Are Women Done With Shaving?

Friday, June 16th

Will Ramona jump on the "no-shave" bandwagon? We also have the story of a woman stopping a carjacker and the marraige advice it's okay to ignore.


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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 only god come. You're listening to talk they would never vote. I wouldn't be doing this thing so thank you for. Subscribing to podcasts OPEC. This is. I don't of them believing just staggered. It. I truly believe that there's a new study out and it has found that only 77% of women under 24. Now shave their armpits compared to what and database just four years ago. 95%. I'll women under 24 save their under our I think we're getting more granola eat. Like more people like open a bag and stuff like that. Like yeah we are becoming greener and greener and so they and so when you more greenery get the more hippie like it yet. Well I'd say that when I think of all the disposable razors I'd go through. And the time you guys are disposable and irregularity the water I mean there is a lot of saving water come from not shaving takes two seconds that you are. Did that from BC by her as just don't you gotta keep that raises up to date of your arms. And at every day at a creek out because I have like you were treated for it I mean I'd. Yeah why women might stop right night but it's a small percentage still one of four that's higher than I thought. Under the age of 24 I need to Tony for I think there's a fork over four years that kind of a drop. And some going on there would 20% drop. It's a bit ago down from there and and guys are getting more beards I think than ever before I hear everybody just out initiating thanks prospects and any other body parts of that supper and engines legs. The percentage of women who shave their legs has dropped from 92%. Into when he thirteen to 85% council legs it's oh. More popular and I'm there are some of the winter parts of electrical parts of America proud and hurry. The senate package. So that I I I will admit I shaved mad roms my legs less. No wind in them wintertime yet because I'm Michael and sleep listen I'm wearing tights to Daytona singles so it's not like anybody's gonna. I was up against you never know and got to be ready yes I know wind is well ahead six weeks up on me Denzel my dropped right in the collapse at at and we're still like doing. All believe it's. Then sell logic comes in and says. Room. You saw the etc. does how. Are disappointed in you. I'd be just very disappointing. Again Dell's bid. Aren't you got to roll the dice down you Wear a condom now I mean. I have six of the payment for him. New and younger if we go to did have a little kids yet but the person. You can't be guaranteed. My job by the studio let's do it and I lean but these are superstars and how does note from Shea. And six cents a celebrity's pick it up. Honestly I don't yet know Jerry. It. It thought a that these young women were trying to send a message about our society and beauty standard gap because in some countries. I remember we had the interns from the Netherlands yeah they didn't shave. Their legs of their under arms are right at just under arms got a little right sometimes that's true that's true. But that a big key. They just say it's actually responds to women realizing. A lot of shaving. And hair removal products are bad for their skin and they get few bumps here and there. It's not just about a few bombs. I everyone's allowing nick my leg up on it was some aren't appetite is. And I didn't know you'd ever mixture under arm that's horrific. I've nipped I mean I've nicked worst parts of my body resonate. I know about pain and razors. Stating it's but I do you want to have messed up under our skin or a messed up. Brain appeal mocking. And because if they are going to I don't know I dated a woman very aren't that it was over. Please if she was telling do you you'd still only president and she's trying to run me over to appear on the city. It. If you lose the program and good luck because I don't know whether it. She drove us all ball game that never really noticed it's meant to saw a ball game wearing a sleeveless thing is like you know razor and December's Ali Al in on time. I'm priority adds another that nothing personal but in the wait a minute you broke up there because of her that's one of many I was kind of like and don't coffins. That. And on the golf. You had already been incident with this woman yet. Did you ever notice her hairy arm bitten out. Now she that's up on gas now nearly noticed and a net what does it say about identical to do it. How would you look at that I mean you know now and they checked out of today. At the time at universal armpits. Never. It all whenever they were making loves yelled at odds very closers. I don't I never noticed that it may be she argued it didn't. I noticed you obviously is it the other thing I was busy but I'm sorry day. The breasts are usually like at saint high level and I use we aren't being I did not have at that time I didn't have a little user who couldn't. I don't know and until. Everything else is covered up the I don't Mitt I didn't notice guys the guys I mean I just didn't notice. The bells and you know what's going on on who you are picked. Right now I'd like today and we really are exactly back and it looked underneath it with. Within the lack of it now I got ten and about a judge that's that. Yeah big big Rick now. You can't tell that they're really the Stewart Clancy relationship you like ten years or more older than me. That tells you stop and. It was thirsty in the senate. How I went around saying ever I'm just saying I mean I'm not judging you don't want to do it. He's just not. You're not gonna bring your area are baseless softball game with that hair is playing right that's right you're edit our historic. More practical. This July 4 and Tea Party to be at peace guy showed Tony seventy. The largest independent state party in Charlotte. Usaid. Honeywell Wi-Fi service debt. Is to watch the final. It makes high efficiency air conditioning system. From the station that always gives you an in the coolest experiences. 107 now. The lake. Decliners doing this very simple sign your relationship might be in scrub all go GR OUBS lead. Is that your partner. It's putting you on social media that the couple. They might be a little insecure. Name ME Pamela brown with a relate. In ship so. Keep an iPad you Bob and bought them on why put my picture up all the time. You insecure. Although they probably wouldn't like you saying that they had this obvious why put it up I'll. He asked if that occasion I did is to care yes. Well you can say Matt read it on that podcast. Obviously at some Malarkey and it's it's perfectly healthy to say or some pics of you and your partner's social media but there's a limit. If you put a bunch on it going overboard then you're probably anxious or someone's anxious about the state of the relationship and security key. In every sharing photos. A view your partner on line and any of the various social media sites. I may ask your question yes yes bandied managed to marry men in the room yet ever feared that you have gone overboard. Just don't get out there but I do so early she or anything but when I do speculate how does that too much. Even just a thing between the to a view if you. Sixth. Pictures of your wife between two movies a year I would be hard. Here come on that's a year until swung back on January 13 and spill over analyzing it felt I could not. You have is frankly if it wasn't for other people posting pictures of you and Amy I doubt I would meaning it's the under. I have to go to an event website on the last picture is on you any meat was actually posted by Ashley Anderson. You might then we might have fundraisers thing I'm looking to come up fine in my very much. About it that. Gradually what I say now six a couple of did you do you have a year at least wants them. No man really now it is a reserve like he you don't think any night you that about pretty easily figure you're probably right you're probably right. Once a month you know you're probably right. Your wife gripe from nursing school you like on put up. Well I can McCain needs picks her up it does account and gradually add now laws that overkill like just the soft. Chair. As account it like on the cover of this podcast is picture ST together on this one podcasts at that dot put together. It doesn't count. Mountain today I try to I'm really scroll afar went at it on your pockets think you're right your height I mean that bomb on obviously Berrian are solid and are labels you guys are. More than secure halftime something out that's pretty crazy. And only do that much do I guess once a month is probably over. More than I do. And she's not that much oddity or so ago. Thank you are under the bush. The list is that you guys are very secure. Yes we are very stark and they said that happy is the most secure were more likely to keep their relationship off the social media platform altogether yeah. Although some women and some things you read at suspicious. At the golf which she won at all intentionally. Leaving you volunteers have pitched here and you know you were in it at one point you're cropped out death. It's a problem very okay yet that that be I don't do that I just don't want part of the promise I'm not. If I mean the picture I'm not pleased. This confesses. That's part of the problem tip I don't take a very. I'm a very bad picture itself it acres that I will give a pass to newly. Like to do overdo it. Yeah how long what do what do you consider an early years old now Konerko now know a little silly one might be but you can't do it overdue over two years. Know you get six months maybe York we've already done pictures of being so you might have six months 33 treat the six of us. Evidence sex he probably had two years of man eating a different eating making good. How about engaged. I'll give you a year being in Britain now now. Now I don't year of marriage okay maybe my every down at us it's reality radio what your schedule all off there who. The most all right Tom Brady does a news that everyday at 330. If you ever hear you shot and here now anyways yes. A Wisconsin woman permitted a carjacker from making off with her SUV this week when she jumped on its hood. And stubbornly hung on for dear life. A man that that is an action movie. Is it you know you you. Earlier there had this weekend a story about a guy who passed out on the trunk of a car. At a barbecue for us anymore sixty some miles an hour yeah in follow up this woman intensely is holding on. Yes she hasn't she said she had a thought in her head do I go after my purse or don't I stop my car. When she encountered the carjacker at the gas station and she said the price tag of her car flash Stewart and so she decided. To go for the car and that's when she jumped on the hood. The carjacker. Tried to get her off by slamming the brakes and aging the windshield wipers. That's a good move. And an absolute right now that woman it was either 27 day of the month. Our bets on menopausal stuff frankly with KG just Gilad crazy she went above and beyond the call of duty and I'll be honest with you. That's why she wrote. I would say they're very very bad light even if I had to make a choice I would choose my purse over my car car your purse is bigger than you are after that. At giant well the cars fully into port. Right no big. It all but I think I have more issues with trying to replace the stuff in my purse my life and I credit aren't your Ike. Car LA don't go after any thing. You don't know let's if it all depends on it and I had a motorcycle radio go after probably because lunatic. Well he had on many. You can be Charles a panic rare though. Hats diplomatic point. Did he say when I saw I only panic in medical emergency yeah well I see agent not a crime I am ready to fight. As you know I have the law enforcement in this. Got a threat to wanted to be deputy guest account for. Decades. A year or selling never dated about police academy own home doing summit about sure okay someday you'll see okay. They are younger and was laughing as my Kerner. What she's said this added to her fury. And even tighter. The guy got opal are pulled out and it traffic and he got stuck in some bumper to bumper traffic so that's when he ultimately gave up and rain away. This is a disease he squirted her with the cleaning fluid that's Lebanon. That that is that would have been. Yeah in a wiper fluid right well and she what is still a lot it has at that point she's like not today. I know that point you just fundamental areas not today was. That I list. This week a 24 million dollar your point four million dollar lottery ticket. Was turned in. Just in the nick of time. Who is two days before the expiration. Two days. The ticket holder arrived in Manhattan. To claim the 24 million dollars. This guy or gal. Said that. They had they've they heard that nobody claimed ticket recently or whatever news covered like I'm turning after 24 million done this person went through their big stack. Mobile tickets kept all the world tickets. So went to the stack and ballot 24 million dollar ticket. Then they haven't reveals just yet found a lottery ticket I did eat my car. And I was going to throw it away in some things will now. It be to labor melt could be twenty mil I gotta admit I have found old lottery ticket just tossed about tech. I don't do it I'm a dummy I Kidman dummy but like I tried had to fight for a million dollar ticket you never know but you could be rich magic that. I guess may be old I don't know why you're holding on only made as a player her whatever it is but that's a nice. After Arctic more podcasts and it's. Thought there was met Ramona high check out our 79 the link dot com. Our babies with viral videos up like there's an up there right now us as a restaurant in Australia and a waitress is pulling out a giant lizard in the amongst all the customers are screaming. Have you seen any effort I'm afraid it's cool it's cool that that takes some guts to go app that. That thing by the tail and pull it out and an answer is very bad for business. It's bad for business you gotta tip. He tipped there yeah yeah I guess that wasn't your table lizard yeah hang around long enough to tip Gennadi. Just goes over the lizard and locked door dining out there and it's about a cool like a great story to tell you probably a place reared here and Australia it's probably part of the thing. And it's probably like you know and units by eight tourist experiences like. I'm an abandoned them amused by that I would've sat on his story to tell but I'm not hanging around detail about how the food taste because I'm glad to hear why don't know anything about the lizard whether it's poisonous thing I'm thinking it was just hanging out. But if it's just hanging out there it's not a place to meet a full of crap all right whenever Mara stepped up about. After sex after. And these are things you can do to increase Bann. Bob Bob Bob Bob I get the one thing may suggest you should do as a couple. Is feed each other. Seen. Alone there's been some novelty and Schering food between seeds in. We need each other around me eat it now it can take your intimacy to the next level Adam what are you you your there's nowhere motors and you already invented the only thing you can do in bed he's inched away a glass of water. Okay but not food nothing with proms now all Harold now out of string cheese through the ethnically and got a list yet they thought Arafat and macaroni and get them better. Turkey her. Her egg if indeed there it's hard to find something that doesn't. You know slop around it cereal are getting yourself in a and volume up and listen to you once again I think. I'd like amount and honestly Bertha irons and I've told this before that. IA. Broke up with a guy who needs bedroom and all the it was eight late. Of chicken bones next to his credit a like and folks like this and I think it's an all out now. The single I reached over and play on the floor with the bones on it via. That is something I could not live but but he's singled. In two. Innings and. Single guy was in bed now now that that means and I understand the duties as I'm south. Be a sexy couple you're again some great so are. I was gonna say series know the pig got a decent but the pits and now you can't teach here is if asked to be seedless grapes. Maybe see a lesser lactose intolerant you know on that that view but that. And he thinks I'm great yeah I don't announce that there's any sexy about it. Feeding each other. Anyway here who once there's no eating amid unless you're sick and it's only time mental. I'm only using embedded goldfish and those who. You know they can name all the child and a lot. Kids are in no way forget and arrogant could go away. And a. The next you should. Exe you should do is read to each other now that's worse than feeding each other more and more couples I'm sharing a bowl and now meeting pounds to one another helps them feel more in in more connected Aaron never wanted them read to me and it creates something that you can disgust like well. This character he really developed that you're talking about a magazine it's a top I'd list or something like that. On TV provides the same yes service doesn't back down not that talk about characters interesting characters on the show little. Lane our. Point to be a magazine top five as a get out Reid and I lining zoo wants better than that given how you read yeah I just found this interesting article about. And it's herself as better than you reading above most vital put attention to the block Rivera on. What do let me days and yet. IA for. Over a decade have been subjected to the kind of articles that you find interesting. Yeah. No one wants to share those with a ghastly my asparagus in your. And the end when I have the superpower being able to sniff that is Eric is enduring a did you know it. Our read is that six point I'm the holiday that I don't want to and that's fact that it can bring you closer together so story. That in reading don't know. I learned though. But so we don't like the same kind of books in general about that you'll all agree you always want someone to speed up or slow down polyps or treat night has pushed your head Hearst's. I believe people who say elect poetry airline love the liar. Is that what you like fishing. It if it's. Like poetry sites that you just never actually redid diversity or do anything about it but I live write poetry from time to time thank you very much. RA LA and I had recently your poems. This are you kidding me and we want to play there asking people young Turk you're feeling we wanna be in the room about myself I don't read it again. Yeah. If we let you read but we're not in the room you'll make your comment of this out there Bryant is Axel line politely. Way. When we applied. I only haven't applied. My back I don't get anything I would not mind or her. All I would not mock your poetry I know it would hurt you. Not your face. And the idea that you can't win it and that's not hurt that. And not personal like electric. Ordinary players. All clear and promotes their missed out couples to ignore common marriage advice lighten. Shouldn't have to censor yourself around your card. But you should be about a percent honest with your partner is gonna cost there these talks couples need to express their feelings and sometimes over share. They don't tell every little thing thing about every little dang thing. You know. Me yeah editors times has got to keep to yourself ate their family might wanna drop it on yeah. You'd be you'd think that. As the time you thought you were to be honest with Amy probably can't really pick out one specific there's a lot of does it feel get into honest on the radio and. Yes that's about her own then I had a guy that do the combination. Two into honest about things that. Not just affect you would affect her like when you talk about you were junk sighs don't talk about that. I've never talked about that okay air. Did it dot. And refer days Joan and small medium or large. Usually it's the and small. If it. That's a Honolulu that's not bad to the little comedy and I'm not telling you what it is. I don't imagine Elena. Yeah on TV. It's visible and well. You know I asked you cheered too much of their parents listen perhaps you've shared time. Did it at an odd time Noriega's. There. Yes sometimes you hear relations especially hard bad. In its its its work but it should be exhausting. Everyday just exhausted trying to hold together. Yeah see you. To be in trouble sometimes you think who it's normal argue from you know go through rough periods every single day arguing and whenever. Well that's the as it VCU are so rough that you know. This these are always storming. And they are saying you know it is difficult maybe even arts it's not hard hard. I'm not going back to their previous. Obviously challenging and challenge challenging but not enough are not so I like it's its Latin every day and a and a league that much work yet. I'd say your here in on that went. The other thing out therapists tell couples do ignore that lot people say is. Today one and that just say yes steer your right. Now that's eutectic guys obviously. And asparagus has to be damaging if your own back your feelings excepting the status quo eventually catches up to you. There's a myth that men are not as emotional as women have ran. It down their emotional about it at. Yeah just just seeing the reactions to things in this group's business hi you little. Know you guys aren't normal but I know a lot of other not normal guys tea. Right well I mean I guess you'd normal rules I think I I think it it's a major thing than none of these just go right eager to do it all the time and say yes dear your Reitman on most earnings beat gap just go with it right you'll know you're happier person it's not worth it. I am I doing. Hero and so much of the time and that's triggered to do your work all the time the pardon us now that yes yes oh yes he has been he had no gas no program director and hopefully always at constant. I remember last year. She's no longer with us but I was not oh I overheard. A conversation between our previous boss and a listener. And they were talking about you know her being the boss here at the linkages like you know. I'm the boss that I you know simply Kagan at Arista illicitly call cut. Margie did not I'm this is abides I don't believe you. Really thought. Hillary that are iMac it's not that hard to Levi. Anyway it's on another thing to say to the advice ignores when some intelligent once Jeter always Jeter. People do overcome affairs does there he says and now people couples do overcome and a fair. They have a face as they once Jeter always hear it worked many couples and overcome infidelity and emerged with a healthy happy ARAMARK genuine marriage. So it can happen and let us tonight I was couples. Overcome. And a fear but I've never seen a couple overcome multiple of Iraq but I don't think the line to cheer always Jeter is true. That's there's there's that there's always achieve he messed up once. And once a bank robber Lloyds bank robber probably the good news and I think there are I hit. Thanks for listening to our fairway and check out the articles. Videos and music you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.