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Bank Employee Falls Asleep at Keyboard & Accidentally Transfers $300 Million

It's happened to the best of us. We've fallen asleep at work. Or, um, we've almost fallen asleep at work, heh. Whether we were out the night before or we simply got the world's worst sleep because our friggin' dog was snoring in our ear all night, from time to time, we fall asleep on the job. But for most of us, it merely means a slap on the wrist, or if we're really creative, a 30-minute cat nap. But for one bank employee who fell asleep on his keyboard, it means accidentally transferring $300 millioninto a random account. Read more...

Have You Considered a ‘Sleep Divorce’?

I read this news story with great interest, as it covers a topic I get asked about a lot: whether it’s a good idea for couples to sleep apart to improve their individual sleep. Read more...

Charlotte Today: Don't Lose Precious Sleep