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Brad Pitt Attacked By "Prankster" On Red Carpet

Brad Pitt was at the premiere of 'Maleficent' when he encountered a celebrity prankster on the red carpet. Read more...

Will & Jada Pinkett Smith Under Investigation After Daughter Willow, 13, Pictured In Bed With 20-Year-Old

Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith are now under investigation by the Los Angeles Department of Children & Family Services after the controversy surrounding a picture of their daughter, 13-year-old Willow, lying in bed with 20-year-old actor Moises Arias. Read more...

FAME FILES: Exposed: Leaked Photos Show Will Smith In Nude Romp With Sexy Costar

Will Smith and his Focus co-star, beauty Margot Robbie, got too close at a New Orleans party last month and their salacious photo booth pictures that were meant to stay private, prove it. Read more...

Why I turned down role in Django Unchained, by Will Smith

Will Smith was initially rumored to star in the western masterpiece Django Unchained when the film was still in casting.