Ramona's Homemade Underwear?

Thursday, February 16th

Ramona may or may not be planning to just start making her underwear from scratch...we also talk the biggest turnons for women and more!


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening come on there would then Ramona. All right. Go. Finally docked compromise stuff we talk about but subcommittees viral video of the day is upon sense blogs guy dressed up percent Scruggs who looks like he's made out of pot is running around in the northeast. Interrupting live shots from reporters on the news do like that you said you're cousin. Tom wants to move the middle of the woods or something out and the world. And let's move to the country in the country. Because there are some. Theme that she hasn't been able to do living in the city for example. She wants to grill all of her own herbs to cook with I've got to have lasted about an hour guard younger guard Lindsey says but my real dream is. I wanna make my own ginger ale. That excuse me. Like yes Canada dry not good enough for ya I'd ever heard of anybody making their engines or. I'd I seriously don't understand why. Like it's not like if somebody comes your houses they are a unit and Ferrero is hey all I have is the store bought stuff or even just enter a period. God be able to drill unless you come over to my house Sunday. You say well I've got a summit but if they do wanted to go and did you add injury let's go work. Right I wouldn't energy offer her home a ginger ale I've I wouldn't adapt a few forced to drink it but it. In some icon over anybody else's house and they say are yet dead TV ally area whatever we had ginger Ahmad taken credit general you have to. Yeah I don't even know you get sore rot on Inez have a kind of did you rails not only that I I doubt it's a drill snub. I've. I had taken this no so. Window treatments for as CW and no so as he W at a at a craft store then and they would off on this tangent. With people who wanna make their own pay the and why don't like maybe I'm too much about could I learned of other people's goods but there is no nothing. We're gonna. Like sits still dirty have like her library you only got to have Berlet. I know that's like I've heard he believes that burlap underwear but anyway so right. I started to say have you heard of people wearing burlap underwear and then before I occasionally I'll nobody's warm burlap underwear and it well. I can't record as. And other you do not feel good so. I but yes why would you make pennies. Why would you do differently I'm giving. Each advising tees and rail yes yes you remember my speed may be relays. Maybe that sitter who never had anyone offer me. I can't people offer me like homemade wine. Yes from a beer may be your idea again at 200. Embryo you let. But some Suri just to me that I came in. Tomorrow it's a you know what made you some pennies Ramona. I dare you. And then here and I thought I'd ideally create jobs. Everybody other kinds not hold him. That's that is yeah. Are serving as a nominee John are. You about. And I. Earlier in the campaign admits to rely pinnacle over demanding that the only things are able Democrats let's otherwise it's just concerned that they might just integrate Muslim in any event I think he's. It's a sudden exit in your fans. I have that is an idea that's an offer you don't really want that Rollins and number I don't late payment. Want to count for. They are coming under our community. No no I'm good and that's it's. A homemade underwear just to. Also wary of me now from the I immediately she know it know of and it is it and you watch them I mean you. You walk into the disposable and a load the yeah about a foot Rolla and community not notice that I I don't have an asthma and he doesn't mean I go to you know. Yeah yeah yeah admittedly the hour. Article pertaining to him and he knows how to get Kabul looking again at night today that Colin that not a beauty and Dominique and I and he's gobbled up. It was a bit. Let me just cannot decide to get a good. We use said use sultanate. Cough drops on that on the hand and body was on FaceBook is making homemade golf drive the other thing is why analysts why of. Halls is still in business do you not trusting. Someone who's at all I have some homey Cobb dobbs no thank you all day eclectic someone's I don't know how awful long. Do you. But your meth lab and how you know I mean when can use it yet a lot ground don't make cough drops two years somebody caught prosecutors offered up right I know people like to give homemade gifts and I could see. When am I granola fine. Given me a little jar with even though homemade car drops and it I could see that on record Rhonda she's very granola like that ITN. Yes that data yet that would be weird. And how long they last time I gonna yeah I don't like that it's. At a unfair. It is why bunnies I don't care I don't care if you're. No medicine the only gunman was their only met her. Really count as medicine that was made breath and it's a like you know and even that be okay. Eligible laid Britain and now no now you're beyond brand or soup. I'm out out yet how about homemade I don't know when I'm bread food and any other kind of suit most most boots via public so but when. I had some friends that chicken farm I didn't want to ticket. I did not and that's ridiculous that's not a homemade chicken this isn't that. An executive to it's yeah I thought my yard. Last week this is him. Now why because he's really to feel too closely. And know. I just ridiculous all cut up I don't recognize me strangely and after. Days of my only strange to him. Which drains you lack this evening we sour now no I don't think he's. All right okay then more I guess it's more laughs and more fun it's all there with a match. What's the biggest turn ons and you know scant impact and I am speaking as. Good to see them as we we don't have a lot. Still argue on most things like hi you know hot and it's like L a whatever on but this week the this one woman thinks that an act anytime a guy makes full of himself. There its internal. Oh good we can do that yeah. We didn't we didn't make boulevard so we are solid in that department. It yet also argue it he says that dancer who's the guys down to publicly embarrass the sub is awful dance group sign me up. I think it's cool when a guy toes Lima having sup put together 24/7. Be able to completely his guard down MB PP ET. Don't like someone who takes himself seriously I can't. But you aren't bad guy who's put together 24/7 now lets down his guard now we're just do not talk about. I whose goal is permanently our guard mean there are at a guard OJ look at it that way. Thank you I'll get a glimmer of hope making a full of ourselves I I'd I'd I'd there is something be said about that right I mean we're not uptight we're gonna do anything stupid. I I don't isn't any stupid things that used. Mean I'm less likely to get out there and Mattingly go donate their Eelam freedom injury integrated. But I think you can pop pop and make it a political settlement that bum knee. I. I haven't avenues that you know when you movie units at a friend's and so the breakout group he has like goofy dance moves. A lot of warm up to you haven't you haven't broken the limo pulls together I don't know they're definitely not sophisticated they're relate you know tech analysts. Sprinkler in front of them now now and I have bad but I had no have you east weird things for money and now and now the real you then I know I'm no different these new people I I guy I don't I know I iWeb is there really isn't a lot of dancing in my life. There's I mean there's not a lake I don't voted against places are places with. Music where there's people dancing shoes that you did not like it's also are now it is like it's like Butler where I live there's no dancing good. Yeah isn't a lot of the a lot of dancing young monologue thanks in places you and doggedly as als. It's. I was just wet and it will wedding mechanic and Adam many weddings anymore. Once there but I probably would make a fool of myself. I'm sure you it I don't that it's been awhile also. They think at the turn on is part against. And then I level in the weather silly guys return to layers cardigan scarves. Beatty. Come on the funny thing is just yesterday. I was talking to one of the guys who schedules commercials. And one of the guys at our sister station because both of them where raring some sweaters. And went with Chris the smarts letter. Current can't CNET with a ice crisp shirt underneath. I made him think what looks well together and he agreed you didn't just the role on the shirt. Or throw on a sweater it took every pet together. So all night so high you're taking it to another level this is every degree is Kleenex. So if you wanna make excuses I am making and why you do it I am. What it chilly put on a vest. Yet the sense on the sweaty man I would add up to appoint a vest and no ignore big boss Lauren best. I ate at his best to do you gotta like that insulated by bands aren't rest. I'm OK with the dress list does not blue fleece minister the one that it what do you do laser core that cold what's gonna. What's going on Defcon arms political caloric. Yeah you got you bandy and yeah he's an Entrust their best I love them as. Looks put together yeah it was that was a good look I'm all aboard but I haven't seen looks since you've got Kerry at a company are here. Over years ago I gave ailment that's. It went out and yeah. Well my event you ever bet to get away. Yeah I did idle for underprivileged. Vehicle with the man he's serious I would look every other day and I Don Imus I guess the game away. I did. IE why did you go into advanced I don't know why when it divest. At that time I don't and I are real fast and I am I might this series record says the Mets are still in Maine I didn't think there were two years ago or something I. I wasn't doing I don't know I just felt weird wearing your best I wasn't going to press and we are about to say you weren't doing TV because doing TV now I am but I think it did the best give way to fourteen. OK I want to put. Or during our hiatus hiatus of TV. Because like to come to work it's easier with the dress with a best auto. At Markkanen hello. Yeah I I don't Wear leg and close here. I put a heaven forbid you hit that and I well yeah I tell you that new sports guy Kroger he brings it every day. Now there every day he brings that I had been and he's gonna make some of the other DJ's. Building look awful. Yesterday and you look and I got to go with you one of the news sports guys. Out the most creative people to dress comfortably have you not seen of people again easel in numerous studies have its say people are more creative when they dressed down we're not talking about being creative to guard against things. Guys six I'll honor happening there. Senator and I mumbled and what I just us. Also there was that an oval thing has all gays from being part of our podcast we'll fuel spread the word. So we'll get more and more podcast listeners and possibly more more impressed all right. It's bearing at all about us is about yes it's fun assuming you're gonna enjoy it I'm hoping you're enjoying any becoming background and listen we really appreciate it all right. So. I know I believe once you were serenaded. Quiet guy. Yes all you like that and I you do not like. It's good in theory but in practice. For me it was horrible now may be if we were in a restaurant or some thing but. He took me out to a park and I was opposed sit on the hood of his car. Which was dirty it was windy out here without it we messed up I had to go back to work that's the key and then he started crooning along to some. Babyface song and I was just thinking is why are we doing. I don't think you'd be better restaurant that's in public. Any idea what it's karaoke you're expecting it don't know and I oh no. No. And leaves. It always seems so beautiful I don't I don't like it a matter restaurant. And they have like game ordinary Italians anger to something like that actually and it's yet and yeah. There's been these plays and time of the loves it and encourages it in its. I cringe worthy moment for me just don't know where to look at what to do an up and veterinary and it always happens when we go on vacation some. You know strolling menstrual comes along with his. I love the accordion it really doesn't start the conversation yeah well Chris ET and the tip. Yes Chrissie dig in and husband John Legend celebrated Valentine's Day with a romantic date at Santa Monica is Jozy but the restaurant. Some UK magazines says the model also gave her probably early V day gift of video posted to the publications web site. To assert lip syncing his song ordinary people all wearing a variety of flirting outfits from a polka dot Khamis Saul. To an ensemble featuring a crown heart shaped piece these. Strategically placed other Bala. Let's it was in the video looking unsurprisingly delighted. You can't do your own you don't value. IA and I I like him as a couple overall. For me at this point he is becoming overexposed. But yeah award show every everything you look. That sounding at one. Should fattening of and then the two of them are kind of like. But they Wahlberg and admittedly aren't you McCartney thereof like red area Gilani Betty yeah all over each other all the time it's like we give it. You're in love. Yeah hot people in love and writing keep your hands off each other. No one knows low like YouTube yes indicators are a little of me I am a bidder. Single woman shot hack attack but it's isn't just me you just try to get like a new week. I mean if her Christi T dog sometimes he's funny but she does seem the be overboard. On these videos and post about her and John let. I don't ledges music's got it but it's also weird to me but especially I hate her lip syncing his song. While wearing them how much they'll brown is ray yeah it on it needed it that it's. Maybe she's advertising's. Some maybe she said it was a more downloads or river around nine. I don't know why but I'm I'm with you I I just makes ice role and I was too much. It's very eateries. I don't like terrorism. I turn up the united Gatorade all over. A turn up the mat on off their podcasts in the U lives immediately immediately lives thanks it to me wearing a variety of outfits. Yeah I think sometimes. They force it down our throats a little bit much on and on the other hand they also try to be the ordinary people. That's making comments about look at me at bats that's Mike's got whatever bad also doing I mean so much beats that yes exact day. Meanwhile we see your kid wearing like forty different. Halloween costumes uniter not ordinary and what's funny is this this on this site I got this round. They say you know it's prep service the radio they say here's and here's the thing they say you should ask you our topic. Why T get in legend or your favorite celebrity couple we let legally opposite way I and that's really pathetic what kind of conversation that give a damn radio analyzes pay why have a big as they. They're both aberrant that conversation go nowhere really quickly more podcast. Hopefully to. Seeing things are low you can't say on the radio you're listening to off there with that Ramona right. Do you want to have a friendly our office because you know the study showed getting on it working more productive blah blah blah Hal that perhaps. These social and got the idea and a which. I am I'm relatively. Social. I mean come on. Relatively. I would bay relatively thin on the show are probably the most anti social man half a lie and you wouldn't agree. Not to not the most anti social and an old old staff for a guy I don't know because I don't talk to Max mine from. Bobby Jerricho. If he's still the building. When we arrived he always makes a collect a point to stop by and say hello I'm worried me a hug I would so that advice on Mac. In the studio. If you entirely for example of it here actually in and hug people hug you get here early do you go into the sales apart and just say hi and I'm here. I'm an early and let's get here early Yemen are not I don't have time to waste I got it right to it. Most of the times and opportunities to be social and and. Don't know which run out opportunities dot doesn't like let's say he doesn't I talked to Ivan conversation people by the coffee machine. I'd done it and you waiting for your call whatever you feel awkward and I I Doug talked to. Sports guys once and awhile because in the same office as us. And that they excuse me. Away yap iPods probably Google docs worsen may we say that and Andy's worsening. No no yes yes yes yes and yet not worse yeah absolutely I don't know that made it much crap. Just so much better than he is very definitely doesn't go anywhere by a committee and let me just recently happened and he meet at bella separately take those two things away. And that most of us look at whatever anyway. I was scheduled meetings that people just because. Why. I'm I'm a friend here matches a friend like I'd schedule meetings with them they are meetings we talked about life. That count. Here in the building you do that. Now now now okay you have your well but let's begin at Vieques be smoking I'll walk out signs and next on. An episode of that out. Well I'm glad legged secondhand smoke while they need an editor trying to help you haven't impostor conversation. But does it involve a team building exercise isn't. Team building late fall backwards not catch you kind of things of that stuff that I've never I've didn't like it one time. One time we in this kind of cards. Like I think it's right it's about all you know I I would look Art Ross yeah it was go cart across the net and those that. As so in bars the counter and stools are placed and height. The puts you at eye level. The economy yours obvious yeah so it's more. It's it's more conducive. Having a conversation inviting conversation but also could you imagine sitting on a bar stool all day rally the people sit in an office chair over they would make it comfortable I mean they ended their is you know some people like standing desk anyway. But that would make it. You know that there are comfortable. Chairs they've made. For this purpose. And you could you are right when you are. And a bar or whatever Umar likely to approach the people at high top in the load. Boot or whatever. You know if you are you know yeah my drinking ever that an AI you know and it's news. So you basically you don't look for a place to rescue drink or at the blower has at least an offense they get I had just put my coffee here at your desk as of I think you'd school wise energy bathroom or rag go to dances Indian accounting. We above when you're sitting here about twelve inches blow I height. And as they call elevations say great as segregation. So what happens here is when you're close the different type of segregation here he had sparks are as if what is it me in. Everybody pretty much everybody newsroom. In our own bubble and our own little bubble I don't anybody else on the outside that's a well liked it too. But it says you almost have to intentionally seek someone out for a chat and they're sitting in your standing but if you're standing there Wacom by your I guy you're like man. That's not automatically gonna do it laid back person network or anything you know the exchanging anything out of things. I'd get the concept. I totally get the concept you will ignore people at I just like nor am I twelve inches beneath but I get the concept. I get the concept I can see how. I think you might change things OK I think in my change thinks. I mean maybe not for me. But I could see how we're in for other people admitted that it does seem like that's like the kind of things dike has been paid out so we're not covering body but match. You're hovering over people when they're sitting hovering right if you're standing in AIG. REI IL EE Hariri you know I don't wanna talk to you we have. Long hallways here I don't how on AR. 25 feet whenever thirty feet fifty feet and at the at the end of the either end of the whole way is a debt as bad a door opening whatever with a desk right there. And the one desk. Faces a hallway right what you begin to walked on all away from it. Defeat a way you can just look right into this office either guy and I remember the guy who is in the year when you moved I was sitting outside the office. As. They were carrying stuff out. I was like wow I know Jason is so glad. To get out of this office because right. It had to be the most disruptive. Plays in the building to sit like the worst office ever cause you're I gonna catch anybody walking argue and they. In the awkward hire an eye catching a five times today and I. And so as I was talking about it the guy was talking to was like yeah this is my new office all. That bad that's half a not me and that's really how did you notice that I and I noticed he has moved his desk. Strategically so it's not really needs a little bit off through just a little bit off and direct eye contact via. But moved to it is a Smart move I can still see it there it's like our window herald's. Studio. People walking by kinda kept to medical and here I would I would now like kinda awkward it is when I'm walking by. I looked down at my phone and do whatever David people as to how he does you wave that amount I'd probably 34 to now you can have one that's it. One waving at one wave and I love waving at Barry and I get my head nod again and that's it that's it. And waiting is so big. Old. I don't know. About race in it's so hard to do multiple times a day and then I waved. Handout multiple times without. I'm in. Have a good show and aren't you got one acknowledged it. Your turn out there's actually one when you're coming into our studio. And other immediately be home for the night I give them four that's read it also won on draw my hand up I'm not repeat the same people as last and I just can't do attitude not changed different to mine now dictate figures knotty. Well good because I I don't they don't you don't want dogged about. I thought I'd there's no way I'm giving multiple waves through the same people throughout the day. It is that's that's too much. Who might need to match nanny did it does it really does there's a more this vacuum is coming up you're listening to all of there was. But he can. Helplessly charges today it's all and whatnot. Cordially might student straight into it you do all the girls are now I going to get anything. Avery didn't have that Sheen really wanna as far as I know we need to suggested because what's the point. What's at an caddie went through late two or three which he really didn't do it did she could have won it looked like her now we got that four. We we did a regional a couple of kind of have been half yelled yeah yeah he got like liked coupled at Christmas and birthday or Christmas. Maybe three you have all he says three to close now weighted with a rich. They had some dumb room closet for her to make today. Merit controlled ought closets like their like once. And I had. I've resisted at I would never got hooked on happy about its action complaint right now they're not toy box are. Orioles wanted to learn how to so. Because she kind of put the kibosh on buying every new outfit off so motivated the girls to want to. May closed for their American girl Obama and nobody basket teach them okay. Well the director of public relations at American girls make it a huge announcement. That they're introduced seeing their first. Boy doll because they've been get a lot of feedback from parents and also the kids they want. Characters with more experience is they want more diversity they want the characters to have more interest so now. They're introducing. You know get. So that says something about a mix up your back story. Somebody Utley is fun for them but I Logan you know the people to be put out when it's fun for them fun for the American girl people yeah make a Backstreet Logan. Mean yeah let's go let's go spit ball here it's me that's column layouts and he's good at baseball and he likes to read he likes to. Where you don't expect that some Dicey groups in the pool whenever just aren't making things up about him. He you know they're gonna play it. Like. Those American girl American boy dolls in like weird positions. Now they won't read it we GI Joseph Barton Bakken. Okay the American girl dolls are children doll I know some areas Barbie and G idea of where we don't barely urges today don't know and I did I object no incidence. It's American girl doll. Odds are as young as an environment in OK they're young they're children doll right so they won't they'll like baby doll out love little creepy. I'd own a dirty celebrity. Are they say he's. What is your with the actual organ and raped he's terrible duty lays drum alongside his spring and Tinny grant. Who's a singer songwriter and national tennis that cities. And that that young hate about the back story he's got all the old man bag storage gets singer songwriter and that's really plays the drums. There are dreaming. Guys can have as many outfits as women know either and I Agassi Walt Disney today you know where is your dolls could you know that. Outfits can be interchangeable. Unless Logan's gonna be a cross Dresser you gotta get him whole again or thing like cowboy a year. Whatever it might thing is they're acting like oh there's never got a boy gobble fork. Do you remember my buddy my buddy my body and a minus. My buddy he was a boy doll made for boys to play it well over him. Yeah I do remember to exact a member of the song kind of and he came in black and he also came in white. With for pretends that might my nephew Adam had the black we have GI Joes on the the same thing now. Nobody died but I Jackson you're hearing and action figures all kinds accident in your eye chart blanks or something. They were you feel OK and they should they want to have navy and our friends I liked the fact that they have a boy doll. Because. You pretend. To be a mommy with a doll yeah thirty ish already is on are not going to be girls you get a little early to. The jets' number one number Q. Boy should be able to have a double play with that I can't share. We can't yet I mean I'm ever will he be anatomically correct and I'll remember Mary girls aren't. I've never looked at him make it ought. Looked Adam. Had a tough every can't help but look at that and yeah I have looked at them now of course or not. It's again that anti it's definitely not going to be. On the bracket I don't remember the little jelly all I don't I got got vaguely remember I don't know the name and we wish anatomically. I'm a little. When he was little moved I don't remember him an inning an idea and now now now Joey and thinking. He was anatomically correct in a weird way did could look at you serve it out at a not at you you're you're. You wanted to see if they peavy would Derrick in a big. Yeah I was in a very creepy. Gas it's creepy it's a regular baby PP. The years I think weird about it and study it that. The I've never had a baby needed that he chaired come over here look at Eliot he'd never seen a baby PP so you don't think that the boy dolls are gonna be. A bull bull. He did you have to be a feminine on London to be considered I'm not only can I get out I am big pay. Really make things that makes a little boy is he's got shorter and yes that's all in the clothes you Wear that there have been denied while it. The girl. Doesn't have it but JJ he's not gonna have a putt pay panic. For Hillary. You know I don't mean I don't feel a little confusing you know it's not confusing. You know boy from a girl by the face and all the girls kind of have a little smile with a show their teeth. And now a smile no no money on him you know. Serious injuries no PP no enough to address. Thanks for listening to our fair with the remote and check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.