Be A Better Matchmaker Than Ramona

Monday, June 12th

We've got tips on how to help other people find love, plus Matt's dad is ranting about what?!?!


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening come on there was that remote. Lower share of I just please we appreciate it's all right remotely is world renowned. For attempting. Well questions that we're setting people lob attempting to eternity in a relationship and it is it it goes sideways Manila to not. All the time lot. A lot I would say winning nine of the couple stays together for several years I still consider that successful. I have little right that's true. I haven't had that happen yes I have had it once. But optical viewfinder thriller that down. In setting people yeah. Yeah yeah I always believe this is the one I'd I would always feel weird guy you know I don't I also have my minister's license. Need a church of the Internet I was an ordained minister and I have married couple if it wasn't for me this couple never would've met. Andrea I performed a wedding ceremony and yes they're still together. Hold on tight it's going to be a bumpy road. And that's. The thing. Aren't all relates to the bumpy road signs I don't need help. Yeah all right so here's what you need to remember remark is that be realistic about your friends attractiveness. Object defy your friends physical attractiveness on a numerical scale. Only matchup he more than a few points of each other a fuse too many if you means three and estimate yet even into. Threes too much can't you can't. Good an objective I'm my friends and think OK Europe said in. You're sick as your are you know elements and you know that's obviously you know obscenities at nine docs and Kate is now. And is down to Republican asked on you know as in you you can you have to do a value wait another person's okay. There are six there have Hillary got in on levers they can capital was six I. The only general that that is no other reason she's done a good man that's probably true is it's probably see him. It do that how about this don't set people up just because they're both single. You lose all credibility be sent people up that they really won't work well and if it clearly won't work right you've been set up just as your single. Often affect every time a black man want to do this bill in public old Ramona. You. Can't beat her money 595. You are open and he is black and possibly single. Yeah yep people let me know I'd better serve let you now. You know an Alley don't want someone has met a new black guy down because it's like oh my guys had met this guy image he's black in the second series now. No gap now I'd rather than not I've got my friends I haven't received knows a thing against surrogate on the don't ask. We're black male singles I do. Carried out browser OK and one of the guys who runs the camera the ccb. But yeah it. I've known since it was ninety you know like my son yes and yes they got them. Big guy who falls asleep reading camera am prompt area and the TV status that has said that yes yes well. I had gets married one but I and it's on Wednesday and rated single for the moment and hit home Oregon and doubt button. Please don't tell us. What's good for the loose on and it's possible set up a low pressure meeting. UK where that got me or you can't really you host an event that both in attendance party pregame beach strip whatever. I mean it'll all Matt I have a friend who is in the kayaking. We have a co worker. Was in the kayaking on today what I've decided to do and as usual and rightly both of them to this little coffee shopping religion. Hunt we're out back. They have well kayak. To you first of all wilders is off he is not organically and show that this is not organically. It isn't he elegantly with them and it's obvious that it organically. Organic please like there's multiple people there he and then they. Show no didn't did you specifically called to single people and you together it's obvious to them you're trying to set them up. And yeah I'm. And is now about your mind. Fine. Can't beat it at thirty people meeting for coffee doctor you don't want the third guy yells when I am quite dot. I see only one day because I'm glad that that's a better and better. But it's better soccer it's not great you did an end and you guys. It probably like to have like seven or eight people there something now yeah now but three people Cox is obvious now. Had gotten him in that situation before it's aren't girl invited me to go hang out there and this other girl. And I knew she was trying to fix me gas you know it was so obvious. And how about trying to fix up to people with kayaks. But that. Cattle that Claire I don't read the trail is not subtle. And I eyes and you don't know looks at coming to the arm we'll let you know there within a couple points each other yeah now. And it just don't do that at that point just say hey you guys you'll kayaking together skip the whole barrage of coffee. Yeah at the end it ought to watch Regis at that point to say let's meet for coffee at the head guy popular. Now I mean soccer world it don't work and I'm just saying within point nine it within about a book supplies and let a similar points on the same is not gonna work. Betty echo not even close. Nicklaus like I dare you to death I Darian did you ask me I dare you go over his blood. Kids have been there you. OK so here's another one. Don't be a helicopter parent of course by that is don't walk up to your friends say hey Justin Long have taken along. Movie gets you'll figure like each other Booth when Denham across the Bart line. If you if you're really hurt the chances that. I it's your money doing that now I don't yeah I guess get along and it's. Create a common Monica that's obvious image act like you've kayak and mix of they have something in common. And make the conversation started like eight. Happen to be like Barbara eight. But that trip you just look at your kayak whenever the other person desolate and you have a off. Coffee these ridiculous on ridiculous it's it's it's obvious setup OK if you're hitting it off be cool. That to your friends you thought you you know an injury to the company whatever your work is done. No you you know ai said YouTube would be love Baird's you guys so cute. And yes ran a tab in the lake next month. Now you're ruining it Melissa told me I know what you're gonna go to class act that al-Qaeda you should use should more by just. This July 4 and he partied at the end is sky showed Tony seventy. The largest independent state party in Charlotte. Usaid. Do you well why fight there. Thermostat. Just to watch the final word. Gaze at seven there. Thirtieth or thirty. It makes high efficiency air conditioning system from the station that always gives you an in the coolest experiences. 107 now. Still laying. Make sure you I assure you podcasts that people would be very nice have you read appreciate that right everybody. I had asked that I notice a FaceBook to. Either the man amount of FaceBook page or Matt terrorism and Holloway but a bit ago Brian carried out browser. They're all up there and diarrhea puts up up from family and and whatnot I try not put too much spammers that. Don't worry about that. In Ramona tells me. Worried about oh. I'm one. Am mad man didn't do gradient and family. As an ally I worry about that judgment. But. Like right now there is up on face but my dad. And the Charleston is in his backyard. Chasing geese around with a broom my mom took a picture. Eight. It's it's it's as ridiculous electing and I don't know why but it is and days he has had this unhealthy obsession with. Goose poop since I can remember he has so that's why he's chasing him away he doesn't want in the group on his yard is I had an uncle rod did you. Lived on a little late in in development but a little lake in the middle of rights end. Every time we go to before. Got there are real walk and it goes blogs everywhere Fabrice what are you and we believe you liked. Why does he still goes bears any claim that edited big big I dues he's around edges of away what Dallas there was a dispute about losing to like me just. Just like going nuts about it than he's kudos orders he is true to his word he is true to his bird he says. My mom. Titled it. Dave the goose chaser. And so much cramping yard. All I think decent winning the battle. I haven't arms and and that's really it does look like big east when he got one man with a broom and literally to designees. Yes yes it out one's wings are flapping like all we'd better get that you. Being in the picture it adds size and up the situation. Every second he's gonna go samurai and if it. It is ridiculous. Another weird looking thing is on them ranked O'Brien's page. He has this contraption. On his head and makes it look like it said 2000. Eat because there's some sort of it's like Ramona says side mortgage. Yeah. Like mind he knowingly participating in some type of mind control experiment. Yeah works. And into a cyborg net so orbit so people go there what is happening here head. Well actually it's called TMS therapy therapy which is trains cranial magnetic stimulation. And it's used in the treatment of mental illness. Today was my first day doing it. It's basically a giant magnate your head goes through. Similar to an MRI and it's supposed to help ease symptoms of depression and anxiety and in some cases even remission. Net monetary Breivik muted talk about that though there and so what does it feel like zaps. Yeah I it did it hurt like hell. Totally. Timers those old time just for about like ten to 152. Intervals it felt like a giant woodpecker was. Tap me on the head in the inside your head on the inside of my head again and it so we're Kuerten in you have down time for a few minutes. But they said that that will diminish the more treatments I have so many treatments you have to have at Dem. Six weeks' worth cycle five days a week for six weeks almost five days a Wii yeah fidelity a weak note my time data that we got the sessions are shorter. Sessions there about it yeah I'm I'm there for like an hour so that potential side effects. Just some light headed in this say and headache which I currently have it and said that'll. It is severely pays the pays it to the worried that you might peace and I cannot use the metal any death that well it is I didn't know what to expect going in and leave us and I thought that enamored real old and be more concerned proving your pants insisting. History of that now that is afraid of it on the bears played a big number in Jamaica if things. Like you know that all the time. Hang here on time today beyond what I guess are there who had 62% of women who. Criticize about cheating with this person down and and this is. A neighbor murdered. Yale. Dating site for cheaters have pulled its users about the number one person should be worried about your wife cheating when it is a good look at neighbor. But it's the same goes the other way around men that also as much about the sexy neighbors and I have great neighbors that I'm not fantasize about him. It's gonna hurt their feelings. Hurt if he had who are fantasies about Kenyan Vadim even learn likes you be sending off. Local and somebody in the opera and I Greg Ballard to be somebody. Somebody here or I or somebody I know that's. Serving for you guys but it would be good dirt for. Conservative divide jazz beat them. You can listen trying to get sushi is last in definitely amber at Yankee. Yeah all really that matters is he's series lead but I don't less afternoon how some people who know. Love no it's. Not only is I don't care. No and as they rally. According to the survey very generous the dating several extramarital affairs. I'll plea 62% of women fan as a buys him fantasize about sneaking off and cheating with a neighbor I am guessing a lot of that is. Just. This does not neighbors now know no I don't do you think to neighbors. In an that's what could have signed into the Demi. In he awkwardly runs down the street we have jogging and rice lost in the cul-de-sac. Only in like a million pieces that men married absolutely no I don't ya. And who go to the bad. So isn't the driveway isn't. And ill bet a long time are now been a long time it's that you know it. I have you retired events that. Good and bad somewhere they but I love it. That is 62% of women I've been to bed later doing it now I'm not a bed wetter and now only peed in my driveway a couple of times best of my old outside of the got beat in this morning well. I haven't about it in the backyard though. Every guy has peed in their backyard. Every guy. I'm telling you right now you don't think 98%. You don't think isn't bad at 100% of the time they got to go to the bathroom. It go and I use a toilet not a 100%. Feed off the deck beat up the deck at a very high number now take a little Poland FaceBook let you do get a coach it. And I will take note of each and every nasty nannies say that to me going to be everybody 8000. Of these cheating site users found that. 31% of females have cheated with a neighbor. Most at times quick flag it's indeed and an mountain over Atlanta long is that how to get a biopsy yeah ridiculed Nancy. I like we mess and I get in about a team you know I don't know how people. People want to date their neighbor a toddler loans have a flagrant yeah I mean it's convenient. But it's also tough to probably keep it a secret. It's convenient because let's say you're you're hours it would Arenas and had to borrow some butter. Next thing you know yoga mat for several hours as hit it several hours at a charity tradition that is yet again really does not monitor. Majority 62% just one night affair fourteen several weeks 6% a year the the men at 71% a mandate dream about hooking up with a neighbor. But you know don't make accusations right away all freaked out because this is on again a site. What people are actively looking to cheat so it's not really. You know representative necessarily have your neighborhood are everybody you know or anything like that. So don't Cisco freaky crazy. I mean this man is amazing other neighborly popular. Wii is meets someone online and not have any ties to anybody again. I did. I it's besides that which places would be best for you see you LA I had and only didn't wanna go there harder to keep quiet in your neighborhood you would think. Edit them and if you've somebody Leslie I don't Debbie Carter because. If someone sees you two together you're not going to Napoli sable. What it's doing year in the navy and neighborhood well I don't nobody think at BBC and a bunch of times or department themselves there. You know it's 2 in the morning he's thrown out underpants on well if you didn't hit it dead opposite effect that's like the way did there ever yeah there's anybody forgot my bad. If I went. And earns an arm. Ads are mine and ours are broken gas well Deborah there you know other than the movies are so barbers or wherever I've seen a scenario or somebody spilled something on their pants or something shirt yeah put in the dry area and the real spells or romantic partner comes in and act while plastic and they storm out. May not know there was innocent. It's a matter mark mark pike. And not seeing things how low you can't say on the radio. You're listening to offer air with Matt Ramon. Let's see here for a great comment that you and I guess that vehicle then gas also go to the FaceBook pages of all of us. Matt Harris when Holloway deputies Brian carried us as are the man who voted FaceBook page. And there is up. On our on our FaceBook pages to return a point FaceBook page that'll make sense is his swimsuit. That Ramona why it's very badly. It looks like that with a very hairy chest and belly. Yeah it comes in several shades as you can get this skin tone to match I'll. I was so amazed and the reason why I want it is because there is absolutely no one. Who sees you when new swimsuit who's gonna be stared at your cellular I don't know if it's there's a hairy guy yeah. You know and Apple's at all and I musher even if like Gisele Bundchen or somebody to put that on nine wouldn't be like it. You know just by the act wouldn't we can get that are still be hot it's now a little bit yeah 'cause you know like a little creepy well. Yeah tell me I would make her take it off of we're gonna do something you can literally. Also oblivious they're gonna say yeah these are easy to do US lately I'm all around that. Then you guys at a you heard me or receipt of Israel of course disease is called a couple times. On the things that never say your first thirty days of work. Okay one is I just assumed. Go ahead ask questions. You're you're you're new higher times for that. Do more things like how about your team approach is what do you think about. When try to tackle this house I do it whatever don't just assume something that's hard not to do is already done the job Fuller. Somewhere else to go to a new job you just assume you had the same duties or whatever I mean anyway I think we agree in this. Know when they call you out on it you don't say I just to suit. And a I I blame some else you'd think they'd never cut a yes thank them for correcting you fit my previous jobs this is how we dated back sorry about that it'd take me long to give that is Bobby up to speed. Aria okay how about this. Eisen that annie's job. Student to re open and on this. Saying it somebody else's job it's kind of off putting tunes does it says it's a red flag colleagues that that you are not a team player. So yes. The first thirty days a year like a weekend doing like angry reason you know Muslims this on other people under the bus that's again that's out of Reagan idea. I think they're all wearing analyze this when I tried my best. Do don't try just do. Yeah yeah at. But I would say it tribe are I would and I tell me you'll be able to tell you well your best isn't good enough yes I am told that job where you haven't told us. General chairman of your best now they they really don't. On how about the first thirty days where you say it what you allow parents the team get to go work from home some days that's not fair. You may or may not ever ever say anything it's not fair you know anything's happened to somebody's leave an earlier. It's not your best ones getting an extra vacation day enter yet. It's not fair now not new employees are not even know that. That's a publicly people have worked out things with the years sometimes it. Flexible schedules may be may be there are extenuating circumstances that you are privy to amateur digital sicker and yes so she got mind men and it's an end a good boss is not gonna disclose that T. Now now I don't know why it is. Needed AV you're just going on around say you know man has to leave early because. You know he's got some kind of problem like yeah why does Al Matt always gets leave early well they're a good boss is gonna say because we don't want Matt pulled it has been. Yeah again I would I guess I don't people Parse but yet and I. You don't do this either not just the boss but like with a co workers and why so it's okay to leave early yeah I mean your new. On the plot now don't yet. First thirty days of work don't say in my previous job we used to do it like this. It adds something get you get to the job and you immediately. Connect with and make friends with the slacker. Who's complain at all time that they don't get promoted in Daytona is in this isn't fair and that's not fair I can tell you what if that becomes your best buddy. Your first sixty days at work you do. Because here's a reason why the whining slacker who's figured out how to get fifteen extra minutes of break time has not been promoted. Yeah the drag you down with a bill dragging down what you'll be seen as one of the other. I'd look. I my immediately letting them to Medicare as we know what that means right all good all the good yeah you don't wander around your first thirty days saying to people managed and ask for more money. Does that should ever do that no. No to your first thirty years this is not you're dead right. I mean remote and I could do it to. Together because we. Negotiate together to give your all you people. But do whatever but if you just. Other color cut workers' jobs fast from going to be like what the hell did say that. You would actually I would yet in December like to say right now assess from. They don't in the first three say I'm sorry but. You may have missed that own it no need for excuses AM people understand your new can be bumpy move on. Because him in charge. Thirty to throw your weight around and heavy handed way lead by example yet governments aren't using committed in telling people that you're an X. Girder. Right no more than going out to disprove it. Right just do the job improve your great leader and ultimately yes exactly right now the places in the tank in my nose in the tank. And you're just changing a whole coltart. That you might at that some meeting where you guys are into today yet you guys and a lot of baby dose of reality won't be like yeah I'm here I don't I I took this company that. But I'm not and you guys are back to you next paycheck might bounce. Us today that I was a little. And and it also says that in the first thirty days didn't say I quit. There's just no matter what typical. He'd do it gracefully and just like I data Eric Wedge. That's sad that a good thing I the only people I talked to lately the cannot find people to work. That isn't any yet English and Leo are you okay yeah I mean I people. I got in landscaping gains you're not find guys that are gals would ever to be to show up on time and it. Do whatever my brother his bars and seasons in Charleston he has trouble you know it just craziness iron window washers and I'm out yet. Hope you know. If you hire them but haven't and it's not on any yet a you have an Allen you think it's meant. About a month earlier and hadn't given I know right. At some of the people be like Charlie Mingus there's money and name both these guys have. I don't need anybody to do the inside I just want someone to be an example. So I don't need to be old. Right I bet on a lot and a half and get paid to the left behind act the amazing how hard they renewed it yet yeah yeah Pollard candidate and a. And Belichick I I had like a Brazilian windows. I have to windows in my house doesn't matter what you have the guy said he's gonna do it. You guys. In addition I have it didn't make excuses well I think there Portland doesn't expect that that Obama could not only to. The had a company that is company that they do are just some dude I don't know it's god when LY. That act be more of Baghdad in a minute you're listening to all there was to. He did send news now. Gross Friday night as the happiest place on earth slim. Is meant tend to be called to Disneyland. That's your place by the Disney World leader place but you still like the only Disney's. Yes yes I love all the parks this is originally reported that someone was soaring human loop. The land airing of fireworks would be that that's very bad I need to tell you it's gap that's not a good times. Season and it's it's hard to just secretly thrilled proof it's a at this I'm guessing and try to let it centers and watch it right out of candidates I don't idol is I I really can't figure out planned for the Indian and implement a lot about it but it's like I'm. So they call has meant because they thought of the human poop it turns out it was just a flock of geese that we're flying over daring the fireworks apparently fireworks scared the crap out of literally. Whether it's in six kids were struck by the fecal matter. East and they were. Cleaned up and Disney took good care of them that they obviously did not have a fun time that night. Well noted it's a little goose poop but there that's not a good time. Gary is goose regenerate that makes it's it's a sign of my guess Al poodles who yes it is it's not dark light. Mammal who can should if your I know how BP how did but I. Lot. You block a floor yes I am my dad. Old truck and really really old and disgusting but it got pummeled by that that was the only thing that could make it more disgusting and I think A Flock of Seagulls yeah. Not to band and it looked like advantage taking a dump truck alcoholic and how well I went yeah we're sitting outside when he hit it sounded like. Something with shooting match I'd like to lead like dumping a bucket off the only option was still covered that eventually you would think. The person that happened to would be leg my first stop is the car lost that game eventually rain nets and Sunday. It was a crappy truck anyway but. So a very good and does that say about the all of our that was Jason geese off now in a lot. It is it is a picture of him with a broom chasing police officer is yard in Charleston I think he chased over. And I'm wherever disease Landis. Would you fly on a pilotless planes. Hale. I it's it's the the folks at Boeing error there are working. And they say it's not that far away and I was talking to a couple pilots tries to stop it when the other night. He's like basically. He thinks they can do it. Know quite they could do it now. They're just he thinks that people wouldn't get on a plane. With a robot flying these artists I guess if it is as they have the technology yeah but he's of the people wouldn't would have trouble accepting the fact that there wasn't a human. Behind the yeah. Death. But he K okay. Understand beavers now piloted am tired asset. And Ellen I think we you know why they're they're on each and every flight just in case OK you know this again right this guy. He's not a hero. Because nothing went wrong in a robot can it done and we never know I want us simply standing by for my Jesse case. Well but but also you could look at it this way as he was saying this guy to me as pilot. That most of or a lot of the the crashes argument there. So. Your take my chance you still think agencies have this can't be negative but you've it's gonna be sick. Do you have trouble like that Tesla car that drives itself and stuff. Let go of the wheel yeah I think that's a lot of pick I would love to have one because I had just wanna. Partially to think the best sleep how would you do Sony music I had just one asleep in the car end back in public and my own yet but. Trust. Now. I think I would do so flying airplane before or after a self driving car yet. Yeah yeah and much more likely than a situation. Where you get an accident went with the self driving car vs the airplane ride. Much more and people say it's a period you're there. Yeah whatever you climb into the blame Europe one 1000000% less likely to Dodd of when you climate vehicle. I don't care about yours a split on his way. I feel let's say yeah and a robot doesn't make it feels good now I think average do I get to me I'd like to at least meet and of earlier and no I don't meet robot he's going to be out there like attempted a plane and about to fly out are you today Matt. And into work on yeah. Personality a little. Half and half. And I feel safe I'm in control he'll say I am in control you'll say I am in control pretty confident about that I don't think that's a speech about. I feel really and I I. Thanks for listening to all bear with that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.