Matt's Mr. Pee Pee Pants

Thursday, April 20th

Apparently a place where Matt once peed himself as a youth is now a national landmark...also, should every wedding invitation include a "plus one?"


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Today to a that meant remotest showcase. FaceBook and Twitter and find out more help when most of the night the link dot com it's your list think ought to do with the remote. Okay Keiaho rate our podcast gets please leave a comment that turned out or go to our FaceBook page is exactly what Matt Harris. Holloway if he's not here but be ranked cities O'Brien and Karina at any dares ask Gary how's it. Our does so this I was a best dad ever they say a few days ago you'd tell dad. Is kindergarten daughter wet your pants at school. So of course that's embarrassing. As the dad Ben soured save the day last Friday when he picked up daughter Valerie. Had the PP accident at school. By dumping water on his pants so it appeared that EP yeah and they stood up. You know to depiction and two together with PP pets although I'm not sure what the school didn't change their pants. Little cheese sticks and a lot of times they don't Mike tibbles don't have a change of clothing with a six hurled at they did in. Our bases loaded may have happened. It's so guys you is mortified so he did this sort of elaborate but B five. The seventeen year old the other sister. Put it up on. FaceBook crowd somewhere online posted pictures on Twitter actually NCs received more than 283000. Likes at one point 62000 read tweets and and it made me think about peeing my pants. It made me think that one day. This could happen with your daughter that. They'll pick you up from the station asking you what you pantanal splashed water on themselves about any field governor of remaining again a country don't want you to feel alone and ashamed it's it's gonna disparate possible. When I was in the seventh grade. I tried to walk home all right you know did case from my junior high to my house seventh grade seventh grade them. I didn't. They admitted to it. And it it's a pretty long hike couple miles. And sidewalk related Pia really had to pay. So I got part way and it was a phone with buy this car dealer so when the phone with my mom. I'm tired and never. He to pick me up I'm almost on but I really need to pick me up why and I just need to pick me. It's that I had to pay. Well I'm the phone and seconds later I couldn't hold a beat the pants it's something else I'll. You'd there was no voice yeah. Have a 20 boy the guy with a girl because there was houses really have to expose yourself. As a girl when you have to go and Abby there were no bushes or any pain that's my brother and parents say about it. I don't think there were that I felt safe and up there was how is so thick enough yeah it I don't want to in somebody's yard or something. And I thought I don't let your pain yeah. Yeah I would rather be mine apparently I would have at that point today I would just whip around the anywhere so out of. Think much for you know my cousin condition BM today doesn't react the really really pay. Whether it is where. You have would be just sitting where you should add this complaint in order development now you know what I think got to go to the bathroom perhaps I should get. It sometimes comes on you pretty quickly so anyway I. Apparently my mom's as I I jumped into the backseat. I usually in the product is right says he knew something was as you something weird was going on and then when I got home she says I. Undressed broke my pants and underwear balled into a ball to in the hamper. And so ocean sums up Suu Kyi looked at Nancy knew it and don't want us now. I want you took fester in that I had heard. Yes. I gotta continue on it was just so many levels of the nest and she called me out on it. I was in Paris he should be sitting on the to be embarrassed sometimes. It was a hook by Sidney bonds. And let it slide down to she's an action he didn't let yes you did mom should let you know hey OK I need to be embarrassed. Even though you are on the stem the greed and the quality of urinated somewhere other than all the points he was making she said if you do pierce. Up again don't just roll up until an amber at that you get mulling a smile. As. I don't think LT myself but I. So one time deal. So that is so. My brother and his girlfriend my parents were visiting my hometown boils down Pennsylvania on the paint. And just in worries. They'd be we're driving around and for some strange reason. They went to the place where I peed myself and seven degrade to show her I'm talking about which. Other girls as I said what did you guys talk or might. I'll tell you how I don't know how we idea that it looked like the boy is Ian yeah. There should be I was talking about it came up in conversation for summaries and and I did that come up I don't know and at some point and she goes oh yeah I saw I saw repeat Japan's hot like. Political and. Mozilla that's like tourist attraction now Doyle county Pennsylvania home of Dave just inquiry unique and happy people there that's about as. The weird the weird thing to show. And I kind of kind of ridiculous I'm I'm kind of weird relatives. That is true that is true so just remember that boys and girls you can take your kids there are some and how I'm not indicative of that and a daddy peed in the that could open and now all they're marketing gone at BP that at that but I can't and. The link he's getting you ready to become a lean green com. Machine it's just a thousand dollar cash clean up sports. Just listen for the national keywords it takes to win at 9 AM 11 AM 1 PM and 3 PM messaging data rates apply. Grab your broom and get ready yes. 2000 dollars cash clean. With Bradley Jewelers and 1079. I that they'll link marital tips. From around the Overland road. By the way share the podcast to people we would really appreciated so would our buses and so when. We do appreciate you listening to go really really are out of America to us and around the world this a woman wrote this book had a be married. Right to the point to travel with her hi has been asked people for advice disintegrate gag. I rattling off his people but here's the thing I wonder I know how seriously you take father it. And we have conversations. All the time about something you've read a book or article written about peeling maybe not do you read books and articles about. Marriage. Why not for the show. Just because united want to be married better. Now I don't read articles about and books about parent either and that's might white gives. And then I read them later on air purposes. I'm doing the best I. Think you know I am I OK I mean I able to talk to other people sometimes or high well. I figured Google a couple things up there. My spending enough time with my two that are whenever there's no real answer and you Google anything about. Husband team. Now now you can at best I feel we read enough on this air that I am perfect husband and father. I I I actually I I. I I do do a lot we do do a lot of stuff about these things so I see a lot of heart. I don't think he'll block yeah. I don't know I've never done I mean I don't just attachment and I've probably done more research. Just because of the show then you know 90% of guys. Duck. The. Which is. You know I backed I would have you know that I've never thrown in in my life space. That. You do more research than 90% of men because she got because you read it that mean you apply it right while I might say yeah. I watch football but that doesn't mean under the get drafted. That's true I well and also if I say you know I read that says that. You know you should give here. Guy a you know alone are like this one says yeah it's okay to go to bed angry which reduce some guys but let's assume that she did what I go to bed angry. I'm not gonna say amid the argument you know what. I read an article from GOP got sucked. How to be married and her first one was you need to okay to go to bed angry that we shut this down a kid. I would never I would never try and I buildings on the year red doesn't working element but I know what sometimes in the back of my head so I anyway. Your marital tipped. What you Google things and how to be single. Actually yes it now that working out where it's sort of obstacles. Are people who. Non so yeah one of the barrel to have seats which is why I think it's a great day and I only Google stuff for the show Alina it now and who instead. I don't I don't think I would just fumbling my way through life is and everybody else but that's why they have this show. Our wise words that line. It leads you to victory do as we say that is we did all right yes exactly. So it is GOP got so who I wish to get paid to travel the world. And asked people ought to be married. And then I have to do is convince people that they simplicity that's true to. And then write things down which I have said. Without going around the world you can go to bed angry she's the worst advice I got for getting marriage shouldn't go to bed angry. And so it's that's what she does is that you sleep Ambien and coffee in the morning yet have a better conversation. Is that the actual advice yeah actual advice and beginning coughing right. Now in times when I did go to bed angry when I was married. And I'd just leave your listening to him read and it would make me even matter did you tickets we just and I didn't maybe that's what I was missing the Indian yes hearing embryos could put your marriage is still great. Yes yes yes I don't own I don't think in recent. But it really angry I know it sounds like. Which day or something but I will sleep in another room. So no it here it's a debris like killing each other a little bit. Because you're about sleeping next to somebody when you're angry yet breathing really does get annoying right. And and being about fighting until the break it on a crack it on it is. Somebody eventually just gets worn down went to sleep now so they say okay we're I was doing what you wanna do and so then the the person doesn't work to say honestly be no I don't usually doesn't lie I have said before like we just take this up again tomorrow. I mean I you're so that it wrong tomorrow. But I think you'd be better to tell you arrest aisle that say tackle that now I we've gone to bed angry but I haven't announced. This kind of dozed off in the middle states. That more her podcast that is all there with Matt in remote. I feel like insurance I guess they're good they're checked. There is video and music nonsense. Woman who dangled from a swinging ride it. Pretty frightening it's I guess that for did you find it at BT. You know it wouldn't be fun if you lived. I wish I had nightmares I probably would never go to amusement park has come on man that's not one of those rises to look at that look that's scary it's not like. One of them coasters or. Caraway will get what seemed pretty taint would you go on a ride. That they said one out of every 500000. People die no 100 million. Packages where is it that's the. Add an extra eight. Ride the death star yet one in every 500000. Die now. Good are our enemy numbers that he's you know ride not a killer I really scary though wouldn't it yeah but you know the shot and a million. Maybe you're the guy who will go running with the bulls are bungee John Ward and I can't. I don't know I can't as a parent now I don't they may take him at like eight are used to eat weird things like. And sex and stuff like baton well I don't think it is worried about your health I think she's just embarrassed about that's. Very good line but I don't know. Think you know he he's not where all jazz and oh yeah I. Aristide actually got a good look you know how many does Clinton got to be happy to get him. Wanted to be a little more mature brightly OK I don't know about how. Without my elbow I'm now okay so it tells about this close that your app well how Carolinas you never know what to expect when it comes in the weather sixty degrees today yesterday it was eighty. How do you dress for the weather what do you need to have a new wardrobe. Should be comfortable and fashionable at the same time. And me to dinner jacket or at least some type of medium weight jacket like an army jacket not doing. An army jacket or Ahmadinejad now now I've got tonight luckily at I don't like the responsibility of having that. Too much responsibility. Because I take it off I'll probably forget it and then don't need to take it off that's the beauty of it it's a medium weight sockets to air conditioning you're not going I got as. I'd be hot in here they need to know your code behind me with a jacket. Next thing you know I take honored Ted isn't here all the time yes. I think every year cold blooded or something like that wasn't there an Amy has lost jackets before and so on trying to ban her from jackets she while listening. Greta we were in Vegas there was a little blurry but I still it was like five years ago I still hold her accountable by easy and yet has he lost a jacket and M and Italians have deemed jackets. And too much responsibility. Six season that provides economic member of five years ago Vegas. It is easy ratio and so anyway. In addition to the army jag is though that given Jackie and. You can have a nice leather jacket subs in like opt jacket in some I asked for her ever. As yeah yeah I got a god did army Jacki and up project that Cam Newton would've cropped jacket. We're like well now I mean I know I'd love to Wear denim jacket and an N Attleboro army jacket is too much pressure. Out hot. For the ladies a transitional Denham scare works every time you can Wear denim skirt with tights let boots attendees letter or work. Is it warms up big minutes takeoff to tide you still would. Take opted denim skirt. Know you love your rights you need this dirt you don't need to tight I think I've seen women walk around on his tights. Well I have season and fifth I need to do it as well okay all right all right. Also. A nice page Nina. Never heard of my life great pop of color to your outfit as a of food. I like Apache via please. All the and it's kind of food as I don't know I'd have a Perot could happen now on number you know I don't know but it does I'd never hurdler as well. It didn't he could be really colorful snarling easy. But you can also your shoulder is if you Chile and not tied around your waist or. Decide it and he's gonna carry it tied around your personal whatever in you don't have to necessarily where. But if you have. It's great theatre guy on the back of my chair. It's too cold economic downtown Disney get it. That's shawl. What does that Barca what does that they used to Wear these that you would Wear anymore. What the head goes through a net staying in that. This we hear what the little guy goes in the opinion that you may release you said Barack. I never can tell you that style could give same which kept wearing them anyway podshow about that a poncho I don't yeah it was a time. Putts out rehab goes through you kept wearing it people like you can't Wear that anymore podshows. Yeah piper seen. And still eat fat Leo you were you stand by my punches and I would say guys do not Wear and guys who are apologists who now. Necessary you know your fashionable guy and you can't Wear a scarf. What it's a hundred below zero. Short sleeves and a scarf I want to punch you. And they go. Ronnie. It bothers me why I just bothers me. They're not passable annual I don't even like it couldn't pull it off I couldn't pull up and I would like to or the wolves to Boggan had I I got on the tipster. I tell you know. I dear yeah I'll bring in a spark now know would look excellent with your way here that you got from express now runs gesture. I have a perfect car from their web gear you are on the is not doing it. Not doing it is that worth my reputation how about not and it there's some kind of wager a bong now now get to get thousands and. You lose you win this car if I lose you can make up some of them from now now I got to hold a sign of the old times says it's not my choice. And put the round. And I'm not doing a man. And you don't have to. Well I don't I don't wanna put that risk I'd rather give you money are my child or something really talk. I wouldn't say it's your first born instead when it's dark yes yes right when it's not cold out. Back got a couple other ones there. You guys are not a summary net tank like a nice article sweater that's great for in between whether forget that not artist and. I've read ocean and breezy. But it still keeps you won't and a sweater sweater that's its. I and of the worst part of this whole year no I don't think you have now meant I had a really great sweater models. When our coworkers Randy yours where I letter that I wore a different sweater every day of winter and I find it pretty. How many sweaters do you own your McCain he must beat Pitt now and there. He didn't smell that noise and smell bad weather hitting out honestly I'm maybe. More podcasts. And we love. It's all there. Get this up I catch him there hasn't been web sites also about victory you. Share the podcast with friends and enemies particularly they're now cup videos up. Let's see we've had the oh now yes. One of my favorites. I've already told that the woman trying to get map them out to. Pages up there which is you you would never do. No and I don't think it works be honest with its okay but hours another bird thing it's a bunch of Al stuff going on and let it. I didn't really did you yet Al stuff now stuff on this cop gets attacked by deuce it is crazy attack. Gonna lottery okay it winds. Andy coming back why is he generally fines are viral videos and post them you dear not happy when my eight. Goose attacked and pigeons CPR that's prejudice. That's our viral video pigeons DVR I can't. And they love and a cop getting attacked by gives me crazy atop Hulk. The little I watched the the goose attacked but I am not watching a person give. I Ian and I sometimes have to update 17 Ireland FaceBook page and I'm with the with the barest declines PG giving. Woman what did you. I was embarrassed. Some I tried to distance is agent as much as possible I think while Britain and it will private out madman is out against either videos. Just so everybody in the world knows. This is the Matt Harris thing that's not a big eating it out of matrimony write it not even necessarily wanna sit and I'm telling me this this is gonna sweep the nation and I all have been on its first. So there out at ten bucks it will not appear as a viral video anywhere else. It's an earlier video out it's a picture. That the video is that reduce its a picture of the one and given CPR. As Alec the Deke shoved in her mouth. Go back it is being down off FaceBook flying rat. On the anyway really really adds. You don't think it's all we was doing and you put it up anyway. He didn't do this by himself or it isn't a video might be a video I donate via on his little bit of an idea I lied. I just looked at Dexter but it is it is a very it's it's it's ten seconds law. Sad we Emerson basically puppet on that thing I'd like to route would you know that he's pushing energy he's pushing his heart CIA I got mired by. Wouldn't look or all of its nectar is dead because. I believe we have a woman. A chilling MPG in this area and load up my other computer in the hallway no she's strategy is pretty heated the. Know what the video was about you know you've sorted that could not cannot follow directions yet and put via. Yet that anybody uses Saturday we viral video break in Albania to sit back to pop I know she pumped on its little chat we do that. It's pretty get it pretty yet sad again at August on that. Fill up ads ever had to look but I would the moon now that we rat. Byrd who gets the call inner city pages records. Anyway. Or was that I'm rats you know Rio. Do you take out a bride by these things wolf first of all the bride will not be happy you don't RSE yeah. Next to or see. Us postage involved. And this team needs to be rain beating me to be arranged and she took the time to figure an invitation at the very least send in our ACP. Yes born out and do it right away right that we forget everything don't you guys have been guilty of letting the RE TP sit on an as yet. I tables to sort of like a week or two that's for your wait is it something better comes along with his kids are better comes along. You know we did in my my first wedding. It is we invited however many people bunch of people and then we waited for nose to come in and that we added peoples to some people on the second wave. They were never. Did his position as that was great I'm I'm not telling everybody should do that either secondly haven't even knows commanded by that Diebler on the bubble. How budget please keep your guess is the way it was at it but nobody some people I kind of want to you but generally don't pay that much money that someone drops you like Ella peppers and it's it's it's that used to let them know that they said they were like that they've disabled find out. Can you believe they sit invitations out just last week and I'm. A loss in the mail. Original idea disarmed a las in the mail okay and bringing it plus one we weren't supposed to bring a plus one tick off the. The bride here but come on. Good people close yet of people and you can't afford to give people plus one out in May be. Think about not inviting. You do honestly. For a long while I was invited to the weddings of various who resistor dated giving applause and we had what we call it. The single sorority sister table. And it would be like yap ten of us sitting out of that at a friend's. You got somebody to talk to but the minute. The dance music comes on all vying for her one. To get this eighty year old uncle Al and wife died twenty years ago night you know two plus one though that you get the nickname you're telling me that. You want me to come to your wedding. You want me to get an aggregate. And suddenly she but the only time you want me to dance that your reception I is when the DJ plays electric slide. I might not dancing anyway. But then you do it enough that you become Mon plus one it's like you never get like a real name next year's champ. Awhile Ramona plus one for awhile have zeman went to her husband beat here's what they say as they're going to be reasons why it's no. Last month first the bright hates you and I teach you why I hate your girlfriend or boyfriend. And that's a passive aggressive way to tell you that I mention a passive aggressive himself apparently interface. Secondly he's wearing Bozell secondly December dating long enough. Eight for her to make the counter and make the tide. And that's not your call to make yet because we've only been dating for a month or two if it's not deep is that what your relationship is a series of maybe you first right. No no we have now and then you and you don't wanna run entity in whatever and finally they didn't know the growth her boyfriend even exist in the first place but you haven't talked and twenty years. Still you've plus Waterston applause. Lines yet you were you got it. Yes I I agree but if you're not gonna plus one don't bring any into guess what if I don't wanna brings someone and I know it's awaiting. Where I know a lot of your family he yelled at Chicago friends they're going to we're in right. Britain's last. Well yeah we got to pay for disperse when you can agree though if it's not a plus when you can't bring a place. But you should always do a plus one writes yes all right. I'm with yet and down more podcasts it's reality radio what your schedule all off there with Ramon. They beat Texas guys and the women absolutely hates the media great. Thank you didn't already discussed this when a guy just text you send depicts. We've got guys remaining that. Annoying I I've. Explain how much I need it before yes and how. Guy who's trying to date meek asked for a picture yet again. And I sent him a picture of my ugly you know which is an absolutely. Hideous that's my flight that's still up on her FaceBook page or something probably the arm around a site it's where Philip. And actually just this morning I got a private message from a listener on FaceBook. Who said she's doing online dating thing and what happ. And immediately gifts and here's why them why it's so freaking and I online dating as it. Online dating at the poster picture for the most part of architecture at the picture look like now I guess that's true. Done that that's how we think gateways together you know appreciate and then next thing you know they want a picture viewing your bra or brawl is or whatever but if you bring up her. On the they're allowed to say show on the OPEC. I brought up. You say you say like as about a new broth and that's that's enticing Amanda's say let me semi tech business said she was innocent in my ugly foot picture enjoy her foot. My foot. Yeah that'll scare him away benefit if I have now what is government guy responds he sees that for a. Had a meeting I get things done I did send it to a guy and he set me back in LL that's not your foot. In Italy now in the lead it. Now when. I think if the Lincoln financial feet to you now Hansack act as a woman brings up an article of clothing you're allowed to say Celtics. Any article of clothing any article. I just bought a new panty. Here it is telling you she spurred his. Didn't want to rate and she would want is a keg outside of the two but even as he says sweater coat or whatever your letters they send me a tech now. You law that you or the item. I just bought a new coat signature. You'll see you decode eventually or I will say what you a picture up the good things again nice thing to say when someone says they bought something semi impact. I bought cars and the impact Monaco. Where would know prior tenant and. I'll Wear it with no pants and didn't finish cats I will give you a break on if I say all wow I just found a great scare at TJ Maxx. As they can you picture well if I just that I just butting you skirt. Still they sent tech right. Michael and home and try and on. The skirt for UN modeling and you're already home regarding banks and I. I think I am wearing my news air from TJ Maxx. That's begging peace where you'd ask me for a picture. A tough rules out there. How about that the text you up. As they don't like that now as I guess the implication is booty call booty call. They Alex up. It be a little bit more of I love to give you a little more now right Ozzie going. I don't understand this text if you're already texting. The abbreviated form of communication anyway this up as about it now not. I'll meet your reply not if you issue at. Quite obvious a plan OG is not acceptable. Does that mean again I played him OG. You Google it. It's it's it's it's you a lot of DPP. Isn't isn't the man's penis. I don't and a plan as you sit up in data like that. Well minimally weighted I hate to be a dummy. It could be average age I don't know which one it is. It's it's something it can be erecting nearly killed him a moment a mop Freddie thing. I think these guys group British air right. Yeah yeah right not yet. Supposed to know about your egg at him OG there should ethnic commands the big enough could hit the the a class act. And it it is used and that that that yes right I didn't think it was crazy. I haven't used it much meaning much you definitely yeah. Ever will never will I'm Nora find it on diet are gals don't like they could beat that they take creepy yet so I've been MIA. I don't know if that at that bad and sent a bad. Mean you're apologizing you know the Q been communications slacker. Don't let me call you out I think this is obvious it's two letters. With a question mark. It's asking for some sort of activity for you. Did not. Does it know. I don't wanna say it bad you like Billy jolt will call. Guy. How he had letters nun numbers or letters collegial question mark. I think you'd be best to see immediate news sitting. Underwear pigs. You and of itself yeah. OK how about Nam. Dot dot dot you're mad at Maine. I think Iran without an event and they also don't like an unsolicited certainly smear it shouldn't I thought. And did that unsolicited certainly is near page. Comes right before the picture of him. Without pants mean you don't appreciate that now I hate it. Have you gotten that. He I usually. Food Y huh. Hi to try I received quite a few on FaceBook. More than yeah. Sure you give. Me. I. Eat a isn't that got its hands say yeah weird message I think maybe interest thing just to see what kind people are sending Euro whenever. Local. This guy. I went governor you know I don't at all. That's. IE unhealthy cured that's out. I've got to be funny there's something for me I don't yes it is curious about your life thanks for listening to our barely met remote and. Check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.