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How To Successfully Date Like A Man

You’ve probably noticed that men and women approach dating a lot differently, and in some cases, men have a lot of different thoughts and standards when it comes to dating and finding a girlfriend. Though men surely have a lot to learn from women, there are things that women can learn from men, even when it comes to dating. Here are 15 ways to successfully date like a man to land the guy you want. Read more...

What She Misses About The Younger You

Men in long-term relationships and marriages, this one's for you. Take a moment to look back at those long-ago days when you first got together with your wife or girlfriend. You were both younger, maybe you weighed less, maybe you had more hair. "She was hot back then!" you think to yourself, with satisfaction. "She's still hot," you remind yourself, acknowledging that she might not necessarily be hot in the same way, but still. What was it like back then? "We went out more," you recall. "We used to go out big! Remember that one birthday of mine? Holy sh*t, that was crazy. We ended up walking all the way home at dawn 'cause we couldn't find a cab. And she was barefoot because she got tired of walking in heels. SO MANY Jägerbombs that night, good God."     Read more...