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Will having a tattoo cost you a job? Maybe, researcher says

Visible tattoos may hurt an applicant’s chances of getting a job, but it depends on the nature of the tattoo as well as the position they are trying to get. Read more...

FAME FILES: Tori Spelling's Husband Proves His Love With Crazy Tattoo in 'Intimate Place'

Tattoo aficionados get tattoos in some weird places. Remember that woman who got her lover's name tattooed on her face -- after knowing him only one day? Well, at least Tori Spelling's husband, Dean McDermott, has known Tori for a lot longer than that. But still. Apparently he just got a tattoo of Tori's name in an "unbelievably intimate spot." This is according to Tori, not some gossip rag. So it's gotta be true. All I can think is: OUCH! Read more...

FAME FILES: President Obama To Daughters- If You Get A Tattoo, I’m Getting One Too

President Obama and the First Lady have come up with a crafty strategy to prevent their daughters from getting tattoos — and it banks on the girls thinking their parents are deeply uncool. Read more...