Should You Be Friends With Your Ex?

Thursday, March 16th

Ramona seems to think so...we also talk about the things that make you less attractive, what people don't want to see on Facebook and more!


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more help when I was at nine only got. Stuart was picked off there would then remote. Are. Her ID. Welcome back podcast he loved it use that I. Not as popular it's all right I've got a much of meddling dot com by the way users any spiral videos up every day we sleep put up Fiat the Q and. Yeah it's a little dog in the pence thorny picks up the biggest chewed toys and tries to take it to his car. There ego and also. You could find out. How I stranger's generosity airport ticket counter melted as hard. A guy. Cares what you need to know if you wanna be friends with your ex burst of ball. Danny and I are friends that are. Lesser accidentally interface somewhere we don't Cisco that mother done friend and yet yet proof yet. Yeah you know again until it's yeah I guess at El Paso. A lot what is. Europe's. Status with axes. Firms with pretty much everybody. Ever dated only person all I won. Yeah a lot of friends wow yeah I the only one I'm not. Translated and wouldn't spin on it he was on fire is my ex husband. Why yet that. I think it's weird to be friends the X I I did less to Maine gave you hooked up like one time or something. Like that maybe they'll be friends. Don't let anybody know about it end when I see friends I should say it's friendly because I don't think it's probably be leaked to that I would. Chat with on the phone a cac. Not hanging out now when I had her out restaurants suit whatever right but 57%. Of people reported staying friends for their -- find that incredibly high. But fourteen point 5%. Of people actually are our friends through. God just social media. So fourteen apparatus that that it's gonna have to realize that really be in for answers now you would be just lurking around right things after an Achilles problem. He's a weird like to break up opening is about it that his friends off on FaceBook edit it to go through my list ethical of activity at. And I don't think man my age age it'd check off on men rated sexual access higher than women did as their motive to stay in France. They can hook up which are yes that's only weeping yet one that's that it's more ever reason for men and it is for women. Obviously in act not keep it and X close justices try to have sex with him now that's a lot again to you so I number for guys hide behind them guys there's guys that are hanging on talk and you expensive or talking on the phone to guys take talkative out. They're talking to you on the phone I. Talk on the phone while I'm telling you he's talking on the phone you it's not a boom Bada bing Bada boom now yes. Keeping on the back burner there or relatives chip I don't know perhaps he could be lonely. Perhaps I wanna make great conversation. Maybe. Two. You might Bieber doesn't mean that he wants to sleep when you visit you aren't the same thing is going to sleep when you went. I. Obviously being review and I think I thought I. Could possibly believe that I could be. That interesting to talk to that entertaining. Compassion aid or any that someone who doesn't want to sleep with me I actually wanna spend time on the phone with me. And it's hard to believe you went out of an idea of the hour right now you are all those things but. That doesn't mean that the guy to tell I know maybe someone might have talked to be for free without what completely. I am not a guy not very often very rarely and Natalie and they're rare. We're just telling you the truth blunt guy the guy's perspective yes. Nice thing you know did you start calling random guys and saying ID wanna talk at one completely cute and whoever does not we're just gonna get that person went to sleep with the as a as well you know I'll talk to her and eventually I'll break through and recklessly put like I'm saying right now any of those acts as you talked to you say he might have like come over. They did say oh yeah and little. Is your beaten the at and come over the place monopoly that you watch. And their ilk that leads to use Lieberman Linda. The other invite nobody not okay no god your vice whoever it. Used to have dirty 9 now though I am I think back what will bring doc I don't accident it's OK suppose. You are friends with these girls imagine never had an ax after a social. If you called sir would it only be to have sex with her or might she be. A good listener. Mike you relate to or well maybe at the same sense of humor or something. The pins them might mean if we're friends are my beat keep it around you know that's the case some happened shouldn't. And doc I don't and it's not out and back that thing about it but he just wants to fit in with the other Fella and I you really feel. You know it now he he is down he doesn't on the Andy if a guy says you come on over he has not come on over and much monopoly or watch a movie yet. These data as you before he wanted and he knows how metallic come on over means let's have sex. Never know what is in him he's hoping that's what's gonna happen. And he assumes the. Just be that the two of you are so incredibly stinking pour me. You can't imagine there might eat some men somewhere more involved I'm leaving this week as I know guys and how they think OK yeah I. Guys they don't ask retired I'd ask. What am I very good guy frank I'm gonna call him tonight and take you just talk to be because you think. I'm might seem that you someday he would not let you know that we got a huge deterrent. Say it is just how does not there. I can tell you the truth is that gonna come out with a go again that's a lie is and can hang your enemy management hang up but never talked to Maggette got no chance. Though the U okay never mind alone alone now I got up out and do I am just ask because we have a very honest and it. He's a that's about you that not that honest. Not that honest there's a certain point breaking point for honest and then and nudity is that it looks. Usually unity and internalize. It and there ahead of what I just up and the office well. Yes March Madness is back this year we're lucky but it managed care style in the area and goes in there urging their pigs and you can win a 300 dollars bonding we'll post them all and our March Madness bracket and leave it on punitive voting. March badness like tube I cool renewal cool still up and. Seven finally got talent to make your bed here now and made a bad as heroin are. All right sneezing. Coughing on the question is when you are sneezing coughing you know your stick. How do you greet people. I I'd I do the like hands up and MB and robbed like hey I had no god I would say damn but I gotta go I got a cold. I don't look which through that. So you'd to stay away you back you Barack my way back when I try to now. No now blowing just very you know aggressive movements in what he did you know fist bump. If I'm tellem wire responding now. They'll need to know what that official like. Sometimes there isn't any mistake to what if a little pressure a little misleading I'm Leonard shake their hands marijuana yes. All I don't I don't I don't I've worn on. When you do. I hug. A tall I don't I don't artists to not tell you Rhode Gloria hit it up and out on me Robby kuwaitis on yes as an actually a lot of people like being at the one and seven say they shaking hands no matter what eaten. Thank you for spreading year disgusting diseases. 50% just a wave hello let. Those say hi there they mentioned they're sick now they don't miss it this way they're sick anyway if sixty mechanics he might hear what you gotta explain why you don't like it when you do offer an X let me Spacek got brand yours like beef yeah. See but your about your explanation is terrible thing I got a hug you can I have a cult and said hey I gotta hug you as fate. Sometimes I'll just say all. Under an handshake world and I go went for the how to pronounce it that. It's terrible. And I don't know when I hug you now right. Now and I try to gauge each. Renegade to some is it's awkward yes body Lima via. I don't know his hundredth. 50% of European air kiss thing you cannot just pull that a year but. You've never that it's not your thing it can't enter into an accident of some sort you to do your cues. Maybe. An accident not of the United States that you can't do. You just can't. Bizcast. Tried to did a European me accused. Now not the European minded I've kind of ligament and not a double. I'm gonna my one I think maybe Donald Graham dollars to a TV anchor recently. Oh yeah now yeah I allos. Yeah I think allies. But I don't know why did it in there and Al grandma. Yeah analogy high and justice that I I don't know what happened there retired really early in the morning. No you know what it was no it is not true it was an artist it was a hug got awkward as my lips greased for seats. No bit player to steal tots. I accidentally tots I didn't want to do. Yeah I mean. The net but don't like article about us or just a brush just to brush a we show you how worked I know who I'll go into the act act and just think it's okay now it is not okay. It is not OK I wouldn't mind the really a thing but now say I did just started. Not a thing for America. Can it do that the business meeting yeah it just means that it is now a pick the business beat you have to stay AM sick in response. Aria. And you reunion when you're like friends sometimes you get to know I'm a little bit better than your and that. And between hug and yet he sump into the woman and seems weird OK the. Just oh okay that no you don't have to hear yourself like you have to do something to how well. Yes it does not want something to be done to hurt OK let them. You walk into our house steeply you know maybe just a few people and the woman is there who you know now well enough that handshake weird. Tonight an item between July Hoggard staying or what are your alternatives obviously a head nod and anchors can't take and that he'd known her for awhile right. I'd be weird. So you think that. Instead of handshake I had not in pointing matter whether you're in the better that they are in between. Spot it to me a hug and Ngo that little if they head nod and point or are just avoid. Like if I make a circular your east circle around the kitchen island they don't. Interesting you don't the high now that decision dodger not ready your arrive for the ghetto not you don't know she's thinking it's too early plug. What is going on in a Huckabee before this my first time from him. It's very very tense disconcerting would really be handy. Everybody knows I'm not a hugger. When you look at which you've known this woman for a little while aloe. It's still not gonna hugger to what do you do get ill because. Handshake though because you hugged my mom on numerous weeks he's the only one I'll hug him what he did given how I had not no I don't go ahead not just say no lol yeah. I know that the IOC and Mindy do weird it's a very. Awkward hello he campuses kids and has acted like any. Yeah my bed yeah. Clay networks farming yeah that the kind of by the media are not coming down the. They have not taken him a hug and you. Tiger I I do I do you know I'm I'm not a. Anything else is better than. Point head not an unlucky trying to be cool at a certain point though I mean to hug. You know time. You know you were you regular reviews is that the short in between where you want your does he tell you went so boy hey Matt I'm ready for on the other. Now you just get the death of delegates you know. There's got it figured out and then you're feel weird yes yeah it doesn't sound good he looked like she gets boring I didn't give the. That's him. A hut. A former employee. Yeah that yeah am I can't act like him again hand class pat on the back. Not a full lot you know it's like to have bro hug and a half broad. There are not with sub girl until it's ready to sit on the. Right and you want other. Yeah I got really scared here are his loving and normal high gas. It's more glass in more fun it's fair with a network load on things that make it less attractive according to science and the last thing I needed to look less and backed. You're on tour. Because they your kid and I think that's the last thing you need a man's head I was nervous and he would say something to. This as it was just me you appeared near beautiful. Thank you mean not really you elect sleep deprivation. Look a lot less attractive after skipping out sleep that's obvious. You don't sleep deprived people rated as less healthy less attractive. Sleep deprived people had more. Hanging eyelids I know that that sounds weird penny I click on your hand what. Hanging idol maybe losing thing is to group B I'll has been some other. Language Coulter didn't use major they outlets rupiah or hangings that you are hanging yes. You're hanging hanging islands and be close right. Eyewitness relate slits in the same thing is droopy baton I'd ever heard amazing hanging islets and asserted now. Homily and I and is now at our bureau at red eyes are dark circles under the guise of hope they'll stand. Really an indefinite. Until Monday it all all have any since he's been getting sleep is really like allotment thank you. A little bag. On the Mets fighting in March I guess so I am I am doesn't make you feel great they did it again and I think you let. I have been measuring and he'd get more sleep my opinion that in these tomatoes are okay I'm having any Mexicans in and I say man the hard. Never. Gotten into a feel good after you haven't slept. Being mean. Yes telling someone you look at all. And that Medina and yet that would make me less attractive. Yes we're throwing it up in someone's face and he has the next day you're really not I mean I had a knee. I've never started a year docs face the united name on. All eyes not throwing your face it just comes up the Burma. There are reminders that I got a sort of I did it at him under it that's different. And I don't do lately that you don't have a love life a yes. So if they they but it did featured pictures of people on the word for the record evil underneath them and they found that people less attractive. Study ever how did you ever wondered when you see a criminal on the new easy to picture. Oh my god looks like a simply wondering that he looked at his sick go before you nearly get what he did OK I have to tell you. I've been following this one story about this. 60 who worked data Ballantine geek here who's been accused do it's a pretty disgusting things with kids. When I look at his picture. I believe that I saw him at the grocery store I'd be like you sir are molester but I wonder. If I just saw him randomly would I think. Asterisk look yeah is it because. You don't child molester appears under his picture everybody's on the news that I say and bad luck that I that is the look. To crown a lot of criminals or. You like I guess again with the exception of hot dogs and I remember him I am but it I think it's more. Feeding in your mind first that makes you think that. At CNET pictured. If unless we get pushed and pictures on FaceBook with what appears to be. A number underneath as if you've been arrested or as deep as would people say yeah he's got that. Now I believe they would if you are trying to Smyth. When I make that we face yeah otherwise I'd be a model. But then again prisoner model could it. Ed. That it is an arm on. It gets bad. Idea oh god. Also making you less attractive is looking to happy or too proud. Now. On happiness considered attractive on women or girls don't go for guys who appear over smiley. I looked like my eyes happy because I love dimples. How you can see you guys dimples of it doesn't. I'm not below that means it's rare that it. Doesn't think it's pretty rare thing. Good bills that year but talks that's more power apt to happen. Really I think I have got around steady glow using dimpled butts. I'm telling you I don't know if it's apt to happen or not because I don't believe I've seen enough since this without. Air. And a little splat. No I'm rubbing wreckage and all but yeah. I don't know what to do it nobody that I don't wanna find out that. But and they think that the pride full look is a problem. Neither of us can understand would've tried to look at an I've never. Commented on someone I'd bet that looks crap does that mean cocky hedged bag. Right well it means cocky and I like full of themselves accuracy of the content analysts smirk on their faith in me at CNET Smart meet. Yeah they team would they would they could it because I don't like a smartly looked an adult couple people who let that looks aren't women find guys who are frightful as. More attractive so but we now. Past. And guys don't like women look press. But happy but not Brad Alex you Braun. Hit a fair bit of Kevin Brown sue you don't have to not down a notch now now I don't and if you smell too similar or too different from potential partner. Yes science as we seek out humans that are not similar to a lesser you know like hooking up your sister's on that so. If you're smell like each other. It's probably not gonna happen. So just keep that sinister. I don't know why but yes. I like you would be also much like. Apparently he's wearing my same perfume and how much it helped our seas where my deodorant. It and attack. Well I was gonna be as yeah as of yet that that is a good point or start. But smells like your guys make it in without. Indeed a guy. He's not gonna happen I mean without perfume. Or let's say we got a cup. The sales. Women an Amy lined up in all you can do we blindfolded you and all he could do was sniffed him. Do you believe you could sniff out danger that him naked. I'm not naked credit because I'm. About to get naked I don't mean naked spirit I don't mean they can I mean no no perfume or soap or anything. I doubt of the drawl I don't always end never mind because you're making way way ahead could have been a wrong and I couldn't get anybody our sit you know and I'm not gonna natural smell. Like may be sweaty. Rag or something. I can go back and ever the brand. That's ready to reggae you know winners have caddies and you know it feels like rent it. Yeah again that's what he read and study where guys would get there's undershirt sweaty and then now we know where this thing went for weakening in the women this outlook and. And bulldozers are gonna. They said they'd pick which we're very Ramones are like the best or something. So that's what I'm saying the old dirty undershirt I studied him up when she we right now has some sort of facial. And there are occasional. Ask there's something in eighties it is not a good smile and pursuers again. Get more compelling. Just get more compelling. But besides dollars nightly in but that's how the lightweight is that led a oh. Okay now and I thank zombie wanna know I don't I don't mean to be a doubt I know what to ask the real love. So Phil yeah this is all there was removed by a bit about it gas rate as friends and share with your friends love used. You ask your doctor yeah he's he's. You why did you maybe eluded. And wouldn't you know what happened later he would honor honesty out ways to make her feel this heat. And you don't have the lift. It starts with growing your facial hair gentlemen. I think in the dance and they can't grow your facial hair looks. I I've I've heard that women like to facial hair but. And that the times I've tried to grow it where the one Tommy did grow it did not get re. Okay the white how I know you did grow it angles was for charity yeah. There was beards because that was a statement against domestic wild rice but I understood what you were going before. But it got a little out of control in major look like an escape B of sums it. Really I will have to manage to look a little crazy yeah. The time you tried it in the league yeah. The colors. Weren't Gonzales so odd they were maybe five different colors on it was a black and brown. Now in a day in a gray yen I don't know about the little petino sums. That's my mom and again a lot of crazy about different Eleanor guys. Colored as an. Anthony I didn't care. At an active. Different. People are different colored hair and that's something like that let you know Ivan told him you know me. And maybe he's made with several million. Etiquette Agassi drop I don't think it happens to. Illuminating in the heat I never heard of twins being born different color yeah. Cadaver men but not one guy now fertilize the same name you know. Now there's this show I saw where that'd and it did the twins at two different that. A death. How do you believe you have two different. Maybe one because there's various. Colors maybe six different beds and an old guy a black Mary Jane here in Jacksonville and Atlanta but that's really throws everything is skewed that I Noah. But any view I heard a lot of people have read in their facial there. The McChrystal may get the other day. Oh. The with a girl cuts my hair. Doug Nevada beer or something and I said that when I grow my gets Reggie and I'll lot of guys like that. She used a minute to make you feel better now ours that are boyfriend was getting gets written beard and grannies I read to see and a they are your facial ginger. I don't know what it is about guys and read their beards but I have a black guys. I'm probably on guys' feet. But maybe an hour now I don't know that well anyway you are. Andy in a black or some like bad swing something like I. Something like that. I don't know we are not a lot caucasians. And you wanna comment on the red in your beard. Gil Brito joining us on face well. I'm yours and if you could tell it's let's FaceBook Ramona Holloway at the time of the direct message on. Last I had different hair day so yeah not. By the way if you're looking to grow that face our deterrent to women on ten days double sexiest. And days attacked and they went past 10 is any 5 o'clock shadow but now a days that didn't get out of touch all you know the hipster yeah. Now they're growing some amazing beer. And he's got going I consider a handlebar mustache and now I have. The handlebar mustache is creepy and I think her thoughts Nolan looks good with a handlebar. Some hipster guys with that giant bushy beard. And I'm nice thick mane of hair and I've seen a couple of those guys pull off a handlebar quite that I don't I'm not buying and anyway I I have to admit I don't think I've ever seen an African American man and. Close. Mustache. If it's very close. You have to explain what a bust us if you cannot let that turns you don't quite get that it's had a beard have mustache but it's it's not. A goatee. Because you it's like you grow a moustache. Out into the goatee but each gave down the middle of your agent. And out of so you RS that and it got but it got and a bar because it goes all the way down to your kid that just that little patch to it'll. Is missing it's a long fu manchu. For me and you right. Yeah a couple of the food and cute yeah oh man you are any group we show you picture of the bus and that I find I had no. Rock as it does he does I ten days beard aren't what else can I do I rate because. They study from a journalist sex and marital therapy. Said that couples who took a little break from each other. Actually found that when they came back together and it was more intimacy more communication more satisfaction and the relationship of all I am not breaks. Book over the weekend away. She doesn't girls' trip you do a guy trip. Boom and come back together and. I got enough we weekly data outbreaks. Not my choice and so I don't have to I don't know if I agree with this last. Laundry detergent company showed that British women were actually gone by the smell of gas. I've heard people be and I enjoying gas smell an about turn nine specifically women. Turned on by the smell of gasoline. On leather which I do love the smell of leather like man in leather paint and printer eight. What do you mean dammit my senior years. And or you're on Richard Ramona likes to chat was leather tank so let's get us a. There and the guys that washing its hands and gas. Yeah. I've heard people like this smells that it never heard they were turn on I don't think they're too I do like the Alamo letter asks. I didn't like the smell of gasoline wells on the. Printer ink and paint printer ink and even really know exactly what that's paint that you like paint and when something's freshly painted it's everything I can do to not like. Steve it's quite. Always wondered why they need to warn people about this led like. Spate of editing what would walk up to the wall just like. I didn't want to man in the out of the Phillies subway onetime. And it was freshly painted and as a statement that I loved elect. Think that grows up and it looks exciting we've been very wise to act. Stand up that would be grew bigger and gain. Anything. I didn't do they make a statement even of saint mark pike as governor you're listening to all of there was. Good things he's doing it makes you. Do you like it. Jerry too many photos and thinks it's your kids that. They found out that friends don't like if we get too many voters of family and relatives don't like him get too many voters of friends just can't damn win. And I can't let. I might die just all comes down to what's considered too many true. I have I have I would car more pictures of my friends and my relatives. Route that's because the world to add pictures and I could not care until attack has apparently for ninth in my relatives right. I'm more annoyed with cell feast too many self please I'm fine and you have friends and namely the ad doesn't bother media too many self he's up there and I think photos or good analyst I would go to like get I. I don't do it. And it's bad because Amy and I are both. Bad at remembering to take pictures of something amazing might have happened and I guess limited data pictures of people in my brother wants us to take a picture a day here whenever of the kids or bust descend. And I am IQ I'm have you done it maybe once a month. How is your sister doing she's a better. Much better of course but that he puts together a book at the end of the year of all the pictures pretty cool. But I. Yeah I gave Bob Miller remembers. If that I'm telling your phone that. What reminded that it quite evident everywhere in the minor goes all the mile it's too late now a program. You guys made about the last what happens to kids. They did everything I do but I don't remember at a certain time would have an actually I think we just. Do you put your salt when you're actually now be a hole and want to be doing something interesting on being bad idea why. The beach you lunar like experts view them. Another day tells kids that. Getting hit like doing something really cute to an acute Alexander. You're now and that's just him and how. Again repetitive and I'm sorry just I can't stand big to your uncle Jerry because you are not cute enough today right. Right ability to take your cue up over how they act. You you know what I mean. Do you have the same picture them sitting at dinner every day in a book agreed on 65 days. Gotta be doing a leg getting goofy things or something. So I and then when they are our sister's kids doing goofy things all the time do a lot of more things that mud that probably open up a little. That's. There are more than meets. Well I don't like interface would you have too many or too few FaceBook friends. The sweet spot for like ability about 300 rants. Like you Billy rates were lowest. Profile owner had only about a hundred. And they were also low if you had more than 300 the last under mourn 300 to bugged by it. I bugged by it but I do get curious. About people and no reason why I have as many friends like you is because they stopped. But if I didn't have this job and I had like 2000 Britons. Don't you think they'll be kind of weird. I mean I I think you got guys are just as well you know this person has yes 4700 friends they see that there are. Computer programmer in Wisconsin drew would be the other gas how does that happen as true I would wonder that do I guess at what people don't like it. It's I just cure is that a mandalit. The average number of FaceBook friends among adult users 338. I couldn't get 338 atlas that radiates neither 338 that's a lot I think that they are they surged OK I could church sorority. IA at battles priority thing on on. I'm Brian Griese at 338 million alone no body I. Thank you don't databank. I can probably do a hundred and maybe but that but I under leg of them are on the bubble. Recreation is watching TV it yeah I'm rhythm. Though even member of no clubs. Participates in no activity ground that. So. It's good to have that I wanted to number he said he might get Andre we get to a hundred yeah I'd be on the I don't know it's united yeah. Unfailing yeah I am lame friends fringe Stevie went at 8 am people like him into contact with I'd be pushing for a hundred and now and you know I don't know I don't know Stanley. And an eighty Stanley would probably be and that's true the mama I may be on. And it popped a top and out and also they don't like FaceBook they don't like when you post a closeup profile picture. Maybe your pictures about one point five feet away you consider less trustworthy or attractive incompetent. And the faces photographs from four point five feet away. But that's just means they are yeah don't wanna closeup of a one point five feet doesn't seem like. That's like so happy they don't like to help get I don't like this okay we just think we have. They wanted to be. Four and a half feet away. Riches I don't feel I am weird good people just have an IAA. Org your lips as their profile not seen somebody is doing lips. Ran hot and I had I've not seen and I either. So on and on couple times yeah thanks for listening to our fairways that remote check out the article. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.