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Most of the time we have no idea what Matt's talking about, so we just let him ramble on in this episode!

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening on there would then Ramona it was. About the high. It was close breeze blowing boss thing that confused everybody. But I don't necessarily need probably to share all my. Thought process speeds and and sites where everybody but I talked about ally. Drank a weird rank edit Jews place and it was it was like we grass. Ginger on an off. It'd I just say give me one of those power shots that need energy. And added did she told me out of my mind. But it was a weird feeling like a spinning it. Who mean it grass grown out of my rear can run things taught. Don't know I am did you have. I'm sure it's needs is a march yeah I mean we addressed it a week that's the diarrhea especially the amid people are very nice and on the they're trying to trick the thing that is sure if I felt. Like a man. Has gobbled his pain doesn't sit up and didn't busy Little Rock music world and I was so. Mass afterward that I just could take as still. I've rom ones and tumble ones and then things going on and then I didn't bring my glasses so everything you blurry now on top of didn't spinning and think about contacts. In today anyway today it was and they get out. But the current tech had to do what what's happening. Injured Tommy and all the toilet clr. Tennis dips and steps. So my a and slow motion what's happening in my mind is well over the green grass wheat grass compaction. You mean a lot of energy made belliard. Maybe blue blue. And then I came to work. And I have no glasses so the glasses. On top of my upset stomach trying to read is making me upset. Which is making nice town Tommy grumble again and I'm ready for another trip. But I thought well I can get the picks the glasses part they were just people being anti sort of thing about glasses which may be thing negotiate contacts. OK. If you work it limit grabbed his right now. Just close up shop because there's a guy coming in native who a lot about government so I can. I don't get everything and parents call you for an appointment. Do that except instead a way that because he's just coming to blu. Did that it's a glossy eyed guys lets you in on main stream of constant and constant conflict. And so anyway yeah we grass before Katrina confidence you know come and how about tonight and I like that estimate consummation of maybe order that's not next time it happens if I couldn't achieve. Energy cubs that should sadness at least you end up opening cot next to it. I get it. How does that play out a lot of things. Imagine who value old basically do it would be kind of I do discounted I skip parts of my thought process but I did learn out. But any way. I'm sorry you don't impart. It used tear. I think it just doesn't blow together. Eating contact Lindsay is a shot of the light of energy drink. They do oh yeah. But they are connected. Anyway you get an up since stoic where you got the job job battery is. And do you take a big glasses again blurred vision and putter all together you'd be like well it's a good mix happens to contact. I. Thank you just challenge. Yeah quite a bit isn't it time we grant. It an iron and about. Edna a they haven't got it I eat the entire box of Atlanta and we're glad glad to try and see what happens live like men. I would think about it you would think about it too. But they got me and it would think about it and it's a yeah. Toilet that you remember how to make my vision better. You would think about it and I think about it you're right but then you're right and I find out secretly Beatty is that week and some. Tell him about it we ever so you never I don't I don't think. So to adapt the madness of Arabia hadn't worn a muted and out of control at the did you like your week as they're not enjoy we Grassley who like him describe. The white Honda going back to wearing glasses and the I'm well if we're following his logic wary wheat grass sequel diary as equals contacts yes yes I guess I went back to glasses yes. Yeah now though. But did say the of the same feeling you get a jolt yeah it's weird Larry kind of this tired energetic feeling. And in the current page comes on the same thing and you start cramping in being a couple little. As ever talked about this before in my. I don't are article about it she had been wheat grass hoop energy and I helped them. Yeah Google and not a good candidate and some people are open keep. When I'm open and Andrea and you know and I feel about guy stuff so. Yeah isn't that area this that you. The fact that. Warren amendments to the blue. Right light the roar of the crowd this weekend of summer smell at the ballpark. How about a killer showed go. You see Atlanta Braves for. 7301230. Or 32 and a top. Business standards new CD and get into wind your way onto the field as. And sits there. 79 feeling all right on Wednesday he's a Ramona give major mode Joseph a make over she's very good at home day activities. And little see as the leader and after practice asks camp back in 2000 and at no additional. This story. Nobody believes you it on the know your legit they're given hump day mode Domenico you way. Whether you've been married for just a couple of years or refuse like you've been married for ever. There are ways to spice up your sex life after married. And one of them is by using PDA. And I know you guys aren't very much against public displays of affection it but. They can be used and is a type of foreplay. Got to get the long run and get home and hop and that an example of a thing people read the fifty shades book though there's a scene where. Christian grey ass in detail call her and he's in a restaurant yeah and gives him to him now. Ma'am add a nasty name he's all of us are her underwear into the laundry so again it and it looks like. You'll agree looks like what. Well he's afraid some woods did doubters that. Time. This may read here is six he wouldn't know I think no one no doubt they went oh that's great they would sort of under weirdos or Amy telling you. He didn't Wear any undies tonight. And you guys I know laundry foiled Altec. Why did people both look at. Return on that you guys decide to get all touchy Feely in an elevator. And elevators. Go 100 kind of alone. Eighties and now anxieties to limped up and enjoy doing governor definitely went the underwear and I'd go for an elevator because they know most elevators have cameras. Yeah it was a lot to cameras that mean bluntly I'm not doing anything going out along the ride on the elevator just touch it for a few seconds oh. Oh aren't in the oil. If say a discrete touch. Surprise Q is that the movie. Horror in a restaurant. And I moment is there. Red you know does look I'd miss you like foot seas diligent and tail light foot seas but him and that's why I mean that's at least now I see it but it. I don't want to really get into too much you were dinner because I'm not sure Tom repeal afterward. Now what have to guarantee that there's going to be too concerned about really happy so what did you get the meets. I'm actually I am doing it because I can't think. And at least now you got job hot and bothered and I'm exhausted those aren't nothing with there will be nothing. And UV and figure out I mean I'll get to go out EG gonna leisure Bear's chair and a a lot of yeah. Let's not start seven and about their split an appetizer it's a festival. Andy. Eat. Like when you're in the car as he. As a kid you play those games by punch bug. Where you see a Volkswagen and put somebody. You're at a festival together and you say OK every time we see a Dinah organic X that's. Or or I'm going to pay you haven't got hot at every time I am on the bottom of the. You know I'm a little kid living hello teacher and I mean what are Vietnam. You know both should should not be party or PDA. You don't actually get. Jurassic anti cancer I would do this for Amy IDs sagged I had an odd pick something else out different bike. On many. One win big is on this physical thing that's on. The woman would be Grassley didn't. Yeah I don't think about America that you did. That your kid has made it wrong now like yeah I guess we wanted and I got a little desire to watch. Everybody is happy to win and that is. That does not know why to become of a big couple games but it's. A. Where the next below we don't like John Lott so. Like. A word about time she. Allowed watching crutches and every time she shot back with a big crotch I'd love. It reminds me. How would you you know the big drive and it does it outline the less likely than A this hour let's say is this hour and gotten caucus. If he's gonna get out about it and remember. Very hot gadget gives redemptions that's. That's only because you wanna be able to. Openly global hot chicks big little panels as a trade off and I don't want openly I mean I'd do but I don't want to just snatched. I. The science and I don't know don't know I don't mean Rick lancer and well. Though I experts say it kids icing that you if you find ways to discreetly. Enjoy your partner in public Ina that's probably true. By the time. We get them. And after all. Nearly eight have to be dialogue chemicals. Is that not a guarantee of tired tired when he goes a festival. A long and AM I'm blogging all day in and be here and I thought okay are they gonna. Because Turkey military gonna be good luck that I have my head yeah. You're right if I would see that you try to big big big to regulate it and I mean they are trained back in the day event nowadays he's listened. A team Henry here elaborate big interview bags they're trained at sound out of it circulate in and do it nowadays. The sensory. Are people not so much any need to go to circulated campus now that agony good old days. It's raining yet. Well let me old Turkey leg training and access slicks so it's reality radio what your schedule all off there who. Couple things here hurts you about toss out there first of all only 7% of workers feel for doctor. During the regular worker hours that little tidbit out they bosses everywhere else Kardashian got a productive cast their regular business. Yeah absolutely I'm busy or any other hours alone. But it says that veto while a lot of people RB say because they would rather work remotely because people bother. We did not number one reason that people. Wanna work remotely. Distractions. Fewer error eruptions and colleagues. I admit I do I mean when it comes around goes to media aware. If I'm right in some of the web site I do my best work when I'm. Not actually at work I thought you were leading into I must admit he started it and I even finish with I bother co workers. Let's talk you're gonna say if you can. Are you saying I'm the person those aren't bothering people. Once more so than the rest of us this room we don't talk to anybody at all. I think that is. Prettier I try to beat that person in my day I never thought about it yet it's not like when I got to work I. I am not distracted by others but I never thought of myself yes. As being the distraction cam gives small talk with people and stick your head in where I don't welcome mat and especially small talk. About important thing now if he's enjoying Dolly wood to the fullest how it will get to that. Shopping to get here every other things that are important to my co workers or maybe you build Loral. And according to this you don't. Mom. Lets see it if you're gonna 70%. Less someone you just went to somebody else's office. Just to say hello I've done that way that and a league president when was the last time bomb like this weekend and it ends up. Yeah we're no reason that outside of lively and I'm pocketbook. And I wanted to yeah I think knowing. Did the microwave I three minutes is there's two of them zone. I did that. You can tell I'm talking about you intentionally. Not just waiting for your hot pocket and he was there. No I don't panic hits and now. Intentionally like you set out to build visit dare to say yeah I hairy howry in the kitchen there. Now now use that to go to the pitch it. And Darren was here while you're waiting for your hop pocket the heat up finally bothered people and bad to do it deliberately because of its convenient via. Reynolds lingered gone down quite fair to say hello to the traffic people seem reconsider a promotions beat a museum twice. People in traffic when I go to Akron and certainly need SE one Hogan. Yeah. What is the apartment have you have you guys stopped by to say I don't. Well when they're Palin and I called him a nod if this were the relieving at the same don't interrupt them their busy I don't really don't honestly. I wouldn't want them around to meet. And a birdie so you don't. Visit with the other co workers because you don't want them to get the idea that you want them to return the favor right. JR feel obligated obligated and I don't really wanted yeah I'm sure there's any of the desert. Either busy and they're not busy and hindered did not do and damned job. We are part of the game in its path flat iMac coming in memento sort of rhinestone at a time but it's. Salinas that the but it line I mean I'm there for them. From their current. Let me under your preview and yeah notified me and me. But. Again you know what about it but don't round robins don't come around my. That this is greater 76%. When fewer Russians and colleagues ask why don't do that Jack. Going to be an erupting guy a 76%. While talking and we always did you visit last 70%. And I don't wanna send out an email about it because in people I feel like Angel would. And why bother. Oh jeez I just begs for tomorrow. So that sounds so. I did it bother you. But to start asking a bit by asked people now does it bother you when I stop by to visit with you that if they say yes. They're not gonna say yeah actually sad to say no even if they're thinking how well. What you think I'm just here to talk to you Ramon that's no way to do it may be just saying he got a sack. Of them that. Yeah it would Higgins made no I don't know it's true. Why weren't. My did aren't you more like mad man just ignore everybody and they say got to second it's it was not much I mean I don't know sometimes they'll say can you come back yet come back. I'm Danny right now I come back had I done that before I'm Janet monitor your small talk. Come on back I. So jerky and the. I then. It's incredibly weird and bears well Bob I think they put you back later and in ways mind. They sampling you know on the part of. The 24% and enjoy a colleague distracting. 70%. Just wondered do I reduce the stress from commuting I can see that and 69% when avoid office politics. And so but what they're saying is that you know because of technology what it should be. More likely that you've got a job that is at least hybrid. They said employers should agree this guy crap promote world programs. But Helton the productive but still retains the an office in our actions or Canada. My hot and Tracy. Hurt boss decided to take a vote. Vote a vote on what days they wanted to actually work in the office. And get everybody votes to work from home. Then if the majority vote to work from now everybody to work for acts do because he doesn't want heat or cool to Joey. Only one or two people plan on sitting in there so they take a vote. And they say no you know we only want to work on Tuesdays and Thursday. Races since Savannah office on Friday. A very suspicious and not in on Monday is the dummy mode for Friday or Monday yeah. If that that's a but don't. In this room would go around like rubble browsing like okay. We're going to vote that where none of us wanna be here on Friday angle and droughts and learned that Wednesday Thursday only yeah and we're gonna telecommute and the other two days everybody is yeah right. Ambulance Oscars be like your your data mined illegally and never come around here. You're listening to all there. It's playing scant it's still won't join incredibly meddling it's. Your busy and sometimes you maybe the schedule is. You know it's just not like desert decades of dizziness and all that sort of thing and ask some couples scheduling is the only way to assure that it happens I can understand that. Anything wrong with scheduling and I think it might be fun people schedule things that are important them all the time so why not shacks. And it doesn't mean you'll never have to be spontaneous again they say. Might even ran up the engine make. More spontaneity happen. All right you know things don't. I'm eating is he going. I wanna get on my phone right now schedules some film at the bike now will match or maybe in the course of the day or week or something maybe it was possibility of Friday night. And sixth rounds. Not a comedy and I am passionate nobody nobody wants that you know commit. The issue of if it does like that it's like go to a party yourself that early wanna commit what some better. It's our worst it's now it is not something. I sign oversized lot that whole group with him. Toys value Oden heard liberty that you know yeah. Yeah she do Italians something nearly a million or measles out since a lot of good toddler aggravated me I. Okay and eBay. So you got to figure out what kind of schedule person you law are like hyper scheduled people detail Horry apart he brings me enjoy having a sit down you need a month. And schedule a month now. Like consistency amazes wanna go okay every Friday. So it's your schedule what what what works best for you okay Brazilian beginning. Month blocking off time on assignment block. Food I mean yeah I think like into something awful like. Not on how I got a schedule is you. Did in the scheduling is just buried. Knowledge is so you would put a meeting with your boss on the schedule willingly not willingly yeah. I don't want to keep them honest on but I'm not willing like. I don't everything on my schedule. You do you'll grabbed I don't know let's yeah I know. I don't want to a rather haven't you know a spontaneous haircut pop up. What I'm saying yeah that's one of the problems. With skin and everything you're doing him about my schedule one of the browse schedules like you may not be the mood when your sex becomes a crap. So that's why expose this person's encrypt quote bare minimum agreement. Pick one activity that feels totally man and W how bad you feel you could at least it is one thing. And since it's. It is and I have my job better. High fat and yeah I'm at a bare minimum let me start your engine but you do solid and bare minimum. It's bare minimum hug a little bit problem I honestly who wants bare minimum very minimum sometimes better than nothing I mean if you know. What bare minimum might mean mean man is that it is. I'm so glad that we don't have any type of video of a loser and rulings if nothing else. The sound and ultimately tell. Agree to give each other certain number of free passes per month. Where agents to the date no question acts. So you're already backing out you have around even scheduled it yet I think and here already backing out just how I've got a feeling that. December. 12 is going to be good for me was sued anymore I think. Therapist is saying. Take a little of the pressure there are times that you're not gonna feel like he's going to be tired or whatever so he shouldn't have too easy easy have a pass where you don't have do bare arm. But you always got to the bare minimum to show up immediately after. While bare minimum might be show up when you watch me. And yeah. And met Amanda and Whitney and they love and seven and. And yeah and. I silence there. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. It was a bit of a yeah. Date on the calendar. Builds on the and so I just can't give bad static event is free to disturbing news this could you think there I don't like it. And lots. Of the a amounts. This it depends a bit and Aaron Miller's bare minimum that. Better than liked it no it's not enough it's not. Say it better than what nothing I don't know I'll pick nothing we did that nothing. Always a bare minimum I have to give you a bare minimum you have to be a bear on the young. I'll be my air and what is nothing you can have nothing to feel. We. If you can't I show up in your ear is why it's you know that's my government on the German all the requiring any U. It. Yeah. Yeah okay and you don't want that don't make you do this. And Newman's daughter. Yeah minimum but I you settle for that just send and Sarah and out of the arrogance and why do you manage the mom why is that. And thriller confident with everything under the now the now. Now. I would order the Maryland you're minimums and none of your bare minimum would be OK so you say this therapist is that you should have known bare minimums. Your. Back yeah. No yeah is no bit sorry for any typical all in. And night in which I still up to want to match. The ones like torture. Oh a little bit the other way around. You've got only okay I think about it like you get to do and that was a pretty good would you rate today as a movie. Why don't take my eyes and I would watch a woman. Yeah. I'd like Jamie. And some things aren't reciprocal you don't have to light what you're doing the bare minimum. Like the mayor Mick. Grin and bare minimum yeah. Understand how this works. If you hit and you Kenya's post-Katrina like a day in other words you know he start to Italy gussy up may be and sent clarity Tex would have heard. Paulson attorneys and no gain. Kind of a bunch of squares a paper ray hasn't humiliating is a dead man is getting back at home okay Hamas for more. Take turns being in charge you rotate bad. Schedule not even imagine putting companies are watching me. I had and then I guess from our bit to me is glad to step as well are. It make a little while others are just a bunch of them out. But doesn't woman won at least like maybe she wants caressing her touching or kissing her back resides or something. Usually sounds more like an actual good bare minimum thank you. Thank you OK okay similar actually yeah it definitely doesn't is that we Debbie would you rather it just looked him he. We'll rather do that look at a government. I dump my eyes and cup money and so. Yeah. Like a great all the is. Also hit need you know little. Poll. On what I'm. Is it today and ask if you don't like guy you want to look like and it does there need veggies eggs yeah. Banning it. Don't mind line in the sand and a minimum of a sudden things got really snapped. Yeah. He's added snacks bandied. You can see that flood watch him and and after you're done with the year six to eight years but it takes time say thank you and I appreciated it. Thanks for your effort. That bank. How are you guys won a lot for your bare minimum and vary low maintenance put that in. Seeing things how low you can't say on the radio you're listening to off there with Matt remote. He is not Saturday around 330 pack airless. One complete Elliott Smith was with the tender date and is told recently when his day journey to the bathroom to drop a number twos I do. Let's be along. Came Polly so the woman is yes yes the woman of its time in the date I feel like I have it we're we're on a date. Early on just getting to know one another I'm in your house I needed poop. I'm indignity this is just I don't have to say something I don't know I mean let's say it's for what I say court date. What I'm saying is good night. But may have meaning dinner dinner sit on the table so all that's OK you know lack natural failed his sorry buddy Baghdad ago do you ask first is there a place I can use other than this on right on the kitchen no. Arias wonder if he's a veteran and the convenience store person smokes or something yeah. Oh you get out of there. But I have a bit yet they okay maybe we don't if it's let's say it's the day where he. Has invited me opening his house and he's making day. Yeah lord Dana. Yes I feel the need to drop a deep sea right and I say oh you know what I'm in to brain. Bob why. Are I happen here Annan on the number EU you guys. At its end that like you're leaving for a reason to come back. Now now I would say not on I don't know very funny and not run out now. And I think that I got behind me I got everything there's this one kind this kind you'd never heard of it and numb and on her religion in France back. Yeah ultimately some in which she's got it and they Tel Aviv. As a book or know what he's saying and that's not isn't there a single number two guessing yet again. Would you like it's a joke to go by being no I can pretend now we would notice that we desperately yeah. Yeah yeah definitely leaving them a mad no way just say in my tummy feels bad I mean when you. Stir. Things are cooking this delicious meal I let me see you have cooked dinner I'm going to make an exit poll and and the Bobby Bright back. Guests and I really don't fast food restaurant. You might know it but it's not going to be your bathroom I'll probably gonna speak up and go to CNN. Before you feel comfortable enough to light tear up the chicks Batman. And just if I've slept an airfield candidate and but a it's not whether. Suppose this is you know you haven't done to do yet volume by the you don't know it's got to didn't make dinner for you wouldn't feel comfortable you sit hair she's. Finishing up dinner did. On Ed. Not wandering onto I'm wondering upstairs or something yeah I'm going to the furthest bathroom yeah simpler to town on Cuba. Pour it wears you only have one bathroom. And let her feel comfortable got to know Italy which got its emerging and find a way to step now. I'm gonna try to wash it could really delicious dinner you've just got to stink up the job and hopefully it's not gonna oracle is it. How silly little like I hope that in it's probably an emergency I'm gonna have to go pretty quick enough time to go to the gas station I. I'm telling you right now there is a difference between job and a Dusan leaving your Cinderella slipper but I'm looking out well. We just I mean that's horrifying especially when you're talking about a situation where they have that is. Right the air yet in this space where you're about to eat or and the dotted adrenaline and outer room yeah I. Next to the kitchen what they always put that Daniel and somehow trying to idiot architect I. But I areas you know Amy and her other friend adds that these two girls and not sleep sleep through appointing or whatever has happened actually sleep sleep. Remember you telling me that meet thinking that's ridiculous demand Milo did you have lifted the girls I think that they're just mean. But so I would. Go down the downstairs. One and more and usually ads on honor whatever long now until later and Amy's if we heard it there. And a he's yeah yeah I really cared that much but it happens and it has to be in my friends so there you go out. And what was the begin also your time today that all you want trying to get anything go yeah I still didn't turnaround. It is along came Pollard also happened a friend of mine John Greenfield. Those things are calling yeah. John where it's it's in the book who really got clogged and overflows float this week that would be my big fear like that. The Willie gets longer something I wish you could you will not hand you'll you have never plunged the toilet I tried anti images may meet. If only you reject you to call somebody. So anyway the date this egos on the potty as a number two. Yes. When she does clogged the toilet then it doesn't flushed he attempted to throw it out the bathroom window. I think she fished it out she fed it out of the toilet. The last thing in their hand pride if what I'm Hershey's and TP I'm opening a fifth. The only problem was that got lodged between the window in the screen button. This didn't come around as she I'll tell you get to. The score your story yeah. Oh yeah yeah. As the Diana's point not not at this point. Ally yes actually this was the point she walked out and told him hey. The nominee amateur gymnast I could go out there on the window retrieve the said number two how she got down says Sanchez threw up to about Madonna gets stuck she came clean. I've written this there is nothing clean about this is she got out there on delay aides got in the window between the screen managed to grab it with a budget toilet paper of and pass it mag toured. Amanda back. He sent me yeah. Oh let's say you're a dude in this scenario here. I want her passing her the bad do you menacing to Tootsie Roll. A if you could you start lying there. With her poop in your hand this episode I that would bring some levity to the idol situation you when that ticker match may have had and I can't grab it may need you find this girl and and as you pass the number two back to her date that failed to get. Three of the wind screen. So ultimately heard they've had to dispose of her two and then go call the local firefighters to show opened and get her out of the screen the latter. Couldn't be embarrassing and I I don't tell the story though is how well. Most do you say you've got stuck with really the only screened. He's not having you know whatever turning away from that guy out on at this point he does it's so absurd yet exactly who never count on you can be proud of what you left. Behind. That a guy Julian Smith was so happy with the firemen. He started to go funnies page calling for donations. And the environment come packet doesn't happen patient. As his how pregnant. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.