Ramona Met A Murderer

Monday, May 15th

Ignore Ramona, she's just out here hanging out with killers...we also talk about skills you can impress anyone with and are you passive aggressive toward moms?


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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening dump on there would then Ramon. All right so they journalism and telling dot com is a tree do anyway but a nice reminder for you because you divide that many viral videos of the day. Including. Latest one is a girl making her prom entrants inside a Kaufman writing in Amherst you know that vehicle bad Peco you. Spend a night no he's. I guess you know. Would you like never in the middle of the day for dike 22 I'm. And a thousand dollars. Why do you all of us a little bit and I can be bought you can beat everybody can be but there's nobody in this world that can't be bought. To do something like back to the Pope today all the kids relate a coffin all day long. Loves a good golf in Napa. It is like close of from baton that wrinkled. OK so anyway we are talking about is that I gave. Sixteen I want your lifetime you will. Happy or passed by sixteen murders yes and I have one face to face. And meg and I did it look possibly saving my life. Hello this was years ago when I was working in the news department at a radio station in Columbus, Ohio. That warning. It was a lot of flooding but I need to get to work to warn people about the flooding fists and so I wish hero a huge what I thought was a puddle. Yeah I didn't underpants. But. It was worse than I thought when they call what's that saying you know song they have about not going through. Don't drown turnaround and a value cards not a vote yes but our car was about the thought I. They're didn't want other people about the flooding. And when I wit to a gas station where I stopped all the time later that today the guy who worked at a gas station said man. You cannot pull off because you're gas tank. Is basically on the ground right now the minute you go over mafia you the mini goal over a bomb. It could possibly ignite what it'll spark something right. And I knew that there was something weird about the car or would that puddle but I didn't know what it was like oh my god thank you I'm getting the cart is it. Later that evening I'm watching. The 6 o'clock news. From that same day and and I see that the guy I had just talked to with the gas station had been arrested for murder. Heinous heinous Ken America heinous. It's merited. That's scary that the guy who helped me earlier today everyone who's accused of a crime is guilty of a crime. Right right that's true that's true but it's still weird yes and he's been accused by a C. Either a white former girlfriend something like that. So the next day I wit to this day gas station he was free. Home. And I said listen I thought your story on the news last night because I'm also with the news I had an alibi for. I give you an opportunity to tell your side of the jury here because a lot of people who get accused. Yeah never wind up having opportunity to say I am it is and this is why of course. So he said no and I said. Mac half for the. And that you aren't anyway and murdered yeah. It was gas station dozens. Hundreds of recognized right away and that's station attendant. Did he get convicted yes he did. Deceit it I guess he figured. When he went out whatever state you know I have no no no console like a bachelor I circles about as an answer but. It was a crimes and over he's it was a murder so horrible he didn't wanna believe that any human being involved not filed against you have. Everybody's got BO. It's out of answers how's things and I mean it is right you don't look around killing people all the time the boys they catch you. You know everybody is still organized guy as a serial killer serial killers says sometimes at Arizona this candidate charisma that he's got a guest in. Does that does that look out for me that day but yet it's not worth the tradeoff I know Devlin was. OK off I I would much rather read Mike cardinal hired and for decades. The loser like the wish anybody else would it mean murders Lee. You know Le no love and not nobody had a buddy up to widen again extension now and a Disney had a great story I mean Alicia did. You know. Would like to meet him like. Like that kind of store it could be interesting to tell people. Right I mean it's it's. I think everybody wanted child murder story that I didn't Stella got off the beach and whenever I mean just. And her prison to her sort. And anyone that you know I might have Matt and I don't know I did play softball. Against prisoners one time. So maybe there was a murder in the bunch and artists I guess is there was a at that. Present by I'm I didn't stay Wednesday yeah yeah yeah but a couple of games there was interesting to ever win. Yeah we are one of it was it was there are very nice very nice and I was plan when with a weird are hotter it is thinking is right when we. We were planned to ball the outfield I interpret his name evens out to get the ball and there's this guy jawed and eyes like. Man in the high school together and call him a long time now we know you can't. An all time hit on what I guess it. And ready you'll fly away from here boring day. 179 the linchpin visit flow. The answer. Casey it was tricks to fool. All fine weekdays at 7301230. And 430 to get into the grand prize dry. Terry hotel Key West this stunt guy. Irritation it. And a rental car cause she'll be endangering on a snorkeling trip with Hillary won her adventures Key West and getting gift certificate to smoke into the saloon. Ramona will take a grand prize winner every weekday afternoon it. Normal a few days off with a mini vacation from this is Florida playing your trip to visit Florida dot com 1079. Minutes delayed start advanced mixed. Don't get the raid us comment on how great we are consistent look and let's that the odds assets. That's kind of sand you editors please comment on how great we are please please I still owes you learn in a week that will impress anyone. And the expert says it's twenty hours twenty hours away from doing these and did you do in two or three hour chunks. All right man you're good ago learned to play a song on a musical instrument you're in a week. Ukulele harmonica. Or picks and it's really rare you really when pressed. A leader Bob Bailey wants to watch you play the U collate. Alone can only lock me out all the harmonica ukulele I tried picks up. Ukulele he certainly an acute and yeah. It's like I need to them again to tell you that you don't way to make the the ukulele. I've media played professionally but it's an impress anybody just commit him play real wrote your voters something asked him maybe they should take it brought the word press and just something you could do. Yes I don't I don't have to play an instrument. It has been really play play I don't think you know week. Iron out of LA only look on one song 11. Good song it's not like a nursery rhyme or something. You can wanna what's out here stairway to on the you can learn a little. Yeah yeah. And president that isn't something. That's certainly the latest brief homage I'm like yeah. It's a not an okay. The skill can learn a week that impressed just about anyone learn to drive stick shift. I think aids yeah I can learn in ten minutes. Did learn about it a little bit mean quite a while impressed by then I know how does that come up and you'll note that it makes diction and cutting vulnerable. But not often talks right. You and your degree it's not easy to fun it was OK and yet we know you can't learn how to drive a big ingredient wheat at a price at the. A that I couldn't. Yeah. Already. I'm not talking about being able to argued at a truck stop but I'm sure I could figure out how to get a lot of zone right away or go backward or did the party like at a truck stop between two other trucks but I don't drive and acted up in a spot. But it loading dock back it up in a loading dock. Not in twenty let's go straight. And a lot of these matadors hurry terror or you're getting a semi from. The practically every single day long been the boulevard I get behind some big rig student driver. We're gonna go to school. Who needed and it within twenty hours about it oh yeah. But they're letting you out on the open road driving the semis and. Keep the students. That we don't. Brother like out on the road and that is that that how many hours and take them out. They driver I don't twenty hour. Why did my own license and let me ask you could do it but I couldn't do it already you know how to drive this I had regular straight. And mistreat them or no I could drive better than men here is now I drive any vehicle Estonia and abetted and. That's just not true on you can learn how to solve a ruby excuse. And and who's impressed okay less than two minutes. That's into mid. We should be in a week you should learn how to do it lasted two minutes. I cook an amazing dish OK there there's one and that's impressive learn the basics of martial arts. And twelve cameras by grownups. In Kiki number not taking I would say I am impressed by somebody you can today. You break him boards and not known and now it's just a self defense move. If you're like yeah by the ninth what you would you do work that met my eyes can't role heartened that I'd like my biggest yeah. I'm Matt like I let me. Like there's a guy I served as this one moment. I. It is one woman showed us how like a guy you guys on top U whatever like and how do I get an obvious. Self defense. It was impressive yeah. I think so it was a lesson that not an actual attempt and meek. Tournament to begin him female male rule. Well and there was ridiculous. And funny without intending to be ridiculous and bunny. With when you were on their BC CB Newsday the so I just tried to learn. How to defend the word play against. Known nice night attacked it for automatic. I was the one I want to attack it could be comedies that I was wondering isn't legitimate I laughed out. Now I was the one being attacked for it for the sake it Jeff Schwartz big X and it L lineman was a nice guy and Ryan who would like to Ted. Who can probably Tillis with a fingernail that it took down sorts but I was there and I was the victim. Of alleged. And that's an iron and it Palin yeah. Uh huh. Unidentified that we did on our faces being daddy your view more like all there with that in Ramona. Moon. Guilty smoky. Video is put up viral videos it must have an idling dot com and that's not where you get the podcasts and but my up everyday what's the latest the latest ones a teenager showed up to prom in the back of our hearse inside a coffin. And also add there's a video on the FaceBook pages and hours about. They say that you curse it makes you stronger as some study had been on a curse a little bit a little I was dropped some things and that is. With Fiat boss yesterday at dinner but anyway so it doctored the video we are. You know attempting to cursing get stronger and our boss walks in right behind this as I'm yelling out. Obscenities. So anyway. But sometimes moms to be passive aggressive they say especially southern moms. Your mom has been known to be passive aggressive fewer and occasions yeah. Like this. Has she ever said on the list is known to need to Wear specs that yeah she got the right out if she does. And end and you say what. Yeah I will Wear them based Walt mama put it. Don't you think you need good foundation. Stuff that's chipped a foundation found a nap now and it's a good thing. Mean look South Korea. And a friend what is clarity have my foundation all the stuff I thought then I think yeah it looks just fine and I am confident that for you all they. I mean this outfit with a few good to have someone like that you Wear that that. Extra thinning kernel that makes you not read for twenty hours or something. Yeah so that's prevent the lay off for a minute because the last time I ward in left scars on my abdomen on. What is wrong with you doesn't have a layoff. All right anyway how about something about your hairstyle hairstyle and axe and her was that intentional. My mom queasy initiatives Whitney she knows what time I leave the house to come to were written. And I've come downstairs and she knows all doing is bad in my purse and had now the door and you'll say. Oh what did you live and work you forgot to call your mayor for the and you know I have never left for work without combing my hair there's gee you think Jeff Kearns did she weigh in saying. Whatever you did deer hair doesn't look wow and you have nothing to time to do any about it. You want to do it back to say it looks like this on purpose. Then I leave the house and I spanned about ten minutes of my drive thinking about what she said about high here. Trying to get her out of my hand. Yet my hair straightening your head it's easy to get into. I don't understand is one did you keep the receipt. When you say that again after something. That's when when you've got something you're wearing it. Or I come. Look at and I. Allow this to rest that they gift so cute he does. Who did you keep the receipt that says either it's ugly or debt can't possibly eight years I thought. But to you welcome mat saying that now to keep the receipt is my rose to eight active Republicans on this list like I think designed it's it weird to have four and the guys. No can't be. For gift because my mom will not return against. But she does it mean to do so well I understand that makes sense to make. How about sorry if you argument against it and you don't like it. That you are responsible for exchanging I already had it through. What I went through a glass where you we lob shot if you don't strike me. You return everybody gonna lose money because I'm not exactly no we are confident that the thought of hanging in her closet yes. I'm and she hates it asks will annoy me so much that I will take it back. The three guys in this studio we all can agree I Diane Zahn that we hate returning things yeah I didn't I am spiraling out of control right now because. I got new glasses not these I have on that switch back. I can't see very well like especially at night it looks like one big. Rear light like he's had it's it's not like individual cars it's just like get. Stream. As really dangerous I really don't break like to just one long like LSD trail feature film. And and and reading his own long. Have you had those last few weeks. And driving like every night I keep thinking I'll get used to say to me until the last. A they said they say. Right off the road or hit somebody because there the other progressives I guess I don't I end I don't know I don't think Adam and add those before so the guys again just give it. Some times have been getting it's time. How much time do you do you think he was talking about I don't know but and say well how long now I ask. Now sometime is that it is that a day you know today's storm we are here ten years I belong I also. Mortified. That mean 'cause I've managed to people he got ago. Somebody setters also I'd like a time limit or whatever so I made appointments I think Monday or Tuesday and going in and I am so. I would be so humiliated embarrassed that I'm I'm gonna probably bring down and say these are look at spy and remind them I don't I did you but I think it's okay. It says it have harmful effects on the guy from the ice train. Even cause headaches blurred vision again and double vision and how most eye doctors state that adjusting to a new glasses prescription takes between. How long how long been. Two days yes I'll when he Puerto. Go to O hundred a month. I disk but I feel so bad about it but I feel it's my fault. Like which you know how to clip a little thing that goes skis used he sees do you see this is the pattern is better but it's my fault that I picked up the wrong one that wasn't Larry or something. Who regularly wasn't Larry I said the wrong thing. Oh you are. Low on the self esteem game like a domino and if I. We assume hey you know. I've probably pretend to seize them. Act it I'm sorry I lied I. Can't see why. He DC as I'd I'd I feel terrible but it feels so bad when I go in there I'm gonna throw myself on the mercy the eyed actor and if if it doesn't exude. I don't know what to do about it because web. Working for me and you get a new prescription. What they say well this this is perfect one for you. I don't of the medical degree and setting a goal. They. And I did get all those things that headache double vision of that it is. I think it's time and proudly so mark podcast. It's reality radio what your schedule all there who. Ramon welcome podcasts for glad you are here very cool always appreciated breath. Urged Britain partnered. I know there's no way in heck you would live in a house that was lived in my Jeffrey dom her lore. Ted on the journeys big serial killer. Now pay eighty GB and AM I got a deal on that. Hell yeah. Is no outs than we're used to beat on one's. IE I'd. I wouldn't live there not be afraid Eddie Money. I mean give Jiri average needs to do that would have to divulge listen this place. Has some nasty vibes a serial killer once lived year work I tell you what when he first moved to Charlotte. Our. Bosses wife was talking about this lovely home in their neighbor. And the price was made easy. To get into their neighborhood Britain next half thing. Find out his lovely home. Is. Seat at one point one of the Panthers this past that it was very sad. The better known well. Home and you're out to not men and all that matters right ill lulls and get a deal. And not get an idea maybe urgently you just love the house and let the name. You're paying rent at regular price he may be united real example of that house. Utilities Italy's island got murdered there I am I'm negotiating for a discount. You. Again I did. Even take me. Then that matter to me. Yeah I wouldn't faze Carolina wouldn't phase me permanent no less easily around you know anyone who's ever murdered in your house. Yes some are bad while I always get them. My dead body under the under the house at a beard and did the construction site why do you know little about how do you help that's where they are. Building on some ancient cemetery and a native American burial ground would be yes. Poltergeist. Yes on in this Tacoma home. Serial killer Ted Bundy. You're home was built on some burial ground is that probably a lot of bargaining we know. People. If I don't believe that kind of wandered is movies like. Amy. Who highly these own what I like I'll go should if things start happening like they do and pulled their guys. And then. All very hard to think he'll he'll wrap this thing to be now serial killer don't wanna tell me. Indeed they say didn't they had a very normal. A lot of mental Murray Naia program a few out now did say you know what we are messed up it remains to dumb down my. Yeah he says parents are normal the neighbors they were normal according to just get back and haven't trusted minding. This contractor Bob bought it. To flip that but he didn't know about the history. And it took along his eleven year old daughter when I first visited the home. And usually goes along and dictates notes for data about the work that needs to be done. But he says CC walked in she started crying should this is weird I don't like it here and I got Gatti here listen to children he returned the next week a demolition demolition crew. One crew member was demand is placed on Iran and it is I don't know I don't know I don't do this and bubbly to you see it like this he thought these are the thing pranks whenever I think they were tipped. There's a time they rendered the house which had been blocked and every door every cabinet drawer was open. Com that by the time the workers were cleaning up the flooded basement and spotted the words helped me. A written on the glass. To take any lead. Heavy Dresser instead in the upstairs hallway for itself battling it based on the floor. While the crew was downstairs. Why am Ernst and drew got an upstairs or is there evidence that yeah yeah we have people with Griese eleven air. Cell phones and electronics forget unplugged immediately docking tomorrow. Where to leave was found written in a row guys name but no little plans around and you know this is classic. Classmate of cultural stuff friars the body is I'm telling you right now. This is how white people give him in every given horror movie but not real and I realize parents. Not all guys who wrote my mirror. Right. Hello you'll laugh and even decided to have sex there and next thing you know your gum I'm. Black friends ago. They're quietly and I first every time just so good yet and about or movies typically. Yeah I mean they don't and I doubt it ever became a stereotype and I you know the vipers is not refers candidate. But maybe I act like as nine like Jamal all the while Walking Dead. Do eventually it is down. As so he called a pastor in a blast the Al's. Two passers came out went room to room reading scriptures saying blessings and they told the crew play Christian music while they worked. And they wrote Bible verses on the walls but I'll tell me that's not agree to be. A Bible verse written on the walls that is a sign of a serial killer. And play in DC talk in the background. Is does that that is a sign of a serial killer's house and you probably less than and a movie that you walk in it's like some crazy person south of Bible scriptures written all over and blood. Yeah and there. And the values that that is that it's a more podcasts sex. You're listening to all of there was. All right let's get some odds then again. Shareware deal and I just knew that there are three. So let's do a 62 year old got your kid's birthday Richard Walton and called 911 last week after he accidentally sent his apartment on fire. While trying to get greatest some snakes. Doesn't sound like the right way to do it now probably not maybe I'll pest control. I don't grab on app. I made a paper torch out of some newspaper and tried to push the lit in through a crack in his bathroom door. He's on the outside the bathroom door and now he's the sixth in the back through the stakes are supposedly in the bathroom. That's when his whole bathroom went up in flames he ended up causing about 2000 dollars and damaged but the weird part is. Fire investigators. And police could find no signs of any snakes and whatsoever and escaped. Mountain in have. In a move got a veteran trainers can only imagine what they did sign toilet. Accounts and then find some meth in the guy's apartment. Job and the course Smith causes people to hallucinations as an attack on paranoid. I'll end instead their homes on fire you know what we've heard stories before about people trying to get rid of some sort of creature in England and then let their house require any shot. Yeah the wrong person trying to shoot a sneaker eaten the others tent worms you know they've they've built ten centuries. And is open to worms and am. Line up we used to burn those dammit I used Ernest M blowtorch but in retrospect. Maybe it's better way never never really fires a better way of the planet that was done man back in the blowtorch to tastes and it's a semblance Ortiz sent back doors cuddyer you're a good time bill for the time. On this news or take I decided not to use on the air. But I think it's okay for the podcast. About cars exit now are not necessarily. Tony six year old man with a self professed fetish for rough running cars and and avoid prison time and and then gets a medal health. He was helped he was charged on eight felonies to sever auto incidents. He's name is Jordan Haston said Mitchell offender with a criminal history in multiple incidents involving a fetish refers to as quote cranking. Gary about crying thing now. The act entails removing a vehicle spark plug wires to make the vehicle run roughly to help reach sexual self gratification. Okay. Is that what happened predicts mark. Art book club in Israel like was like you would want to ask him bend. It gives us that being dealt stimulate the car on a little rougher and I didn't I didn't know I know he vibration and say Anwar Al look at really increase. He. Pled guilty to six counts of unlawful driving away in automobile the G-8 to win for joy ride and he's just got some charges against making up against and it was regular ride home while one was cranking and one was joy riding the and yet the idea Cora CIA he stole a he cranked with the Saginaw county owned maintenance truck. Which is probably easy to spot and probably already rough to begin wit. Through this mark frogs have a big maintenance truck and he is on his way. Out for him he said he did not find evidence he was cranking in at. Specifically. Takes that in mind and Yemen but now we know and you term everybody sitting. You're gonna use that. If you see your kid like text it to somebody to be like I don't bragging is is Billy curry again put the spark plugs background. Alex Billy Murray grabbed it and has. You know these aren't you glad you know don't you dare let it drive our car. I can guarantee you I'm gonna drop it in a conversation tonight. I saw and then there's this thing. Wednesday California people were enjoying a 'til afternoon and beats. When the deputy. From the sky announcement helicopter. You are Pallet boarding next to approximately fifteen great white sharks. Oh I advise you exit the water to calm manner the sharks are as close as the surf line okay nobody actually entered. You cannot exit the water and come in when someone tells you that you being certain judge urged. Yeah no I cannot when you're telling me you noticed a lot of low. I'd like you to panic please you don't wanna serve the water man then they're really gonna get. Another rule out ocean's story that. I don't know spicy finds it just to make massive dead squid washed up and Indonesia. It freaked out the locals and the water was already bloody. Yeah it'd thirty set real guidance have found that he thought it was a huge floating blob that it was a blacks thought it was a vote. The giant squid it's 49 feet. Now twenty meters wide four meters long Reese 35 tons. The bidders bid that's now the squid slowly disintegrating into the water and does he is dark red. Yes 49 feet 35 ton squid. Oh that's a good way to start your day we get up and on the beach. I'd be calling got a methodical say nightmare. Thanks for listening to all fairly remote and check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.