Green Ways To Save Green

Monday, April 17th


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Any savings into homeowners money saving tips bonus money saving kids. Welcome. Sorry I'm to practical like Carolina's joined Tripoli today to savor dear all money and because. Is coming up on Saturday. We want you to have some green wait yes I hate greens. And remember first off that carpooling is it just for kids. It's actually a great way to go green and save yourself some green there are web sites like ways W AZ dot com. A war I carpool dot com that are helping out. End even shared a ride in C dot org is the State's ride matching service. And even have a commute calendar which we'll help you cop calculate how much money can safe. If carpooling and do things Lee she can ride cheaper and greener in affordable fuel efficient car because if you only need that giant. Gas guzzling the hogs for. Family trips you're better off renting one for the family trips then and only one for every day use in the U can pocket that weekly gas money. Inside the home the best way to go green quickly is to turn the water heater temperature down. And if you got a green thumb gross some of your own veggies and even apartment dwellers can grow tomatoes in order was right on the patio. And the links dedicated to protecting the planet through sustainable living. As the one think program we can all do one thing help our planet such as. I believe everything on that list. Learn more about sustainability at 179 no link dot com.