Have A Perfect Relationship With This One Thing

Tuesday, April 18th

Apparently there's only one thing you and your partner need in order to have a perfect relationship...Ramona's also relieved that April the giraffe has finally given birth!


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening come on there was that Ramona. Beginning this one thing and your relationship is basically perfect one thing going when scientists and up by the way we encourage you to. Share the podcasts when your friends are rated comment. Teach people don't know how to do podcasted duet looser thing and it's a front page Columbia podcasts. Writer spreader. I think that terminology. Podcast spreader I don't I don't like it. We have I don't know spreader I'd I'd just I piper a pod cast your your good liberation on that. But you can tell they're living better I well but you weren't like on the iPod gets brighter spotlight piper upon tennis Brenner at Vista like George spreader. The pod to get cherry. It's not gonna suck go to fairies but does it go to but not everybody wants to be a fairy about just the podcast podcast teacher. A packed up podcasts not ignite I podcast announces. No budget is now ready no word no I'm hung sent. You know will allow podcast disciple. Politics. On the one thing scientists found people who reported being sexually satisfied. More likely to say that good communication the relationship. Super satisfy with a relationship. And tell their bond was stable. So work on that people. There are also more likely to open up to their partners about the indices the people who felt less comfortable on the relationships. So talking about fantasies correlated. With all of the things that make for a happy relationship. Good about yourself good about your bond however all that stuff if I picked up the phone right now called you right Jamie. And instead. Do you know what we met fantasy is do you think she'd be able to tell me. Why did you know it's an ever evolving thing. Human I know what it is today. I'm out of come up with something new wanted to ride and really shift that's because yeah early you say you're too tired for pretty much everything in the gap. I would guess that includes fantasizing. I can create if you want like sleeping in or land accounts are watching boards there's this count as the kind of fantasies they're talking O. This is actually didn't attack you want now that does kind of get me excited the ideas sleep began editor. This way around watching TV and that a lot for me. I'm excited out at me and I add I got yeah I W dot I have talked are an uncanny ability. To make yourself sound like a want to be mirrored you will affect health act like. Well. Who had in addition they want to do well yeah like US fighter jets. That I. Cicada. I aspire to that but I mean I thought it takes a dollar a minute because you can. About sex right and all yup and I was just going to play out. Adding onto it asking you about what your sins he is your fitness is relayed to suggest that doing anything sexual. I sleep late and they end up watching on the cheek. Let it out and watching TV guy and pretty much nothing back that yes I'm gonna talk about watching some big sausage on TV now it's yell while. We just forget about the person is becoming a minority candidate I can go into the other time. In a moment's notice which she could problems doc are you probably name them. I say the word fantasy. Sleeping in port playing on the couch and watching TV come to mind not really did not Ted's. Level low life. I'm now etc. Probably not as bad as you probably already had a grassy blog. From Gomez Canadian TV show or whatever. Writing a graphic novel yours is probably shopping. And thought I fantasy epic of other ones I was just joking around that is mines. Life like will you take a look at. Com I don't need an eighty GE. Yes of Mickey McConnell top. Make other radio people dream I'm guessing on hundreds of stations in big syndicated realm of yes I do that to Matt Ayers is vanity is to sleep gain. And then when he actually wakes up. You wonder from the bed to the couch fit right Steve yes yes. But but that's it and if you're in addition you know you get telling my ambition is getting to the point. Where I am able to do. Maybe edit. Money maybe I don't know Amy makes money whenever that I can do that. It OK I'd probably do more I tried him just that yeah guns have data eventually go to sabathia has yes. On the it's also worth noting that people are most nervous about bring up their past sexual experiences. It's a different kinds of denying yourself here. Partners previous experience but no I don't but people didn't feel as we just about discussing what they liked yeah. Individual press preferences but they don't just don't give names well and a give names at every morning hear anything about me that and he used it is to me I don't I agree I don't want it any thing of the past. Nothing nothing. Nothing. Now I would I would modest or not well Alter mine prepared everybody else I think you're item and it now probably not a written I had go to person. I'm specifically asking about your wife I'm asking for you to speak for men in general attack. If a woman is speaking about her experience. Or perhaps showing you. Something as it relates to her experience. Can't be. Eight you know too much situation we ought to say someone Els then. At the read about it solid in the Internet whatever and until you did you give us solid. Video or why not okay and I don't and then of this guy's going to listen and learn you know you don't wanna say so and so taught me this. Now you just gotta say you don't have to say sadly could be do this you know we don't care where yet in a league. Filler around the sends its is that just like it when this happens I. It you and I do realize it. No questions I asked. What are known in Europe awards are gonna ask me questions either where and do you view of what some really weird now know is this something you usually. You're wrapped all we have a live I would think the guy might because it is really weird depends on your do you feel so comfortable would meet that this is something on. The Cuban fantasizing about one I would meet for the time he argued the super freak who's been doing this for you why did his role that idea to analyze it. There's always that. He's all man don't and then they get the guy can tell by your. Reaction. Whether it was like not now not ever died Saturday are now on. There's some like that Baghdad it. I think you just don't ask don't ask don't go go go with the flow and and joining analyze everything so much are to enroll at all and thank you must. And limit doesn't limit unless we begin development Don and half of them are podcast and. You heard the link he's getting you ready to become a lean green co. Machine it's just thousand dollar cash clean up sports. Just listen to the national keywords it takes to win in 9 AM 11 AM 1 PM and 3 PM on messaging data rates apply to grab your broom and get ready yes. Cash 2000 dollars cash clean. Which Bradley Jewelers and 1079. That they'll laying. They first started watching it. April the giraffe. In February and they say today I mean probably everybody but me who didn't give a crap law. I did I had why it because you know whenever it happens it's going to be there for all the world to see. You don't have to do was somewhat and our belt around. Connecting with this particular giraffe. I don't know why her as she prepared for birds. I was just all later in June and when I finally went on various. News organizations. FaceBook pages and they had these links to April ice kind up and so they would Cindy periodic updates so I would note to check back in bit. Then as time dragged on I really felt duped. I don't like they were doing anything right in the trap wasn't doing anything. The draft was basically pacing around and they say hello her bellies early slant now work for the greed and that would be the same observations over and over yet. But I kept going back to OK maybe this is the time this is the day night. And then. The Toys 'R' Us logo popped up on April's draft cam. Oh they paid for. That bothered you did because then. Since we've been waiting so long and looking solo and it started to feel like. She wasn't as close to birds smell it win. You'd think it was a rumor yeah. Oh it was a rude I don't think it was short April was pregnant right but. Instead of them. Telling us about it you know when the feet first appeared. Why don't like they told us months in advance so we would keep checking out there and it. They end there was this big marketing campaign for the zoo may while dress all the places that well I asked. Are they really had all the it's yes every got to turn around there seemed to be a draft somebody gonna Parker something and zoo like while you're watching April. The Easter rabbit New Mexico gave birth while you're watching April mr. read to Ebert and I'll write it but great PR. I said they say it just says. Terry is like thirteen to fifteen months the result every march April. Like three month two and a half and. So I believe that they thought. They can get a couple of points out of a because the net like December the Toys 'R' Us global popped up there popped up on the outside a Gator when we started seeing. Me. A concerted effort to raise money for the zoo marine base you start off let's pop it up right and left. Come to the zoo did you grossed parole. Today met the baby you're at yeah so OK okay but you're sucked and I was totally sucked and even. Started to suspect had been sucked in and I was still so they lie they don't necessarily go. Lie down milking it I'm just saying yes milking it and going and seeing early heat to keep us. Lingering why are donating a longer are totally not hinge in time to get a sponsor. All those things I told you to not. Watch it finish Saturday just go online anytime I want to giant Arab draft your heart just innocently he would be checked my FaceBook page in. I didn't alert from. Fox 46 here. A broad alliance of my Sherrod and saying is that David tease you good at. Saturday my phones that have blown up. What's going on at school and always people like coming out Vermont April's Gutenberg it was convert. Are you sure yeah argue 100 I think sort this is it did you think you'd one in so I refused to stop what I'm doing. I just continue about Saturday because I think this is another false alarm now I get home and I see that Kelly from the mid days has posted. The birth video homeowners have smiling feeling that it happened it did had you missed it live. I start watching this video because April was still my girl she's still my direct even a couple and he was a solar cell around a minute ago. The zoo was selling her out and carry out all right lowdown wasn't selling her out Ramona was just an ailing you're quitting your like you do all your reality shows. And then I start seeing video and Eric too little baby direct feed pocono. And goo goo goo that Aybar began to Alberta Canada her lol next she can grain around and do all kinds of things back in the due out. And today we have garnered look at all last year did. The more she pushed. The more grossed out I got. My my girl parts more comfortable didn't feel my stomach was upset I got easy I was disgusted I am not ready. Or that much nature of the this whole point of waiting economist indisputable that even see his view I didn't know what two weeks though it was not beautiful for me in another friend is a lake. Oh my god that was remains in love again unimaginable. McCain you never cheated and Google like draft birth before and I didn't know at all what I do I have. And I don't people out there raft giving birth I understand what they care about it Rodriguez any unit to had a name and everything crash. Six have a lot of time three months ago or just Google rapper but it wouldn't have been eight and now knows who watch them and abroad dropped a deterrent ads Dahlia. You have never seen. Such Immucor. Never seen the amount of fluid that comes out win a directives for a hook in the city. I think it's Greg. I like do you look at the guy may be seen it before. At kingdom wild kingdom sheriffs on the jump Bob bought a brand new list and a I stick it anyways and all those months that would help that much Republican seats all share with that remote. Tired and I think this. This does serve eight men and women would love. They secondary. Share. We did what they repaid before it is with the laws. Men's number one thing is someone asked to film my antics. You want a woman to ask you have been around the both of you together that's what the men chose I wouldn't give that line. I want somebody film menu you want to feel like a porn star and now I'm gladly wanna see myself. I had ever LA don't wanna see your problem with it yes. I don't want Abbott of afraid of how much critique your perform yet Comcast but I like his belly and it really should have fled to my butt cheeks there. That's the worst part of it I'm afraid I'm I would say stomach can. But Jake you look at and be like oh not that hot why she may. You know that why you would not want to would you want to publish I have no desire to watch me doing it gave everything to. Really not that there's nothing even be here to be like that yet committed to filming watching TV. Yeah I mean I mean oddity I just. No designer I don't watch. The edge rarely country don't like Charlotte today went on and rarely now that is too much for my mom telling me. What my hair looks like her what I did or said that's enough that's good enough so that number one of the guys some mass the film and X number one for the women. Someone introduce a food item. And a day d.s must be women who have maids who changed his sheep and always wash things are put down some plastic and it. Some state. As. Does well there are are we toddler's. Bed and I saw a need we need to talk. We need to get out of the bands I taught. And attitude and it doesn't need to be any thing anywhere I need to clean up a word or guy brings a tartan. And that is I don't the rapist may be up more done obviously I'm not the right woman for him right when number two for women someone left the windows open. I'm assuming yet needs here are seen or both that's what I assumed they would maybe you're loving home. Not on the desk. A lot I have an open window and a neighbor walk in their now by now hearing things. He played Esther being I don't want that either. At kids for God's sakes number three for women someone accused of heard something that is now. Number three someone accidentally close. Where on purpose you can't you know magazines or movies or they just ripped it off better be an accident. Because. Like I wanna tell you thought I was. Go and left but I went right and you had you know my shirt killing unit. Eight Giuliani denies that purposely rip them off no no hazard to expand may not return. His chances are I really liked that blouse and batted at rice and to replace exit. I could not for that price so now I'm angry but right now I wanna have to so the buttons back on I wanna have to pay somebody to putting new zipper and it. I'm angry and you need to get this about the next underneath that is women would like that tracks and they rip someone else's clothes. I don't everybody out your buttons line over time Oliver my bedroom number five the way I want him to be filmed. Number six they would like it if someone kiss there aren't that stuff. Even in and that's an Emerson. What you kissing my armpit. And it that bought it you're into it I assume you're some kind of serial arm pit like a weirdo or and that's your fetish and I never want your lips and eyelids to touch again as Adam but it. Then I'll smelling is is an Iran. Go phone on your on your breath are you doing it would clean people. This number six ever so if you hear it looks like seek as as. 06 some. Just market but they've all way down attack at the Tenet's feet so they'd rather have armpit and feet in this in this less disgusting. For the men asked Julianne was number one it. Bring him food to bed number two for whatever purposes let the wind windows open three but this one wasn't up in the top of the women. Breaking a bad frame our couch. Number. Number four they went to happen now yes no pain and you. You have broken my furniture big man. I expect you'd offered affiliate and the follow through with making his rocket man Iraq it'd. And break my couch or my ban this thank you can't possibly wanted to standards. A plunger is expensive and it's true than that the closure offer about somebody else that someone fallen off the better account saying like. That number seven in the Arctic things number rate. Who did the study elbow. From the doctors nasty thinks dot com. You know and that is where I'd never heard the arm and I am. Zero respect for wherever you got that set up. I mean compared to other things. I mean aren't that was above let's say our that was about getting bit. The women. And break in the taps in and nine and only be bitten should finish fiftieth. Yeah you feel like vampires I guess I guess some I'll be alone trying. Somewhere podcast. And. Seeing things out loud you can't say on the radio. You're listening to off there with memorable. Feeling good luck. Did you have all the time though. These are my needs are very important but. You should do it on occasion I guess yes but let's do that don't well yeah of course and and I think most the time I don't. So they should be honored every single day about Knoblauch and then we'll show the same. Respect for you or whatever damage too easy and obvious to me on show up unexpectedly. Often. Sometimes you want to it and I. I basically incapable of doing I might be there's a lot of them don't like to be surprised network. You know we aid it's just sometimes sometimes some places they're probably like. An error AI it's the UN her on the medalist stuff and I can't really talk or whatever you and so I think so I think you better know your audience. Also it's not iPhone app and still up in hang around. Moscow and I am yeah drop an awful lot of tournament and gore. Go I don't know where it required you to go out of your way to. And heaven forbid at. Only stay at work late three of the five days the weeks somehow morally. About the time when you're sitting in the year hungrier we really had access to great food. Think about it if Amy showed up in your favorite hymn she can't hang out during the show. She didn't drop by your favorite sandwich meat off so that would be nice I don't know what the models Santorum I. Time but I. You know I don't want all think the whole thing I don't slam retired military man that they didn't mean to imply that they Atlantic. But the doc probably I mean I just saying not necessarily me but there are some places. You just don't want your in other times. You know how long are they gonna spending got to be in and out what do clarity eight lights all these things when I'm not in the office when a bomb and a million. Just that may digital tricks. Ultra to let you know they all their mind and baby are we can get about two little wanna do some. Thoughtful free. Yeah that's where it's I just want to pack some surprises can. Bigger than flowers they say doing yes. It's. Actually more thoughtful than flowers because flowers or cut and I use right. I just don't it's gonna be you know there's some men likely you know I like cameras to tick bites of the dangles. You show appear with him broad gigabyte. Love unexpected. Unexpectedly that divers are some places where you don't you don't that would let you know what you're hurting the other leg middle of the surgery any area of opportunity again I think it'd. I happened to the know are second and my wife Amy unsigned and not about it and circuit mean not. Everybody would want that surprised but I will be with you that this surprise or by farming all the kids out for the evening taking honored date. I don't do you should she's in charge that. What a break from Lanny yeah now she sure you're right I don't like to planet because one of our planet. And she doesn't wanna go anywhere. What it's gonna be immune actually it's Linda do you wanna go anywhere I've told a room might know where and CBS a landing spot for you I always go down but there's times. Now so. She keeps even I know you might have a really crappy attitude about it he's still shows up three. Now she doesn't plan it usually she's done not planet as a surprise. So she dozens unexpectedly due that we talk about it or you're feeling gone now for our igniting it you know I got out. So it's not really I would I don't think either went surprised about that necessarily because what are. Ways to belittle her it. But she does not hurt but she's asking me and. Sometimes a letter that the plays or should know. Steele is fixed a bit more winner Grammy. Is playing carriers just in your letter picked up late now usually discuss it in tandem. You don't want it just. Tell you're sick brother we're going out Friday night. The economic hired him and hey I want to take you about Friday night I've got a baby sitter I got ladies that are. And analysts feel like it can't just fine we still have a baby sitter we could stay here and can't I and we could go to a hotel. And I don't I don't tell and don't plan. Man once you 200 years. Even her own channels that could happen in my in my own gym like in and I realize TV would your own gym I would wannabes prize of the night out I don't. Did you go to a swanky hotel for the night though to. Now that's money right at spending money about talking about it Allen's could hardly at all I wanna know it's gonna cause me. Lincoln is streaming live below the pin is if I am I don't know. I would do this you know I don't it's a surprise of becoming a morally volunteer to clean the kitchen or do a lot to do that anyway. Yeah I mean a guy that's our that's not something you'd best not when a viewer usual way around now yeah but it's something I normally do so she's not going to be like. What it will blow when do we spend some money. Is actually a ball gets money she will be. So surprised Ed that aren't happy it's true she probably would be. You know you want to retire guess what he's done it fat. I'm. Yes yes that's about I would I spend money and then I feel guilty so I what's the point. What's the point all that I guess but your knees hurt his back. To me podcasts coming this fall there was. There are some. Flies about sex and need to stop bleeding according to their. Number wind. And should be ready to go any time anywhere and are not. Created perform on demand they are not robots exist not act and do it might be tired or worried or distracted. Problems work problems with the U. Asked you me and what gets him turn up. Do you feel like he's being treated like a six machine crime well I don't blame her to be honest review. But no I mean I does that. I think most people that this is a popular man. You don't want it I don't know. I think is popular math. To even married for awhile that you both realize some days. That it happened but yeah somebody's not in good or whatever I know why exactly this. Recently engaged are contemplating marriage ever listens to you did you menu item am Merrill island that was laws to do it is not in any other O you're still. Alive and it is not you he did it gets back. Because then you can be honest that's the beauty of being general Asia for a long time you don't have to do. The united date night and do it no one's feelings are are hurt a ha it's not a sexist things saudis usually like healed life as attic you know what I mean. And our guys a lot and a headache and so on okay. I think the miss. Rains from the fact that it. Supposed to be the wife getting hit me right right and the guy always wanting to do it right so when the woman finally does do it. Then the guy is supposed to be ready because he's been asking for. Right he showed you lies Jerry thing whatever it be an economy in most sit tonics everyone's in the wild blue. Become widely OK honey nights but even. He's ready to go right right exactly they never it never happens but anyway. On they gave me never to be on the big though it's not really sex wrong there's more. About that. And just me or does not really sexson at the big that's a myth out there that's mapped out and ever believed that users sex kissing hugging massages. Excuse me OK it is just getting it and. And that's what I say that says sex is kissing hugging and central messiah. That I'm not gonna go into ideally you know that was a great diversity we had sex. Well actually we just it's an odd. I mean aren't we something sex he or not. Yeah lol it's ugly U I got angry he can be a part of the sexually experienced but you can't count those homes. This guy this guy or woman dies out and I think that's great and I agree don't have to operate I'm. Still is. Which you about. Then it's didn't count them fresher house as a matter how long land. No accounts accounts now that's right. You have to appeal. Hot enough to enjoy it. Men don't notice women's physicals all's all the pitches that got their naked woman hear me that's awesome. Especially beer ice so to someone mobile I just don't feel I don't act Seattle that beta guys don't care. Guys don't you know game now I don't care. Thank you for your long term relationship especially but it. Even if you're not even to one nighter. We don't care there's an egg hunt Saturday so what you look like offense to mr. what you know not just excited Evan I don't believe that's right that's right so don't you where you live. How not special that sadly tire that they exit. That makes you. No it's very special on the did you don't have to worry about also sounds kinda thirsty on the guys partly I don't care what you look like well. I don't you know frankly I don't care about but here know that the fact did you win and to do the next. They're not taking you apart is more than you're you're you're picking your local art OK topic Kenya part agua and adds. I thought I think anybody else to do this with me so that I felt I guess pretty much it. And fidelity happens because something is missing in relation that is a math. Yeah that's only one of many reasons sometimes perfectly happy partner people have affairs or what they call an operative because about an opportunity apparently college. Availability. I do not know what's worse. Having it. So basically you ripped my heart out. Yeah because you had a good opportunity to do so out. Or as opposed to I don't I don't. Two I was feeling lost and alone in the marriage we give to the they get a bad decision today at the opportunity to go for which it. I don't know it might be worth it you'd just don't give me. Like I'm not doing just that and how you were given him to feel like complete an opportunity to see it any him to get open has had luck. Well I think I would rather have it be. The opportunity. And I think yeah like because you know it was easy to do that point you can be like I've just got to put myself in that position again as opposed to I don't argue at all. Peter some salvaging it up a much better chance to salvage unit think if it is an opportunity one as opposed to. There's something missing. I did you know it's like you know I slipped up man a slip up slipping and another it and put it and I can't seriously. Yeah yeah yeah yeah it felt like well. Yeah it is that like you. Took the entire situation. Are in high gear yeah no it's not right and that's it right but I think I'd rather have ballot. They got a rather have that all the scenarios. Of that rather than something missing. What it's all back but rather goes something missing. So I wanna make it work on together verses mean worrying about every time you have an opportunity and I and I got a budget. An opportunity boys. It is Robert yeah I got a job. At six there's an opportunity to maybe say something like me. And I'll admit over the Prodi's it virtualized or another opportunity you could say well if I do rather boys have not drinking that's what led to and do drugs whenever. You can say I'm not going to. Wherever I go out. Like out of business. I won't stay out and have drinks with people afterwards go straight to bed at things like that but not liking you. At that either way it sucks yeah either way it's I didn't care nobody should consider it like being cheated literally I guess the only good what is yet to be involved. Did not that that he's not contestants a threesome sofa and thanks for listening to all fairways that remote and to kill DR. Those videos and news you heard today at 1079 mil and dot com.