money and I have a guide you nitpick is that I closed end U written at least it was tell me if I ever. Where you typically you have no idea it was on the other and who. And you're saying this didn't. To. That if you get a defensive we are bugging me. Yeah. But yeah just leave it. Know your don't know I don't know Tom was angry. Why. You and a city that's angry. Atmosphere and ground out to be a much I know you aren't cheap and I didn't. John W bus shops you're kidding around Europe sirens being Romo. Threw that original tones mean. That does get them defensive is that I. I didn't have my your season. Why haven't your reasons I didn't actions can you lose all night and tendencies caller ID. I know this is the guy who's told me in the paddy he doesn't answer the phone let's he knows who's calling you know you now this is this is ten. I look at. It. And now you. Know I've been busted and did you make birdie or piece. But I think we could tone it is yeah. And no I don't know mark my own that's fine I don't know. Did it I don't need that you've. It's undertone to it to body your town. So yeah zone is atonement for. Yet there shot must end and that it's like you know you're angry and think he's an idiot then I'm sorry I have questions. You don't you know Roger does shops today and I am incapable all. Flirting I'm incapable of shop but they wouldn't. How little those are the two things too much. Maybe in your head you leave him. I'm calling. Oh. Yeah and he's not about it. That. Yeah. Them I don't know I don't know how I send a little bit and I don't care what it let me let me. Did you get ring hello. You know this is right. Yeah do you want Ramona with it I. Don't know how I. Well they're always up nationally at the I didn't. Yeah you get. Hello. I know you. And your irony the very sad or he's at but you're. Let it bother. You bothered by it. Yeah I guess you call it and yet. People like bet is never gonna answer the phone when you tell. Them that. As you know now in the lead. There's one against governor I've been maybe we don't want my guess the conference. That the. He's spring break on your mind in order affected. No break for you. He's already thinking about summer. In beach and road trip. Man. Tired links staff to the Westin Hilton Head Island resort spot for them this summer party on at Carolina coasts. Little League price back pain get qualified to compete in road trip 27 to. This August and we're sending someone don't be too road trip. At 1079 delayed dot com. By the Westin Hilton Head Island resort. 1079. On the link. All right people. These are you know not exact science but they kept asking people. Oh here's what job to look forward to as far as to age you peak giving these throughout life. Do you feel like you've peaked in most categories. A man I am. Uphill. I'm not peaking at mom on the way up. I can't be annoyed at most six does that figure on ever OK not everything. Yeah we've talked me out of it there's a bit. I didn't say anything and did you have policies that the policy look Tammy you're talking cell found what I did talk I. I'm at the yeah yeah I've peaked out now. I'm on the way out a lot of things. Am I like what haven't we can't yet life satisfaction. Psychological wellbeing. Yeah it's yeah that it. It is our belief long way to go yeah. The psychological wellbeing. Peak they found was 82 years old rag like ten years of Gregory good so I'll leave it up forty years of there good. Lord yeah. That seems ridiculous to go. So now I know he's going to. And I know it geez Louise what's the point trying that at that point. Why is a learning process it's a it's a journey that may end. I hate that word journey I hate that we're asked I'm I'm actually not a big fan like the band and regular. Like process better than journey. Process sounds too. Animal flowery. Yet too late hippie like here's some gang trying too hard out of a movie title like what it's about and somewhere in the movie. Synopsis says the word journey I'm not watching you do like coming at me are really becoming an aids got. Coming of age are not watching it coming of age should I love coming and or any of added thing that is an you know the titles written in some sort of calligraphy. And I'll watch that either. And that adds it is spirals. Out because of the he's a lie and a colleague of its it has yeah. Learning a lewd language you peek at seven. And I do think the brain processing power. In bank. I'm gonna say he had to wait 518. Mr. Life satisfaction. The second time it is the first time as a second time was just give me about first time and then the second leg damaging to safety. 69 hit it slows its. It's the first time forty. That insane first time in swing 523. And a mean you know I guess that Vieira did that a talented big sigh nobody that's great that whatever it likes this and I think they Sarah let time is when you. Appreciate begin to appreciate your payment. Has prior to that time. You don't have the ability to. Really appreciate your parents so 2325. X satisfy on up to thirty is when you stay. That bad note. And I found a job really to move in with the news. Attack. You right right. David Blair tells great food free cable yeah up and it and it's the same little monitor right a remembering names. I think I've peaked. Peaks on arrogantly. Most anal act. I am gonna say 3042. Roll band that's crazy I'm muscle strength at 25. Let's leave vocabulary. And that into that to be pretty much lifelong. And go eat. 5071. OK I don't I don't forget the words together well. Any more as a Fatah. Even I know I gave us determine why just sort of Lisa and who is an expert in why yes yes is wet though one is so that's good vocabulary. When he came out with the other day being. Triumvirate subprime Ollie and I'm Vince from you and he was trial aren't as a I'm still trying to figure that and now. I had to pack could blend is the peak time when he decided that he wasn't good at the computer because he was in got it. And now and I'm gonna go to the materials I am not totally got lit up. I know Betty your chair forever and a some definite you get frustrated and become a gotten. If he had a press agency about. That when you peak finding a marriage break. With the I'll block RIT guys is it malware chairman and got it. Yeah yeah. And that counted my machine and didn't get an idea guys voting on it looked. Thinking I know you're joking and I hope others know you're joking but even thinking like that is disturbing. But the my mind to go there yet seeing out of angered and frustrated about it you know I'm never gonna end. I'll tell you don't. I policy don't you read you can't beat Lleyton in the doctor's office. To me in my mind it was at 930 at night and get frustrated and have people and is read out. Finding a marriage partnered idea that one yet now. When you eat yeah it go. 3026. Big marathon 28 playing chess 31. It's the happiness and your body. Well. I notice there are happy to be let me get about somebody. Oh I think most of the dragon's older guy I think it's because you just babies don't care. I'm happy with your subtlety or Garrett an adult body sag and asked. Citizens and then needed -- you are manly sagging breasts and haven't you gotten. And I've had no man's sometimes that's good yeah obviously do now you know look I've never man it sure now I have not having. On family and well yeah I think if I think he knows all male body and a little bit early and senior citizen beaches if that did happen. Ask your mom easy. As my mom wheezing that sees rubbed it view older men's Nichols yeah. Stay. And act and leaky and only consider weren't only friendly things for the old woman on central time about it and not let spelling. On the panel on my eyes as to show up at that since. Meeting on Thursday. The mad dog around on the ice just below. The steady man. He's still big very popular. A popular feeling a little bit loud and up in particular suits up there are being amend a lineup you owe her an apology. I'd putt luckily I bet if you asked her she would agree. She rubs me in the a lot. And he likes to embarrass you by saying those things. Nobel Prize winning discovery when it could be looking at and never I'm gonna go forty yeah authority you're 88. Out to get noticed in the area that we that they ago. We're pike off there with Matt in Ramona. One cents a rule you may have heard from the floor about. Amber yeah. Finances. Which is used in all kinds of things to. Yes but what it calms you a lot like the 8020 rule setters early on the idea that one person can not meet 100% of your needs all the time. And if you are expecting that you are setting yourself up for a big giant disappointment. This is true this is true each of these permitted to take a fraction of your time 20% away from your partner. Do something you know something fun and some phony if they are maybe I'll be. Go Al the dude whatever some some things that even traveling without the pressure of having to check in. Larry I was silent. Or a couple days or something like that that. I'd be hard for. And we're checking off and once a day just like kids' lives. From my dad's here you don't why do you do I do like you like to southern. Everything OK I feel guilty if I don't. And I guess if she'd tell me don't check in this week and I wish I would do it wouldn't bother me she didn't check. Yes. Not really but I problem I've but I check in with there wouldn't either way it's a monster were to find them meatloaf or something. I feel guilty. When I don't kick in because. Normally. Like whether from dating someone on Laura hanging out with my friends and they asked me about mom. People are always asking me about checking it I feel like even if I'm enjoying the people Lundqvist. When they say oh have you talked earmark. The gonna start feeling guilty like I should object didn't like. When I was in a series relationship while I have you hold your boyfriend. I hadn't thought about. Well I sure because. You want. Mud if you made a noted that Mike if I am with the bodies. Like awaits cannot that's a cannot out of the night and not check. That and that I'm not for a weekend. I'm making sure they don't see me check a little Texas what's up everything and I'm not that why you are gonna I gonna bust my onions and really hard. Well I'd say it was quiet back lows are. To jarred dad yeah yeah why you call them. All my my buddy Johnny called it is life like I'm all boy he could be. You weren't a part of it though is otherwise. Received first volley yellow highlight is talking to that was that's the fun that we just started beating him. A street you to check in. No not phone call but at least via text you could detect but I won't let them see it but you need to keep that a secret so that York. Thrown at every or I don't make money I don't mock me app OK bet. And win but I second winds wind they do wit you mock them yes. And at bat but I would like objected when that phone call phone call. All yet I would every guy isn't such a plus it's terrible. Your wait for the week ever boys weekend are more a couple of days you do not need to talk to your life. I just as I do understand your parents are here and packed here you can't deal delegates at the mommy come on man. But I'm not at all you cannot call. It's it's it's against every man rule ever so you lose respect for the guy yeah calls yes yes yes. Yes it pretty much all of the guy till it's a got a dog about it's always a guy who got crap about comic. That's what makes it wears you knew the guy barely got a chance to gum and now he's asked to second by voice so you know this guy is already. But this secret that you're sitting at the idea but I'm not talking on the phone at. Yeah better your Britain that got ready to have a conversation from minutes and minutes. Is until. Just admit million while I like that the boldly take his own way act out there and yes he thought of going along the I don't think water out of alarm you guys are yelling obnoxious things in the background. Is that his phone and you wonder why isn't quite thought yeah. Remember he's always been that way in the fourth owns yeah. I. Let us say hey we're big don't wait. His further yelling I'm not gonna happen to take you start adding up they I want to incur that. We don't really act now that we Al back a guy air Mon. Yeah. Yeah yeah. That's makes sense doesn't know mentally and. At the that tells you don't go don't leave your man alone when he's away. Behind and if it. Yeah like no it sounds like seventh grade role. Got rules and I'm at and TV's yet and I've got. I will continue as he takes Gail now I don't really seek help his text widget that I believe it. Don't don't don't call Andy and I did you check in on any it is being. It's been my experience when I'm gone away on all guide troops that all the guys call their wives or girlfriends. And there's no shame about 'cause everyone's. I'm not the only brand you have a more involved that she would not put I don't I don't I don't I'm not calling it must emergency. A dollar somewhat on the death fading give me a call otherwise radius silence. That from a Vietnamese attacks made you. Every guy he's been like to. Do. Your just Kyle not in that area. And color now. Does it make you less cool again another hint that. Life other then Ayers I don't wanna be able. And Internet TV and. Elena but they don't you love. I don't. It and leave I don't have you wanna go. And I don't wanna hear that the nominees that have not bad that's brutal is bad and it really mean. Yeah it's all in food. You know you don't say stuff like guy he's arsonists EU evidently married yeah. Have that would get in. Normal I would hate hearing net benefit. Though they say your got a mock that's probably the mark did you hear very terrible mock. If not he would be better. Oh yes you make fun of ever be and and bag not mean it was then dot talk for 24 hours and you know stuff like that. Man on that sounds really that it's funds. Nine a mark I guess it's reality radio what your schedule all there. I think my recollection your share at this time podcasts on podcast that he presents its drive into deeds don't that we appreciated. Some don't know that perhaps and I was on one not to where they have TLC show with Clinton Kelly and. Stay the popular and make over show of all time and become it's own then the fight idea you could say. Because of your wife and meet. But he got on the nominating you years ago and I stole the Chicago and now because it is the most successful make over show in history. It kick taking a look back deceit. What really went on behind the scenes look at. And it turned out it's true Clinton Kelly one of the stars keeps in touch with about a hundred of the fashion victims he helped to save. And you get the Dutch. I often on but it means I mean I haven't talked him a little while that I had it yet talked him. They say there is one contestant. Who debriefed Moses. To keep in touch with him in fact it was a fight employment at 360 degree mere Ang. Which erased an editor your reveal if you're new closed the gap. There was a woman by the name of the boom. He and Clinton had a Al. He was criticizing. The clothing she took it personally he is there's job and told him that he needed Botox and but not that have anything against about not that really don't I've at a before but I would like you dumb it isn't. And I ago clan you give it to her now I Baghdad that's a reason to be a little bit annoyed. When she did these people if they go on the show what do they expect to happen to people say they love their clothes but the whole point vegan diet they don't like to close. Doesn't say it was also would big problem because. What not to wing air takes a really long time to fail. What do you think's happening. What do you expect. It's an all day thing but it wasn't. You know. It was what I expected maybe don't do it even expected to be as long as the shell use and about a week. Old long days I spent three days now to Ainsley also re shoots. All. This is crazy has put in somebody up for a week it was their two days. And maybe three the other behind the scenes thing. That 5000 dollars you got to spend on your new clues now. It doesn't go very far in new York at. At the high end boutiques waiting curry Judy shot but what I complain again free stuff and 5000 dollars and don't give it by the one pair 5000 dollar oops I. All right and I its leftover money. And evidently has given credit card within on Aaron economics and oh yeah yeah yeah. Is it that you what you have is agree five dollars a credit card and you start by and stuffed bear and its east where this year witness I'd buy it and they got me like it's like. I think when I was like a 200 dollar pair of flip flops and I'm like I'm not I'm not like OK okay. Look at a couple of also been revealed that most of the contestants. Did not shop with Stacy and Clinton they actually shocked. Into a camera person in some production assistant yeah I don't. All bomb that that I did except for one of the shopping days. They jump out of wherever they surprise you like your shopping and not be on the picking up things that don't work and they jump out ago college on about that far. Com. Really really surprising did you know they were there. I didn't I wasn't sure they were there but I knew it would make good TV has bind the wrong crap so. Again you really had really good taste but yes they did. I. Yeah they did yeah and come about that it could do about it like. An odd. Anybody handled many. I'm sorry it happened I have that problem at the time I'm off the. Well I'm pretty pleased how you dress yeah well I knew I knew what they were looking for played Obama. It is I. In the news out with Clinton in states that you're dropped out and you need it and and and finally. They say. The show. Forest participants to address deep seeded cycle on the hook. Up after. I don't want to gonna put it that well let that I didn't know you told the on several engines. Bet shopping they do have dire re deficit had made its body and everything is having added a deep psychological. Our physical achievements that he'll issue doctor and a psychological maybe in me. Yes oh yes. Well into your logic. And as as it as I have make clear her Clint and I went out partying. For hours and hours after the one cute the bat and my diary and I guess I should it. Now. A side note that the majority of an. Might I might have said some things are done some things on the night out. Some of us have regrets for the person that reminded diary. Yeah. You're being thought about how to act that I don't know why he decided not to buy it there. I bring up the back yeah. And it goes well. Some of the behind the scenes that they didn't mention that that I would now than it was today he AM may edited on the what was at the finale show that I. You know went out with him that night in anger over the next day. And damn that's all. I. Improvement and it's. Yeah. Yeah. Buried in the yeah. And he did not. Believe he has ever and in the end of Baghdad tell. You're listening to off there with the men and Ramona welcome the podcast we thank you from about cards. How well our brain. Bodyguards that doesn't stop car had a bottom Murphy. Between our kidneys we all have it every day thank you to expect. Thank you thank you so much that we pricy and spread the word your friends or relatives listen it's all good for everybody. OPEC. Or when you're hearing this but do the saint patty's day was here recently it's and. Forgot momentarily. When I woke up this morning in got downstairs. My mom said. Don't even ask me while wearing a green shirt. Hole. It's your day and I'm just wave a white person to question me as to why I'm wearing green you don't bunt people can Wear greedy. I didn't have a third out OK. Thank you tell. The Latin don't know well. That these people they call leper cons actually black and lease for the front. I. Mean why aren't worried hobbled to get educated about the least. Like allfirst evolved since the only place you'll probably go today is your favorite hang out. Which is the prescription line and CBS and outline. And do you really believe that someone in line or perhaps the pharmacies and then at all. Oh a lady gap no singular every year because let people should not be wearing green today like now who is going to challenge yet I've never it's never crossed my mind. Is black people where Reno might be high. Irish smoke everywhere we go or green aren't I I appreciate that most people aren't Irish. That is everybody's Irish on saint patty's day there's something like that so that she fired up and just waiting for cell line. Appoint her out as a black person wearing green YouTube and Google black leopard Condit I Google Lipper con and there's no mention them. Black pig means our. I did kind. I am I to Google black pygmy and came up with. I'm originally black. I'll. Be your mom says she had proof once claimed she had proved that. Solve how will we move from place to place a must have thrown away her leg pygmy leper combo. Has anybody has that month. Handled see the connection with the Ireland added a wild and it would but had a band like slaves or something that system I think I'd grade and center. They were forcibly resisted an agreement outfits and dance around it originally Irish folklore that yeah timer did sprite stood out really and real thing. Yeah right up there not a real thing right it wasn't like little people know somebody made it up though of the race and right now the have really noted that much the drawings and whatnot that we really care we have our own black lab con. Yes he did end and mommy is 100%. In his corner because she believes that if you're educating you'd know. Bet dot could be me docket but by the way but he is not the size of a pick me it's the. He's taller than to take me some. But. It is you agree I will admit it you really think about it is hard to think about a black leopard. It is an odd oddity in outlook that kind of addicted. I know. It's usually a guy with red hair and Barry pale ivory skin I wouldn't but I wouldn't think about a black person wearing green that nothing Eldon I wouldn't announce cutbacks on my body black leopard Conn yes indeed is interstate. And it is highly grow red beard every day everything so black leopard on dot. We have to phrase it that way it is important for the sorts. That. You to a school that day did you dress is electric I did yes how are you received by the children. They. I got some strange looks at first let you know they embraced it that might not have been because you're black. Did it might have been good. You're abroad as black man is a week ago as an aspect could have edit and birdie or par you grown ass man and your gas at the black part outlook that a mod it giving me I know they have got security at this school that. I like this dog is moderate off the street right now. We should mention you went there because people answered yeah they entered a contest and we were delivering food to them. And and so did you like a school that the teachers get the food again I'm that would do. I had this they made us sign in get to sign in yeah I didn't have my ideas there's like this computer and yet the sign in with an attention this year at her side to take my Pinochet left upper. And let me Vista lets you. I. I anyway. And says that was the wrong thing yeah. You. I couldn't read and know that the school. Like he did not even claim to have a child that did that I school he had no Mikey now he's just doesn't that debate. Dressed as a -- confident tiny little hamburger. Hi. I we have the bosnians put into the schools that they would they were looking that they're watching us on the video for why don't so. Did you keep your like hello my name is there. Katrina tag that. That if I decide if it's. Currently for a guy and yeah as dead. Is today a case and then you went and and what what happened you go into. Went into an office area and then the teachers they were really excited and then they've decided hey we should take you into the the cafeteria the CC the kid called. I don't caddie I did a little parade throughout the prey did you drop some pygmy knowledge of the children. Just little waiving some dancing some some high five days thing. He did you know that is the time do you don't look like I'm dances a little jig elaborate magic. No he was Irish step dancing ridiculous. Now and so is their virulent and a little slave and a did you yell and I'm. Yeah. I targeted a that's why I shot a pile of hit a at the numbers but he's black angry. What does a video pictures. No they they were gonna look. Our own genitals right now take video of kids dressed up as a another attribute does not the end yet again our FaceBook I think I've spent yet I was seven on the links FaceBook page and out of Matt about a page this is fantastic I was and am Disco SA. Amber is for this to spare you this that the shot this guy was quiet this. Guy ever yeah he's up in front of heidrick kids dress the Laffer kinda dancing elaborate kinda typical. Any York's radio when he had to say hey conundrum. Wrapped in an enigma you know we don't understand it right she ticked down FaceBook page eight and go to weather wasn't and I'd like FaceBook page at anytime to feel like commenting have Brad Danny O'Brien carried eyebrows are brought Ollie Matt Harrison had a south. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 million dot com.