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Invasive Crazy Ants Have A Taste For Technology

It sounds like an old black-and-white monster movie. Crazy, tech-nesting ants invade America! That would make for a great matinee, but it's oh so very real. Tawny crazy ants, known scientifically as Nylanderia fulva, are marching into territories once dominated by fire ants -- and they're not being very good neighbors. Read more...

PARENTING: Hooked On The iPad: Technology Addiction Affects Children As Young As 4

Let the iPad babysit your children and they could end up addicted before they even hit elementary school, experts warn. Read more...

Samsung Developing Mind-Control Technology?

Have you ever fantasized about controlling things with you mind? Samsung might be able to help you out.


The company has reportedly teamed up with researchers at the University of Texas to create a system that will allow a user to control a tablet — specifically the Galaxy Note 10.1 — using only his or her thoughts.


Is your mind blown yet? Just wait until you see how it works. The tech-savvy team used a helmet-like cap wired with EEG sensors, which are used to measure the brain’s electrical activity.