Matt's Underground Tunnel

Wednesday, February 15th

Matt has always dreams of having a secret undergound tunnel that connects to a neighbor/friend's house so he can sneak in an out!


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Then to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to all there with the best remote thank you can disturbing part of our podcast Brett the are urged we keep doing it it's Dottie yeah we're talking about earlier about John Podesta did like how much money was shoot his friend's ashes up in the air never. In us weekly reports. That he wants to I think this is fantastic. He wants to connect his five neighboring cul-de-sac homes and Hollywood Hills with a series of underground tunnels. It Mack great OK that is a cool yeah. And unless that I. At the promises and all nervous six houses abusing itself needs that one to make this labyrinth that goes underground. But I would say I live their guy Mickey title Grammy and it's cool. We're regularly Ari can even tunnel underneath that tunnel underneath me out of there. Tunnel and he pay amber and I'd be like Johnny Depp does my because around down there. Honey dad's. You know I've often thought about it. I'm I don't look but yeah. Yeah Feingold and I only. I have like a thought about what 11 o'clock to send it to you to know one time guy who lived next of people highlight. And friends with some I don't have taken that I'd be cool just to have an underground tunnel to go visit him. Would look at. Are you worried about the paparazzi. Who's gonna tell you. It's gotta be behind. And be a cool like event would be you know you have door I'm gonna we're no intrinsic people around the neighborhood wouldn't seem revisit things they wouldn't feel like they were left out or they may minimize it yeah. John Taylor feeling. An anomaly narrow. It. Oh now I've been demand an average neighborhood. That day. Neighborhoods may while exiting and we haven't hit the ball. Yeah I am definitely not a good thing Utley so at the public has no you're right. I think it's we can kind of fallen out some gravity of the we've had to fill it out it's just. That but you never bit. Annoying it would be Matt could tell do you have. A few years. I don't worry about it. Hillary did a pretty accurate I'm pretty much don't wanna go outlet. The other side of the auto. Some public Al that I your madness I thought I met ratchet up the tunnel to learn. It hypocritical. If I think about it tunnel according have a friend who lives like on the other side of the neighborhood. Add nickel have a tunnel to get his house on their bodies out you can thought. Why are you going to the drive. Like you know as it does all the time off. You need to drive. It needs okay. For the kilowatt tunnel on the because the title. Is like as a as. Eagle flies as they say it not like around the roads and neighborhoods it's a lot to you when it has to go around to hers Newark new home. Oracle orient on my title OK the other panelists a straight shot. You know we can be summed it could be a little wet areas here and that iron. Hit. What the government then the tunnel that the sunshine pentagon granite. The elderly Asian of many of them. I mean Andy and I really don't relevancy hit. I. Covered by the. Ellis played you can't Wear matte there was visiting. Your day fun for me I just gonna be fun to debug time. Mean you went down where you don't necessarily when you're seven yes no and everybody can look cool with a playground when they it was too little. Emmitt got the public for the by walkie talkies yeah. I can't believe it's ever cross your mind. Yeah I never end Omar what is being held out. I seriously thought about it before or thought about like. You know avid talk I've talked to friends about this before but it's like I'm at least by house next to me that we could tunnel that his. Out. They weld moving to like more Israel from Dina and I don't want to lie but it could have been given time and I'm not doing. I thought about it it's your thing and tying it did TJ and give him a photography. And I would send off. You know the thing is I really never thought that was odd to this moment right now on the that's. Yeah. Well the data for Johnny Depp and didn't cut. But it cost of my guess governor. Feel. Really love you don't so much are we wanna send you to the most room. Place sandals royal Bahamian spa resort and offshore islands the Bahamas most elegant resorts. The police to satisfy your every win every desire and it luxury it's the perfect destination for two people and love them. Where you'll enjoy five star global gourmet dining from around the world. Then hold hands and walk along the white sands have to secluded beaches on the private offshore island. Get your chance to qualify for this four day three night Marjorie included vacation for two. He seems resort including airfare weekdays at 7301230. Import duty. On the station that knows the way to your love's heart is through sand hills and that the less than 1079. No link. You again referring enjoying the podcasts and subscribing molecular raider if you wouldn't mind takes time to make a comment we've been getting good ones are good ratings that is nice. Like to prove our boss that word useful. First of all five seconds to win people's hearts. All you have to do it this. Very simple make sure that it you know you're sincere and this is how you do it laughter. Will say damn you don't yeah. By the time you tell them how you're doing there already down a hallway not I'm not telling him anyway. I think I'm fine there are an arcane. Our steals people's lives on five and I hope we work to tell you igniting giving you can't dance around not me. Today's five and I hope you are so glad you saw moving. Marty engineers dad Gary is as I'd be any better I'd be blah blah blah like a little lacking depth. Note I I media and I don't like what some of Xavier sentiment yeah right. Should assist a similar concerns and others I guess I'll say is a say excellent. On how are you a joke I save my distance delegate by campsite on that here and answer. It if I'm glad unseated. Then nothing added on it and bad that's just try to keep all movement. All we know what that awkward stop. Mean you know they've made they say I do when they stopped actually want to tell you how they do you don't want that off as we're at as awkward. When I mean unless you've got a specific story here's something to tell me. But if you're just gonna stop it now I look at me and Sam did an excellent and have you Leo I'm doing good. Crickets now what is the most vapid bit. It in the and you he had a little bit and you move. It here. We just stay in man and I think people are that's that's I'm afraid of that's why I just keep on shuffling outcome. Keep on shuffle dock probably keeps argenbright even stopped me back come on do you do you do is shout out like gang that you don't. Yeah dude a two hours ago on death many assists. Always doesn't like last week or something mentioned a couple of make you let. Twelve that was don't know he's it does not talk dollar and I think he blocks his head down. And down very focused walks fast to react somehow you're ahead of you to make sure you don't can't gentleman talked to Chris that's right that's true. All right so I had to to make the conversation. Make. Win them over win their hearts they say to you say his semi and we're doing it last night. Salad. My response should be. That is great Hewitt tuna salad. I disagree it is great I think it's it's Greta sounds like something you might light it's that in Tommy to spark into about a follow up they just said. It's great that you're at UNICEF has I think that's kind of weird like. It. I'm sorry you are. Not blown away. 99.9. Percent of what people will tell you they had for dinner okay how about if I calm down they say that is great Utah and governors say that's called. Elected not. Felt like that that's supposed to win my heart they say yeah I don't agree it's a fact exposed to make your guy. Got a great relationship through a conversation no you're sincere. You'll Leo because you the rather than the power you know you say welcome at all as you write what you did last night yeah. We're not really quickly get a reputation around here. I know advocates say this thinks this is about to do ever you know not all people wind up. Getting a rep of being weird guy yeah they read an article like this and they decided to make it there thing you know of we want barbers and all which you have for breakfast. Iron. And just in recent acts carried us wage. Yeah. And what happened and yeah I'm afraid we should know. I don't buy patents are you can't. I don't know why I don't idea Tom another example. You ask someone what do you do for a living when if work like I says I'm a carpenter. Is that how nice your car better had to call it carpet her one time to fix something. She spoke out. No. Now. Now it's at my read of repeating and reaffirming their exact answers that make you feel like you're sincere. Nobody argues that carpet once. It is. Called a carpenter. Yeah. I've got a handyman and carpenter. And yes same thing but he does carpenter three heated carpentry for me what was what was the carpentry affixed the pocket door. Yeah cartridge tree that's carpentry. Is not market. Pocket doors carpentry know about other people. You know carpentry stuff not stuff whatever habit and carpentry work done has. L but not by an average view. Like I would just be weird if we set out market ready and they said I listen to radio. Okay oceanfront at Eagles now I don't listen to radio yeah and yeah well the weird thing to say yeah because you. As what station and I tell me I'd never heard that right RA once again thank you very much yet something's yourself. I've had people say they listen to a certain morning show and again and I'll say something like any item warnings that in my chancellor's. His lavish aerials say something with somebody else I don't know it's. Slam and like you know on death arsenal imam or whatever. I sat out an atom and I had a really true owner with a woman who was trying very hard to be nice when we were introduced. Because a person. Like this is Ramona from the mat motor show would you like all. I love you. You every morning and I can't tell you why I get that when I get to work amid a better mood for I do get that. You working knee after you know every and that I would just how much they may say. Might add that I think because that would list. Do you hope he has let him go at it yeah I don't I I at this point saying well actually you're not listening to me amateur who your list. I don't know series why I lacked. We don't know we're on the same station are you giving us Kim right now the big names deviated I'm Jessica the girl next door from. Power on the mat and current Atlanta what you think on the but I know a lot of time people are just trying to be nice. Right maybe they're just slightly confused. Names names and Aberdeen and the national moment we didn't meet someone today that has listened to us from the get go from jump street. And that was caught yeah there was a kinda their bonding thing like people watch game thrown to breaking bad it would matter. And they talk about it. I Edwards listen madam on and they go home to talk about it you are now they're happy couple I am taking credit today acknowledged in house like. I brought them together you'll jinx it if you call a match presented their up and secularism and don't don't curse him like that we have more podcasts. It's more laughs and more fun it's fair would that. Every year it seems to me and the albums that you are threatening to. Never watch again would quit Dancing With The Stars are bachelor or whatever reality program to watching at that time. And this one though you say you're really drawn on the line. Well I haven't been this disgusted with the show since. Juan Pablo. But I wasn't. Anti I want Pablo from day one. I was anti nick vital and yet but I am glad he's the current bachelor by all bachelor he's been on before. Third time on the shelves so hot that it did no way no he's in the past been smarmy and unlikable. Than a cent per. Ultimately he changed it Jamie did. Well poured mixed just looking for love I know who'll. He has naked pictures of why they keep putting him on chill at Magellan some gloves on his piece you warning of that Charlayne destroying it he says that. This. Happens at the end of every episode what is. A lot of crying and him actually heats and I think the past couple of episodes he sent multiple girls home before rooms there normal I don't normally happen the girls just end up. So does a ceremony at the end of the episode is to keep the disease in women I got to stay agers like your underground Gibson Rosie doesn't. Goes into what the bad threatening about the you know when you you're out a year and then he goes and he walks along the beach recently on a big somewhere crying and he cries. Constantly. No one's talking through his teeth laughing like it's. I use my Yahoo! yeah and his dad are you some work. Crying his eyes out just bawling. While the minute a girl says don't have feelings for you awesome he's like yeah you know I'm not feeling used to go home. There's never a lot of these well now he's got eleven anybody. Only has emotional connections but it. My secret island time. Having an emotional connection with a cell breaking counts. And I'm right all got coming out he. Every emotional connections only with himself. Where he's like I did down and root any never wipes his face when he cries. Now most people in your Reilly oh you kind of like reduce the weight he's he's making it. As if it has I hope Lee but doctors and got up and what might be you know. Right now a please you've. Put vial. On dancing with the stars and I promise you won't quit I know I promise you I will not why you're are you gonna finish this season because it though. Maybe maybe not you know. You well I will see didian as we already know. At Rachel. The black kid who's made it pertinent any other black chick ever has a bachelor we already know she's gonna be the next bachelorette. Which thank you ABC. Roi for. Let me wanna franchise before putting a black prisoners said he was sorry about releasing that information because it. Ruin the surprise. But everybody but you already released because they know bachelor rates. Don't like Nicky is point currently on the air so she didn't get more air time nobody likes Nick Price and that's where their. You don't think because yeah who do. Film. Scenes like OK just a thank god this is going to be and that's bad too great to see it through to the end but the only reason why they let it out grab what I. This spoiler. It's not a spoiler shouldn't have all the connections but what a tiller out and Corey and his crazy. And forge an adult the adult who has a nanny I know kids. Now discolored assistant Dan or something now a lot because our nanny nanny and and secret any age she offered him sex. That's been her whole thing trying to get him into bed agencies are damaging that I think those. Are. Initiate it's it's the worst walk of shame like a walk of shame after being turned down for next. She takes is awful walk of Satan in high heels that she can't handle it looks like you're curious. Hallway look at every furious about this Backus said the only reason why they let us know you're you're not only is it gonna be best. To get it could be different. Because they've already killed a franchise that no guy he can't move on out dockets. Their numbers might be a little low. Especially if that's actually don't know how big tank gives like a maybe some people can help save this out you know what you've picked. Picnic act yeah picnic right is he would take a crazy person to thank. I believe. That he picked Rachel at the end the black how they break up. Before the bachelorette tell all show America they break up there you doc are you in on that. Yeah I'll go that I can't imagine who else sees. An uptick in appoint anybody yet. Now now that is one of the number one showed might be actually last month it was they the number one shows though. But it's down a little bit because it but it still number one. I can't put my desk and it gives off there was. Right you there lady at some battles on the clock again. If I have approval. There will be eleven years. Cat I have to tell me he. How Khomeini. People years equals dog years there's not a true Max Payne and please. Stop asking me how old by doggie is. Hi all your going to do is feel like. He looks he's still looks good even. All because he does have a puppy here cut. Apparently Annika. What a difference. It's it doesn't have you know how they give a leak shape down the portals knows that they have. The big Afro in the big fluffy ears he's got a fluffy Teddy bear phase. Which is generally being Erica did you give little puppies not you're trying to keep him beyond I think my looks originating on the young I think he looks cute with the younger haircut. In people's. CNN now he's almost eleven home. Wound he he look teasing good she asked me how you. Some like basically how I got. And I didn't get federal unknowing and I'll tell you I guess Batman. And they beat and he looks like you're in good shape it's like I like I've met. Good. 220 so it'll stop what you're sad I did you know. It could not tell me eight and the other thing they do it they tell you how old somebody else's fled and was when it died. Mother and a total. Of one. Who doesn't think oh how old is your mum she's 76. All well. My grandma lived December DA sent oh. Yeah Obama had to be 9690. That you can say. Well. Do it then and out of your mom's gonna. No woman lived on under your Saturday that. It looks like and now you've got says. Yeah. Yeah now. She moves pretty well for an oh yeah usually about John. I'm probably my dad would be inappropriate to do that so why do you think it's okay you know basically hit. Tell me all your dogs get a bag. And. Would you be cute and it would not be inappropriate if someone's on my dad and said 77 on the gotten longer regular good. You're your your movement on. We all of us and though is always said he said it's. Coleman well my friend's dad just died at that indeed you'd be down now and that's. This you're looking at. How long you've been my dog and given me like to set up. Moon. No all. The rainbow bridge in you know that right maybe not soon everything's relative may be either just. You know if I said mime from my dad was ninety. I would be the belts all alone you can go any day now and he had a good run yeah. You know that's amazing. And he lived to ninety some late and all do when I tell you yeah my dog is eleven years old it gives me sad and I. And basically put an expiration date on the little guy who don't bother to ask how bout. That's the kind of question just normal I guess to make small talk right now the entries today. Medicaid Allen is a small. And then they say it's a lot better you. All look good for eleven guys that love and I know he's totally running your life force other option. Her mom thing how about looking good for eleven and expiration date of my day I don't know looking good for eleven. Old. What do you like it's moving around looking for eleven. To me to do and personnel to Battie bowl will be doing that for a long that you do with a person. You would say look at around my little this is you don't see ramble on with did. IBM has demo sometime. Maybe you are taking it. Harder than maybe it's meant to be. But they saw my dad and Aric at my dad's 77 east you know he runs he still runs every other day I come that was well. That is good for 77 he's getting around pretty good I wouldn't say. Meet seven. But they say. Yeah I'll do it at seven he said it and I tell laden would like you I don't 170 now. I rains now old contract. After a deterioration in the you know are pretty good. Then it didn't let I you're dead like viewers tuning had hip problems so yeah. I didn't attack but I think they're just trying to make small talk. And there. Basically yeah I don't get a tiny gain and a while on today. And it got pretty darn rainbow bridge. Daily breads. Who. Bring out that for animals. Gay people. Have a and I also got over the rainbow flag medium rainbow bridge yeah I've shot. Go to let me kind bridge and up guy and that's where dogs go would like doggy heaven and then when you die you when your pet meet at the rainbow bridge we're not allowed to go over Iraq. And why can't the deadlock Don governor. And I'm automatic get it and making jokes about the rainbow thing I heard of the rainbow bridge I've never bothering them you're joking I may be added somewhere but it ignored it. Just ousted to a more now I don't I can't see that dump on the now owners nowadays peace I don't know and I'm happy I'm. Love to have peace and Anderson say dumb just not that relate able to me that's all. Look about a leper cons and gay people to go to any of its its since two dogs on on an agreement content more like just. And seeing things out loud you can't say on the radio. You're listening to off there with that Ramon. O'Reilly alright already the guy who grew up box thinkers like everybody these guys probably. Four feet three day hide kids. You'll both get alone. Great high right now I'll start with some things that OK art shows. Love okay probably and winds ego I mean I've not my thing but I can understand how somebody might like it at a bakery. Open Mike night. At the comedy. Place almost none of them open Mike I don't know are normal process and yeah. An open Mike night it's horrible it's still fun I've not men who want to. The idea just kind of joke amongst yourself about how bad it down I guess maybe yeah it's okay here's that here's that mocking. Posting a dance party law he's gonna love that ladies mocking that when who what guy wants to go have a dance party. At this party. We all know dancing is fun again exercise but it wants a deal with the crowds are expensive drinks. Your own home into a club that I think he meant that. Do weekly with a rotating and these. Had to do weekly but five like you buy by you guys over and a head like a nineties dance party like. Like how does not matter I am now now that's okay if you have a party and dancing breaks out and help fine. Aren't forgetting to do is break now and how old's party I've seen it happen what I have been a lot need to do is to get the furniture out of the way now already. The U that's just coming here that this Florida had the lights go on playing. Everybody. I know what all of my girlfriends loved to dance most of the guys don't enter with don't writes this and then. Predate idea for both. OK I would that you can not deal. I'm not really. As they like to dance don't mind yet but you're an adult cannot say they're having a dance party. Over the age of fourteen you can't say dance party recollect. A party did he married Jack the. My party again to migrate gala guests just don't call that it dance bar right in all of its own party apps and music and what color pop up dance party. Now it's even worse hopping up the gap on the dancing is popping up he doesn't want this one does seem like it's a dead party. Pop I have to see aren't like he might just that but not all participating enhance the president announced not a surprise because you look at I hop dance beauty. Okay potluck party into account the specific date. They couldn't have Fred Darrell led by government and I think him or not brand rerun. What's happened in the I have to learn how to pop block and yeah very good and it. No team OK suppose the theme is just lying dances now do every single round. The electric slide uptown at buyout Bobble. Now and this is just there and electric slide Emma you need a lot of everybody kind of steamy Danks have we seen any data that. Can electric. I I had authoritarian kind of thing I don't like to be told what to do I really can't. Appreciate it dance party. I cannot say that it dad's party does to find a way to make anything sound not on it says for both apple would be well so we're telling you let. We believe most guys Whitfield. I'm gonna go at noddle. OK one another horrible one I like another good one like that wanna. Go for a test drive. Have fun to labor's been in your dream car or any looks like fun just be where you may have to pretend you're looking up by cellular apparent cover story. That's is taking up somebody's time for no sand at the house now and BE FO this. They took cars sold the test drive for me is gonna be deal I have a car that I like a good but. Take that same scenario and insert. Open house I don't you like and that. Is a dream day turnaround and now we make up a story he about how we don't know Mary not Mary we have a whole big thing we did at. The that would just go to open house. Just try to let them try to sell us like amazing mansion. I I will say. Minus your store cover story. But I guess some people like it see how some people could enjoy going to open house it's not my thing I wouldn't do it and it's going to be forced me to. But it's that is way better than a tester. We get taken of somebody's time. If sales first time in yet know they know what's so fun about. A test driving. Are you torturing driving your dream car and you realize I'll never be able low power that's a pretty good bears and it. More is filled mansion. No no may be a little bit sad that yeah cram this level of comfort in my eyes right now. When you go to the three hole isn't so that's how about a lot of that I'm giving him. Mastic free day I am giving you cred that some people might like I would hate it. I think to be so boring and a look at houses. You have is criticism for these free date I don't you come up with wind that you think is awesome. There's I like the art one I'd recent that was OK live free or else you're concert is on an album is now not. Other. I like that anyway about this one because your pet lover. What about. We go to animals no just lone guy out there oh god I can't think of a more depressing than that. I'm out of themselves at when Atlanta league and it did it brought that to me. Okay double is don't gonna die tomorrow. The little planet give them some attention ride but then I realize gonna die tomorrow I don't need that sadness in my. And I don't know exactly the thing that I did not every day watching Netflix and if that it's a three date and even that frustrated Carolina does not attract allies thanks for listening to all barely met remote and. Check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 mil and dot com.