Matt & Ramona LIVE In Jamaica!

Friday, October 6th

For this episode of the podcast we've got Matt & Ramona's live broadcast from Jamaica, which includes some weird stories involving Matt and glitter and Ramona peeing her pants!


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Today to what that meant remotest. FaceBook Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. Sort this all there with the remote cleared sandals resort. In Jamaica. Trust me we have. Stories to be. Must prisoners Propofol. And and both individually and as a show yes be fair yes and I. I will tell you why we have cable we're later. Just act. To us. That we are on the T. Kind of the the pool tables yeah with the we can have and I think we and it's so we there's a reason we are here really at this particular. Specific. Table. You'll open up you wide that is in just a couple of moments. Pars Els goes rate resort to hear about that but you're sure you're used to. That will continue news nuts. And. And we will address Cam Newton over we will address him and undress. Me don't be sexist man man. It's more laughs and more fun it's fair with a bad for a Florida man and 17 idling Charlotte's best ax handles OG beach resort this is. Is pet obesity month. And pet obesity and their awareness month because. Having an overweight pet is a problem for the net. And a day. Everybody in this is how you are turning your pet into a pizza addict. Feeding them too much well first of all you Syrian people food but even people should eat in moderation. If we go to my dog right now is totally hooked on cheese even humans should eat cheese in moderation and my dog if you go to. Refrigerator and you go and cheese or he's they're like yeah I guess tease him black dogs we've probably lactose intolerant I think you read it. My dog is she's there to hit a tree. Because it's only with things like we've bought treats only stupid streets. Will not be any. Not a the only the only thing they'll makers like who offers members of these disease so you don't get opportunities all. So they're helping dog treat irregular basis ignores an amateur fighter movements every one convicted. Also over stressing if you overs registered. Dog. Is probably gonna overstressed you come as a weapons and reduce stress eater something yeah. In dogs are highly capable of Reading human emotion so you chill out you're the hottest patella been telling my mom that for years. Our dog has a stress Monica's not all the stress ball dog of these you defeat you much you don't program that system and just like with humans is that we have that the stress hormones. Next thing you know you've got a big belly in Sony your dollar a problem well you know I'll watch and others under I don't watch after the dog. And when big chubby cast and then finally your bench watching TV sit on the couch hours at a time related bad hours at a time just watching TV. Not get much exercise guess what you dog is doing. Same thing it is this is they don't deserve my dog visas are much. As an does that remind your short life of your hand if you know contribute to your pets is. Then loser in my an idiot today. But it weekend. Beatty is very prisoners nuts as always at 330 tag as the worst Craig's list inspired break up amber. You know not fret that inspired by Craig's list Danny's although he is all over it if you wanna be in Jamaica. 430 today your chance to get qualified at a factory orient OK do you know why milk is always in the back of the store. Because it's a stable and they want you to traits of the store pick up other stuff yes you know and l.'s regular milk let's keep away from Brett. Milk and bread early separates a lot more stories hi everybody knows that and why it was I thought maybe just didn't scare people it's. He afraid I think. That the bread to get soggy. Why I never thought about it now they they want you to go to the back of the store and then he they don't want you to pick up the bread the milk side by side giving you just go street to battery got to go and I'll lowered into the. Yes and not opening distorts it aren't you put everything together making it convenient and seven and colleagues on domestic or listening to all there. She expressed mixed in Jamaica that home about right. Sandals. Resort are very which is not a thirty year old guy named Michael Bolton from Gladstone Australia was in court last week after his insane break up plan completely she fell apart. He and his girlfriend went on vacation together at the end of August and he dumpster while they were away on vacation. He knew it would be tough to get her out of that pals a half. And why they got back but why would you pick vacation dumps them on. I mean there's no good time member of the case and together they make his father Alexander she was on vacation I was there's third throw things out net loss -- no they were on vacation together and he's like we're gonna break W. I mean it would be tough to get around the house so we hired someone off of Craigslist for a 150 dollars. To break into their house while they were away and steal her stuff. Arabia the guts to break up weather and vacation don't you have the guts now remove herself. They've got some recovered from a case that's that's shot out people who don't know you. There's nothing to lose if you stick it right they're probably your room mean. Easy to get another hotel room not easy to get somebody stuff on your place. Would you paver vacation for the two million to go in just completely early good time right you break up big for seasonal workers half of us didn't he was trying to questionable because that's the really tomorrow's story that was obviously cops figured announced in he did he's getting twelve months of probation toward. We don't like his women and wrote the guys stopped on the front yard it's classic but I can't throw laments that in front of poor men its it doubles. Our board gospel I. Good. Luck loser can't status up tonight yeah I know you can write until there that's not fair that didn't. And it doesn't matter. Basically the brick and it's a man Ramona and rewrite sandals who she beach resorts. You're listening dust off there with mess and Ramona and we're back. We'll let us seven finally this is the mat and promoted show live from the sandals and coshow Rios Jamaica paying attention like human voters and unease. These extra effort. To. Well you don't and I didn't Sally came to social reais with us and she said did you. Noticed last night that. Matt was covered in glitter and the first was sweating then every idea is covered in glitter and he says something about. Maybe it was because he'd been hanging with some guys who are kind of stripper like. They were dance team in shirt it's it is also. Apparently is we're talking about shirtless but with a bow tie on your bow tie a bag kind of yes. Old school Chippendale rock type and is so why aren't you hug Republican in every single photo like. Here are always there where you really living yours yes yours your birthdays are you know we were comparing ads. Them assert that as you see mine today we've ever allowed to serve failed so now. Pulling out of the guys realism but my turned up my. Knowing that stadiums are. There have been trying to tag your tag for awhile and get lost in thoughts. And good loudly again. I'm looking at ease all you have a lot of it a lot and dad it was fun but it's a little beloved I don't know off. Right now would've loved it as much as you covered and I was covered englanders. Think I'm I'm I'm would have posted now's autopsy. The Letterman that I was hanging it made it and you would Emma is kind of more. Hanging on them but if you don't have people hanging with and hanging on I did you worry hanger on I've wondered. Lex and joyful pictures for the ladies and so that's. Man they sued him stated it is so you could have just taken their picture. No we've been behind me and that they took. And I. There's. Guys you don't look at listen pasty Nixon about it's it's it's like it before and after. That is I would argue. On the net forward but I don't know what it about it yet that's a. Now that's got to know unrealistic expectations. You're listening to all there would then Ramona there it's winning time Mac but definitely starlet. That then that there are many other. Many not vegetarian. When we. Larry today we're playing greatest operating game shows and batter Ramon is listen to view. After today's contestants are in drew and Justin. My Internet yeah. And it doesn't. Doc and to think that anybody mama Maria. Can we not get them guys in hopes of a just and failure it and bank an injury to your. All right ago. This is category. We needed a name some things that Cam Newton might where all fifty and at first but if you write reviews for if you run Lou. You get exclusively lounge ticket put lights to over seventy also went on line is definitely not cops are here ago. It's up first. Andrew Andrew Kantor ago burst. I'll let go of that Creighton had a crazy. Audio out of cats I went and got decked out there. Relentless evens up that shows crazy next. Yeah that would. I'm working in. Next. It just into the now at route just. I would say for. Crazy pants. I. They still receivers of their shows crazy pants yes I have a number to use. Good isn't that crazy pants or making the men like lord Andrew. Let's go look bad I'm glad. Think it is hard what did you as the wind Angela sunglasses. Yeah I love it. And not very far and there. Movable not anymore mate Joan Justin thank you for one thing. What else would you Williams and number five. Die. And number far. Suits their ago. Also number six was. And put put put up about picking an unapologetic look guys it's reality radio what your schedule off there with. Ramona very happy V broadcasting live from sandals OG beach resort in oh Joseph Rios Jamaica. When I just teasing yeah yeah. Include be here in his luxury included vacation. All of these include their amazing adventure we went on and they're gonna make you laugh. Because. While Ramona. Not a tease because it's so ridiculous so many things that she'd made ridiculous but imagine her. Imaginary guys on AM zip line and right. It's within a lot of people have that thing Alvin insulted somebody that was unintentional and hits it's gonna be allowed just. Bear he's already groaning I thought of you on a zip line. So probably talking about that and a little bit as well and you'll lottery here. Golf scores 1617 and if you wanna run see the beauty yeah we're. Checking out right now. Just go to that said live from sandals on Twitter. And you'll see what all the radio people who are enjoying the resort this week are experiencing and it is just. Any notified just a little off and LC you can see the earlier talked about my Letterman. I'm not with them on my basement Peyton. That's tough to tell them your glitter minute lag it and me maybe I'm their year end on the letter concerts. Fun. I got that letter from Memphis. So how long before relationship. As a guide to commit to youth should be use you should be sailing later icons. I was injured when time and a minister said that if the man couldn't figure out within six months whether or not he wanted to making his wife. And he was never going to commit. And while what you think ID as six months and they're saying in the survey most guys say three months. I believe you guys know in three months and put up believes believed most guys won't admit it out they want to they say if the guy hasn't admitted it pretty much you're supposed to bail. I think that's a little much storage you. Male and three months. If he has it. If he's ready to do the things that make us a couple yeah. But he doesn't want us to officially be a couple William ready to be elected payments after three equity amounts of year not trying to explain me is anything but. You know some chick you met. Well no. You're not gonna change your FaceBook status he said like ten years and I'm not taking my FaceBook status for anything but marriage is okay but. I know I mean if he's still introduce remind as all of this is my friend Ramona. After three months but yet he wants to do all those other things that go along with a as being committed couple the new camera monetary months after my threatened the jet which you just on six. I'm saying before he know was that he wants to marry me three elementary yet. I'm just directly it is eerie but but three much if you should know I'm not saying he's. On the question re now we're not matter to leave act and months eat pretty much knows whether or not he wants to wipe you. No after three months he knows whether or not he wants to make a commitment yet another six months he should know whether or not you are wife material. Now and I math and once again I'm not saying that's time for ringer anything. I'm saying that guy has an inkling that you would be why feed material. But not that he NASA wants to marry. At that moment right but he knows that you think you can beat if you can if I ever it's possible he's gonna. Be assisted. It's all fair with the remote why you should reconsider taking a Bible class. I don't do about about it. I think Andy does that yeah M and I'm on my refers to him is his girly man bats but no bottles no bubbles. Here's why it's gonna be a problem for being Andy is well it's not even necessarily about. You're bubbles. It's about what you use to clean your bathtub. Dumped out all so you're saying what you do bleach it's gonna viewing year be deal something. Well I don't think aren't gynecologist. Without a put it that way but yes you're right yeah I knew something was going to part it's about the bleach in the other harsh haters get used in your tab. You do not sufficiently rinse them when you clean your I saw an thank you can't scrub it all out ultimately. You'd get some in your special area I. Know it. I know special areas so Akamai and doctors are suggesting that people actually. Take more shall worst or you wanna relax sit on a shower stool and let the water cascade over you or simply. Decreasing in the frequency of your. Bath time but it together back here and biggie I like using harsh chemicals to clean our jobs let it out here that we don't ask me. I'm thing about it but many think I'm gonna ask him uneasy times sign yet know probably be. Like yeah he's. What do you jump out immediately model that. And just like go right in the showered just like open everything up. Like I was. Right. When those and you know once you. Never cease to amaze me with Europe lack of understanding about what happens between your belly button in your knees. I'll open. It. And I don't know anything out ever there aren't. To help a couple that beat all. All or acts outs that maybe and we should all reevaluate our means keeping in woman's gaping according to doctors via well. I'll I'll I'll keep my finger staffers. He anger and it and it's good to see him get everything out of it. I've it's thought there was that Ramon not so there's like a radio row if you will probably. You didn't well stations something like that and we aren't the far end of one there's nobody wants there's nobody behind us. You say you wrote down Hawaii and and the engineers worked with us before right we've done to show I used to work at Charlotte this program. And what did you write down I wrote Matt no inside voice. I know you did that did you know that. Mean I guess because when I was over getting food. Yeah and you work quietly talking to. Courtney from our promotion department widows I can hear everywhere I could not hear anybody else who is broadcasting live all the it was yeah it was like. It's gotta be why they put this in the corner yeah isn't so. That's a date yeah. Yeah back to Charlotte from. Hi I know you don't normal boy I know you don't have an incitement normal voice is not gonna change you can have here and our engineers at the think they have had to. Adjust for the same reason so that's why we're in a corner. Yes I I'd be around the other kids like I said Tommy and bears and we have had kind of a little bit Lal so. I don't know them much vehemently as are considered. A during the quarter that. You know you got your your heart out people who are immediately to Orlando like the end kind of we want them not caught up. I was just kind of joke at I didn't know Israel thing I ever I knew I knew the minute you think there's at least while we're in a corner of that I know the reason of my guys did really good. I've learned you just thought that we are ostracized discussion we aren't ready yet lets us know at a big big voice. It is Matt and Ramona life examples of you beach resort notorious Omega. Great. Resort 1617. Restaurants. 5000 square feet plots and aces bomb that is unmatched Jack great for. Honeymoon and weddings and Alice acuity. It's thought there was mad about not even know which story to begin with just Ramona alone but wow what will happen at about eight minutes. Either involves peeing embarrassment or bow wow series entities and a we'll do that suit. Speaking of sandals vacationed here is a thing. We need medication vacation here there are a lot of women who might have a theory. Maintenance intensive here's style back home. Or they know that they spend most of their time indoors so. He admitted the end yeah swimming is not an issue but when you are vacation spend all your time line. There doing your hair does look good your vacation photos and these are the biggest hitter regrets that women tend to have okay what do you think is the number one here regret. Having. Having him about currently I would curly or straight I was honestly shocked at the biggest. Regret. Is having layers. Cut your hair and why am I shocked arrogant and know what that means. I don't know why you don't know what it means to have layers that means really I don't picket picket out of a lineup I've heard the word. My wife's at one time you know your thoughts any about him again later. All right let's put a good idea mate we're ending I don't get it. Number two is glad our Promos in this system court he's rocking which is the pixie cut. That's the big second biggest regret because you get taken back. All you regret the Dixie right. Perfect later start to grow out pixie cut our take a long time to drought and a third biggest regret is. Banks. Once again it's going ounce situations Ramona being weird though it sandals story in minutes and notice of and once it's raining cats at 1079. In dollar fortune fortuyn's each day continued to win every game 9 AM 11 AM on. 3 PM when we give you that keyword that takes to win this data rates apply the and I saw four times every day Monday through Friday to leave the umbrella at all and still get the cash. Ash from Hendrick automotive group in Charlotte today. 1079. Weird sandals OG beach resort to Rios Jamaica. Motions wizard where he has often. Play returns. Night's sleep patterns yes. We'll talk more about that it going when money and 9/11 one and three. Tomorrow at 9/11 one previously keyword text to win right so we both learned excursions I went on a rafting excursions. On ultimatum. Him do it. Do you do it wrote down river. So. But Ramon went on believe it or not guys. Believe it or not and it she chose the zip line. It was the mystic mountain rain forest adventures and to be honest. Before we left I decided I was going to choose the least physically challenging thing possible. And then when we got here I am because we what did you do separate experiences that we keep. Did more of the island did you. I left it up to your wife Amy to choose which one you would do. Recently he forced her into it to tie tiebreaker so Amy said you guys go rafting ever so they get cool because I thought it was a Whitewater rafting. I did all I had to do was lay on the raft and let somebody else that was why had I know I know that I would have been all over right. So she felt badly she realized we didn't do you did so then. But I did want a bobsled like I had read that there was his bobsled through the mountains experience and I was like cool friends all day that he thought that was a so what happens when you go to mystic Mao is you'd go up. A this kind of like a ski lifts mountain and then there's a bobsled and then there are multiples that line. And I knew it I would need helmet. But you have to experience these things within helmet that's part of the equipment and it's always been a problem for me because I have a big head and right I can't even buy a bike helmet at a regular store to get my head is so large and if you remember. On our ride from the airport to sandals it was a cool you know I have to Wear a helmet as a problem because yes it's very difficult for anyone to find a helmet to fit my head. And even and it's weird because this is we she's talking about matters makes it something it say where protect your head your dad yeah they're they're. It is like both click it or ticket don't border area all over Jamaica. So. As usual when I am on vacation and I try some scenes like off ruining anything that requires a helmet I'm looking around for other people with a large it. Because I don't wanna be the only person who might have their brains splattered because there's no helmet to think fast act and it looks like a little tiny. Collapsing hey it looks like crowns in my head because they helmet does not go down on my head with all my hair my gigantic head so it. As we're sitting around with the other radio people because you're about a dozen stations here doing this right. I spot a guy who I think has a pumpkin is largest. So we line and some people are getting in helmets and I'm like. Eight and Eagles by the name slightly on the air. May is likely. Are you worried don't get that help I think yeah problems mining helmets or your head feels. I don't. You accused him about a giant in any candidate yeah. Residents in and clearly. It clearly it's the size of Miami is like not I don't have a problem why. Indeed you'll pay them a big hit. It took sometime back to agony and you know our publicist Courtney Chen cleaned up and X hackable I just shut. Up now and did I I spotted another guy who I thought heady large kid and he too was not weary so I hope to be dubbed it kids. We you'd think she was scared about that helmet favorite obviously she was scared about the zip line and we'll tell you that story coming up what does that and real love. Talk there was. Remote thing going on. With your man cam. Disgusted now edits you Ramona is bodily functions at about 51. Which side you're tough I can't tell you how many people have shared that Cam Newton story with speed. Doesn't help McCain but here's. I'm a fan of the way Kim looks because he's a very handsome Fella. I must say it is style because I love it or hated. Also all Indian as a football player because I like my Panthers but I have never been a fan. Of cam the guy. At a microphone without a script they hit every year ago well. And why people are shocked is beyond me these recap. To recap. A Charlotte Observer reporter who is a female ask him a question about groups like. How the players run on the field. And camp to the moment kind of laughed and said you know it's funny for a female that ask him about outs. Because frankly the woman is a unicorn in the industry that is as some Asia say add a news conference kitty chuckle about it chip. My point that's affecting it that well this is so weird for me because I've never had this before even though we have female sports reporters in his town forever. But don't bring perhaps this was the first ever mr. Nichols I'm not going to defend him. Not that can detect that there's never any defending cam when you put on the front of his face and if any reporter in this town were brutally honest. And not afraid of ticking off the Panthers they would say exactly what I'm saying sometimes use the news once in awhile and the years. Am so that they. Well Clinton camp has said you know what he's always been to feminist. You. Is well you think maybe grows up as an amazement saying for five years. Negroponte added it's not early not not accepted for witty is a pretty pleased ball well yet you can't. Is not as statesman he's not Michael Jordan when it comes to endorsements. He doesn't sell like Michael. He's still the best wind you can put cam and an under armour shirt it's really tight. Any flexes his muscles and doesn't think much pork he just says what he wants to say and they shot up into parts that make him sound okay ages not self aware as part of the big drop. Eight weeks so then they. Well people are because they haven't but they've been you know. Passionate about their love and blinded by the lot of the answers and am I but here's the good news is Dana has dropped him. I haven't thought Tim. Because one he wasn't amazing in the commercials and he obviously isn't selling a lot of yogurt this. And that no one is going to gear and someone else. Said they were apologized to be caught there with Matt remote. Charles Vest mixed Matt and Ramona sandals OG beach resort Ochoa Rios Jamaica that's where we are two pictures of her FaceBook pages. With that and I'm like space would be Mona. Following matters tetris at etc. And counsel Richard here. If you listen tomorrow. At why don't always forget some other 1234 door they're got very. We talk about your problem with his blinding you moment wrong there has anybody imagine she's apartheid so some things up and down and Andhra quickly. You know let I would walk around saint Jude Jamaican people. Phrase but it wasn't right Utley in the word is little more old guy NC see you later. And in and in there for a while whatever is islets two meant little more. Like street puppets and litre more. Have. Finally Amy's like to you know. For it last eight hours you're walking up to men and women Sam communal card. And I. To help with all of them and finally tells us next door listening there. Modalities versions Ramona and it up on. Was day the mystic mountain rain forest adventures. And one of the things is a zip line for those who don't you look for I know I'm a lot of freedom she's due to do a thing at the Whitewater senator like last Halloween or something yeah. And they're like seven year olds are mocking you know they were encouraging me. There was thing lady you can do it. Any out as he took me three visits to the Whitewater center before I actually got up enough courage to do the ropes course I put up a video promoted attempting guests. I think it's on all of its well once you have to the top of the mountain there are a couple of experiences personally take a ski lift up there which I was completely comfortable wins. Have yes a scheme laugh about it yet comfortable with that because if you're not comfortable heights just basically say in this little thing. Without a seat belt with a little water maybe it's not a great feeling for someone who's afraid it might tag probably working through it. So we get soon and do the Bob's experience which I've figured out about halfway through that I could control my speeding though very very slowly downhill faster. Got to the zip line. And I made it through the first zip line experience. And I thought I was not. Yes I did not realize that there were a series of five zip lines that you took to get to the bottom of the mountain. Hassle after the first one I was like oh my god I'll. I I can't produce some good I never have to do this again but I can say I did it. And I'm stating what I think is a lying to turn in my equipment and they say unaware of the line to zip line from this street to the next street. Are you kidding you had to walk across. Are you kidding me look after like the third zip line disappoint you have the walk across just a little bridge. That would to assign him some. In between to get for on the job of getting there. She had to call for help and one of the Jamaica got to go all the way back in getter. And then and by hand. I believe they walked across and me get this more than one person on his breed to at a time it's. The court wanted to abort it's important to get it. It's not meant for this beat all the people at time I didn't even know words on the Internet come at me. Or so what a first step to get money from the trees stand on to the bridge. One of the guide to jump on with me I think jumped on food I don't get what they found it used narrative goes to a massive weather. So he would he'd jump and I'll be honest with myself. And all of you I beetle that she Peter self ideal. And she know not proud moment but can I tell you have got as good. As we were all the way down the mountain on the ski lift going back after we dumb is that lining with their. So I would get to the bottom I was completely soaked up. Thank you guide you right off excited. About it that way funny and I told him I'd have to pretend like it was a personal cloud that it's. I thought. Or it's. And six minutes Ramona why you should ask that date a guy if he likes our movies when it means. You're listening to boss there would mess and Ramona at one of the questions must ask somebody in an earlier. Not a fan of the horror genre no not at all and a hard genre I don't believe this anyway. You're supposed to ask. According to OK cupid. You it tells you a lot about a guy who likes art movies oh I think so come lives. In. Enemies like. Psycho where crazy year it even though the type of car he's into. Like big time slasher right yeah. Is he here you know. Every day Jason kind of guys who just wants to see some monster just randomly slashing girls in bikinis or. Is he the guy who prefer is more of an end. More of intellectual thriller. Thriller horror movie two different things. Aren't thriller dirt series there are smarter horror movies like Jason a little bit smarter. It yeah like Friday the thirteenth. It or or or Halloween are smarter than some won't make heat yes some make you think and others are just waiting for you these young. Anyway it doesn't say they're bad purse. But they claim that somebody Elaine as adrenaline rush is a risk taker like. Compared doc now and we love nonexistent budget yes I. Stick just like our version of the Google are movies. I did some guys like taking girls on our movies because they're hoping that he cleans a little eight or write that stuff all that and that's what. It was scared as it cleaned Haider not grab his junk act. You never know what's gonna happen on saying I do I I know what's gonna happen Ahmedabad on what is evidently chose investment you're listening to on there with. And Ramona where beer on making a seeing as sandals like I am or a year and hanging around Charlotte. You can be your own bachelorette. You're not a show. The bachelorette has all these guys lined and she. Don't maybe she dates a guy who isn't. She generally goes shorter so here's how you can usually I go to inspire your own. There's always someone who reminds her someone she did before. Like the flashback guy and maybe he is. Actually a guy from her childhood. Who is now all grown up and they reconnect on FaceBook or instant ram or a victory where at class reunion did you feel things like Ricki Lake she's cute dogs. I used to be he. Does but now must. I get that back by an act guide me TJ yeah. I know you're. Find a career clone like go to different industries seeing us. And I find someone who. You connect with over what you do all right we are at an understatement right now. God of war it's also couples. Assistant and I am the only person here with different note there's a guy here with his death. Now there's an opening. And he has his eyes on Courtney thought success. And get a tell you story around that is very quickly. But the guys we met here at the resort as Courtney who valid for the story is white if she ever kissed the black. The worker worsened our doorstep a guy here at the resolve it and I kind of know where they flirt and have Fuller and obviously. And some like. No one has asked me if like if I've ever accused the black guy black and electric Tuesday and my friend Sally said because that would be sad that your agent. I. I Wear my black and pets and say you. They say you should look for a guy who's a polar opposite he always had dated black guy. A lot of your act. Like well what's you're outlook your mind immediately trying to date someone who was opposite the new. She's when she she should say something like it here you go public area weekends. Well that's a little different Courtney is she's a top player yet. It does seem I mean would you go out to a big if you weren't married would you go up to. A woman have a different ethnicity someone whose agency would you ever accused the white guy or woman who's black is ahead Bewkes I don't. No we are not. And we dated outside of the race yes but it is. The blanket gotta go with the stereotype mr. that's going to be. Almighty god knows. No all no no no no way we thought I know what it can't. Well I mean you're right I mean it it's natural it's now it. It's all fair would that remote matter moto wants that and final leg Charlotte's best mix there at sandals OG beach resort. It's a match pop back taught. And it was. That's where they put our table I was about I was just saying yet another example of why. We're another loud in the middle of the room yet. For the live from sandals right radio row we are area and nobody. Right. That that guy's gonna McVeigh guy who discovered periods. Originally named the planet George yeah. Yeah. I have to admit that it did Tuesday Anderson many words in there. Just today or yesterday. Record which set the longest dog time. Seven point three inches Saint Bernard in what is Dakotas seven point three inches you imagine the things. Seriously. We okay right the main characters and children's animated films. Are two and a half times more likely to die than I was an adult dramas. Now on people who don't hit me for the kid's a man named Donald Snyder went to 850 pounds and unsuccessful attempt attempt to scrap the electric chair. A man of Ottawa obviously the guy make bad decisions his whole life a one of them and finally talks back that's realistic. Are fairly remote check out the articles. Studios in New Zealand today at 1079 link dot com.